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Nikhil Mittal: A Catalyst For Change In Technology Landscape

Nikhil Mittal: A Catalyst For Change In Technology Landscape

  Nikhil Mittal,   Chief Executive Officer

Nikhil Mittal

Chief Executive Officer

As a cradle of innovation and a hub of excellence, IIT Kharagpur has nurtured some of the brightest minds in India and beyond. Among its esteemed alumni network, there are remarkable leaders who have left an indelible mark in various fields, shaping industries and pioneering groundbreaking ventures. One such exceptional alumnus is Nikhil Mittal, a trailblazer in the world of technology and the Chief Executive Officer of Mittal Software Labs. Having completed his post-graduation in mathematics from IIT Kharagpur, Nikhil's passion for coding and building programs in diverse languages ignited his career. He kickstarted his professional journey at IBM, specializing in mainframe technologies, but fate had a different plan with the onset of the 2008 recession. Unfazed by the challenges, Nikhil embraced the situation, learning and mastering other technologies like .Net and Java, paving the way for a versatile and dynamic career.

As India began to witness the dawn of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in mid-2010’s, Nikhil's foresight propelled him to explore this emerging field. Fuelled by a relentless drive to create something of his own, Nikhil co-founded Mittal Software Labs in 2021. The company quickly gained traction and garnered a global clientele, owing to Nikhil's leadership and innovative solutions. Under his guidance, Mittal Software Labs ventured beyond RPA, delving into the realms of artificial intelligence and data analytics, solidifying their position at the forefront of cuttingedge technologies.

As CEO Insights delves deeper into the accomplishments of alumni leaders from IIT Kharagpur, Nikhil Mittal's remarkable journey stands as a testament to the exceptional education and nurturing environment that the institution provides.

What drives to every day as a leader, mention few key motivating
factors of your life?
One crucial aspect is ensuring our customers receive the commitments we promised them, ensuring their satisfaction and trust in our services. Additionally, I find great motivation in personally investing time and effort into my team, supporting and guiding them to advance in their careers as swiftly as possible. However, what truly keeps me moving, even during challenging times, is a goal I set a decade ago: to establish an old age home that sustains itself without depending on charity or donations. This vision inspires me to explore new avenues, beyond my current job, that will ultimately enable me to achieve this noble objective.

Our roadmap holds transformative products that will impact the middle class & empower students to grow & think differently, showcasing technology's potential for positive change in everyone's lives

What did you learn from IIT beyond academics?
The institute instills potential and helps students recognize their true capabilities. Amidst the pressures, the environment empowers self-discovery, enabling students to understand their strengths, limitations, and endurance. This transformative process equips them to handle immense pressure and manage vast amounts of information efficiently. Having worked with both IITians and non-IITians in various organizations over 15 years, the difference lies in the IITians' adeptness in handling challenges, showcasing the unique impact of the IIT Kharagpur experience beyond the conventional realm of education.

Define Mittal Software Labs as an organization of results and growth?
Mittal Software Labs boasts a unique approach with exceptional team of not just technologists but individuals with diverse capabilities cultivated over 16 to 18 years. Each member at Mittal Software Labs is 100 times different and capable. The company's core philosophy emphasizes individual growth without restrictions on technology, domain or project involvement, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship from day one. This concerted effort has yielded
remarkable results, with resources in the organization, merely a year old, confidently competing with industry professionals with a decade or more of experience.

What are the unique traits of your leadership style, and how do you lead your team?
I emphasize sharing experiences with my team to keep them inspired, dedicating time to understand their aspirations. Spending a few hours weekly with each team member allows me to guide them effectively, a process that led to approximately 500 interviews conducted over the past year. One key observation is the absence of clear goals among individuals, particularly fresh graduates who often see becoming a software engineer as their objective. I focus on instilling a goal-oriented mindset, identifying their true aspirations, and taking realistic steps to achieve them. This approach builds a motivated and driven team, working together to fulfill personal and professional ambitions.

The primary skill I look for in fresh candidates is their attitude. With the right attitude, one can conquer any challenge and achieve their goals. While technical skills can be developed over time, having the right mindset is crucial.

What’s your message for budding entrepreneurs and leaders?
My advice to young leaders is to focus on rapid team growth. Encourage individuals to explore diverse areas of interest and learning within the organization. Having spent over 15years in various organizations, I've noticed that teams often struggle to collaborate effectively, hindering productivity and customer satisfaction. Drawing from my experience with exceptional leaders, I believe aligning everyone towards a common goal can lead to transformative changes in the industry. By breaking down internal barriers and promoting teamwork, we can create a world of positive impact and progress.

Nikhil Mittal, Chief Executive Officer, Mittal Software Labs
Nikhil has held key positions at renowned companies like Ernst and Young, EXL, Coforge, HCL, and NTT Data. His vast knowledge and expertise have enabled him to successfully lead and manage multi-geographical Intelligent Automation implementations across Canada, Europe, and the US. Notably, he excels in bridging the gap between IT and business functions, delivering multiple digital transformation solutions.

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