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Mirza Rizwan: Innovation Ecosystem Architect Of India & Innovation Evangelist

Mirza Rizwan: Innovation Ecosystem Architect Of India & Innovation Evangelist

Mirza Rizwan,   Chief Innovation Officer

Mirza Rizwan

Chief Innovation Officer

Today, the biggest driver of business growth is innovation. Innovation allows a business to take risk and expand beyond the horizon and find opportunities to enter emerging markets. Whenever you talk about innovation, the topic is always accompanied by change. The business landscape is indeed ever-changing, but the pandemic further accelerated it.

As enterprises march ahead in a post-pandemic period, organizational resiliency will be among the main goals, and innovation will be at the heart of becoming resilient. Chief innovation officers assist companies develop the ability to rapidly respond to unexpected events and the associated shift in customer needs. This story is about a change bringer, Mirza Rizwan, the Chief Innovation Officer for Si2 Microsystems, who has been guiding the firm through innovative undertakings and projects.

Rizwan did MBA and Advance Management Programme (AMP) from IIM-Bangalore and HEC Paris and is ready to submit his thesis for the award of PhD programme from AIMA-AMU.

Rizwan was inclined to build career into public services during his grad years. Serving the lowest strata of the society has been the inner motivation factor for Rizwan. However, he was unable to crack the civil services and eventually set foot into the corporate world post MBA. He started with the Banking & Finance sector, and made his way through cross-cultural organizations, across different location in Bangalore, Dubai & London. Post this assignment, he joined forces with his brother, Mirza Faizan, and started his first Startup venture in 2009 known as Avembsys Technologies. Based out of Bangalore, Avembsys was established to launch an innovative aircraft safety system called GRIPS (Ground Reality Information Processing System) to prevent runway incursion and excursion. It is interesting to note the ingenuity of this Chief Innovation Officer back in the initial days.

Swissport UK recommended GRIPS to National Air Traffic Services at Birmingham International Airport. Anders Field, a NASA scientist & inventor of ILLAC-IV, the world's first supercomputer during his visit to the aerospace research lab in Bangalore had said, "GRIPS is a better solution than any other solution for runway safety, for the fact that it does not depend on ground radar and any radio signals. It is actually a Ground Reality System". In this system, the entire runway is fitted with long range cameras which take a picture every 30 seconds. If any foreign object is detected, the system sends live video feed to control towers and also the warning of presence of foreign object, along with its location on the runway.
"GRIPS was high end innovation based system and working on the project 'ideas on innovation' sparked new interest in me. Ultimately, socio economic development having capitalist approach along with innovation has been my evolved interest", expresses Rizwan. Avembsys, due to its innovative products, had its fair share of success but eventually got shut down due to capital issues.

At this moment, Rizwan started refining his `Innovation Skills' and tried to understand it across three domains Product development and business process, Society or social innovation and Public policy or responsible innovation. Rizwan developed a training module in 'Innovation & Design Thinking' for corporate executives and students. He had started believing that innovation-based economy is the only future, where innovative mindset is the key to excel, and which needs to be nurtured from an early age itself.

In the process, the Mirza brothers started two programs DiscoverSTEM to train school kids for innovation. Interestingly, Rizwan's daughter acquired her first patent at the age of nine and won global 2017 Space Settlement Design Contest at NASA Ames Research Center. Innovation Consulting and Training to corporates as ‘Innovation Solution Architect', where Rizwan had consulted global MNCs before Si2 micro system approached him to join its global innovation team.

Rizwan explains his journey and how he found a path to serve, he says, "Time and age maturity along with global exposure in businesses and cultures made me realize that the best way to serve the business and society is to bring transformation at the system level which can primarily be done through education and innovative approach. This was also the time when the global Sustainable Development challenges were intensely questioning the `Corporate Sustainability' challenges as well and governments across the world were introducing regulations for corporate social accounting and responsibility.

I realized and started to believe strongly that innovation needs to enter at every level and domain of human social transformation and economic activities. To further widen my horizon on `Innovation' and to develop motivation for the same, I decided to pursue my academic interest as well and has been visiting faculty to few B-schools. I am about to submit my PhD thesis on Corporate Sustainability".

About Si2 Microsystems
Si2 Microsystems(Si2) delivers turnkey Systems and System in Package(SiP) solutions by integrating System & Chip design capabilities with Manufacturing Technology. The firm's solutions support a global customer base requiring commercial, military and space applications. Over 150 employees globally support the SiP and system manufacturing facilities and design centres of Si2. This firm offers the convenience of a `One Stop Shop'from design to product, encompassing systems engineering, prototyping & packaging and manufacturing for international markets. Si2 Microsystems enjoys an exceptional knowledge base in the areas of: ASIC/FPGA development, System in Package(SiP), PCB Design and
fabrication, Electronic assembly, Micro electronics, Subsystems design and complete systems design.

By leveraging SiP technology(substrate engineering, embedded passives & CSP), ASIC Design, System Engineering and inhouse manufacturing infrastructure, Si2 provides co-designed solutions optimized for form factor(size), price and time to market. The firm's core design expertise and intellectual property (IP) is in the area of developing communication systems, integrated multi service radio and antenna microsystems, Embedded Systems, Test Benches and critical areas of SiP manufacturing technology.

Innovation at Core
Si2 Microsystems is a technologically advanced Indian company focused on indigenous telecom and defence electronics design and production. Si2 has nearly three decades of experience in system design, manufacturing and customized System-in-Package solutions. Si2 Microsystems is a preferred solutions provider for the Indian armed forces and public sector companies. Foreign defence companies partner with Si2 relying on its expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure for solutions and offsets. Si2 Microsystems has adept domain knowledge in the fields of Electronic systems conceptualization, Design validation, simulation, prototyping, Functional testing, and Quality assurance and production.

Si2 Microsystems is one of the global leaders in design and manufacture of QFN, BGA, MCMs, thick film hybrid microcircuits and System-in-Package (SiPs). The firm has the expertise to design multilayer PCBs, RF modules/assemblies, modular integrated solutions and embedded passive components, SAW filters and antennae, including EMI shielding.

Si2 Microsystems is committed to meeting the technology requirements of the Indian Defence Forces in the areas of electronics systems/ subsystems manufacturing for missiles, radars and other weapon systems. Keeping in view the requirements of indigenization of defence products and technologies, the company has developed indigenous solutions and capabilities in the areas of missiles, radars and weapon systems cutting edge technologies in the area of electronics manufacturing.

Si2 Microsystems is the only hitech semiconductor and systems company specializing in miniaturization using System-in-Package, with India based facilities for 3D packaging. The organization, under the innovative guidance of Rizwan is set to bring change to space, aerospace and defence, and a myriad other industries that the firm caters to. Si2 decided to take on some of the toughest engineering challenges. To design, develop, and manufacture world class products and solutions, through innovation and in-house technology development.

Mirza Rizwan, Chief Innovation Officer, Si2 Microsystems
Rizwan is a US National award-winning serial innovator with four patents and 30 pending with US and India patent offices. He is known for revolutionising education in the United States by developing and implementing courses to teach young kids to innovate. Currently working as Chief Innovation Officer with Si2 Microsystem, Rizwan is responsible for leading and managing global innovation teams to deliver hightech solutions across the engineering services in the telecom, avionics, aerospace & defence industry.

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