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Nishant Dalal: A Dynamic Finance Leader Driving Strategic Excellence & Financial Success In Diverse Domains

Nishant Dalal: A Dynamic Finance Leader Driving Strategic Excellence & Financial Success In Diverse Domains

 Nishant Dalal,   CFO

Nishant Dalal


I n the intricate realm of modern business, financial professionals stand as strong pillars that support the foundation of an organization. With their keen insights, analytical prowess, and risk management acumen, financial professionals play a vital role in steering organizations toward sustainable growth and prosperity. One such dynamic finance leader who exemplifies this role is Nishant Dalal.

With an extensive experience in various finance domains, Nishant has proven expertise in M&A transactions, JV formations, subsidiary establishment, project financing, capital budgeting, and working capital management. In addition, he has successfully contributed to growth strategy development, business development, and the management of capital expenditure projects from conceptuali-zation to commissioning.

As the Chief Financial Officer of Zuari Industries (the holding Company of Adventz Group), Nishant Dalal continues to play an integral role in shaping the company's financial strategies and driving its success. With his versatile skill set and deep industry knowledge, he remains committed to ensuring the organization's financial health, growth, and long-term sustainability.

Take a deep dive into an exclusive conversation between Nishant Dalal and the CEO Insights magazine to discover more about Nishant's remarkable finance acumen and highlevel expertise.

Tell us about your illustrious professional journey. What motivates you today?
Prior to this role, I served as General Manager Corporate Finance & Strategy from April 2020 to November 2020, Deputy General Manager - Corporate Finance and Strategy from April 2017 to March 2020, and Chief Manager Corporate Finance from April 2014 to March 2016.

As a corporate finance and strategy professional, I bring over 15 years of experience in cross functional roles within Adventz Group, spanning Sugar, Power, Ethanol, and Fertilizer businesses. I have a demonstrated track record of developing and implementing strategic business plans that have resulted in significant business transformation.

My expertise lies in structured finance, investor relations, growth strategy, project management, corporate restructuring, joint ventures, and M&A activities. I am skilled in creating effective annual business plans, rolling estimates, raising and managing low-cost working capital, and efficient capital allocation. With my decisive and
responsibility focused approach, I possess strong initiation abilities, sound interpersonal and analytical skills, and general management capabilities.

I have worked in an environment wherein I received considerable autonomy and was entrusted with responsibilities which motivated me to take ownership and excel in my job. My desire to achieve goals, overcome challenges, recognition for my accomplishments have kept me inspired and stay focused during my professional stint.

It is crucial for financial leaders to ensure that the company maintains adequate liquidity to support operations & navigate external uncertainties

From a financial point of view, what are the unique strategies that the company follows to maintain its reputation?
The "ADVENTZ" Group, an Indian conglomerate, is a diversified and multi-business entity encompassing premier companies in India's Agriculture and Engineering Sectors. The Adventz Group holds a significant presence in various domains such as agriculture, engineering and infrastructure, real estate, consumer durables, and lifestyle.

Driven by the vision of identifying and nurturing core competencies, the Group has experienced substantial growth by forging partnerships with global leaders in key enterprise areas, which serve as fundamental drivers of the Indian Economy. Zuari Industries, with its capacity to leverage technology and resources, stands ready to offer cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of its customers. This commitment empowers businesses to elevate their growth trajectory and deliver enhanced value propositions.With a global perspective and operational reach, Zuari Industries takes pride in its unwavering focus on client satisfaction and relentless pursuit of world-class quality standards.

As the CFO of Adventz, how do you plan to apply your long professional experience in this domain to add more stars to the company’s profile?
With a non-traditional background encompassing Engineering and Business Management studies in relation to the CFO role, I bring distinct and valuable business acumen to this domain. This affords me a unique advantage in terms of analytical thinking, technical expertise, process optimization, and decision-making capabilities. By comprehending the fundamental workings of financial processes, I am adept at making well-informed decisions and evaluating the financial ramifications of various scenarios. Moreover, my experience in project management, acquired during my tenure at TCS, equips me with the skills necessary to effectively oversee financial initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, capital investments, and cost reduction programs. This involves efficient planning, coordination, and monitoring, all of
which are integral components of my professional profile.

Throughout your professional journey, which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost the satisfaction?
Reviving a struggling business into a profitable and diversified entity, serving as a foundation for future growth, stands as a significant achievement. The comprehensive revival plan yielded remarkable results, with turnover growing from Rs 166 Cr in FY 2013-14 to Rs 792 Cr in FY 2020-21, and EBITDA shifting from negative to Rs 128 Cr. This accomplishment is deeply rewarding both professionally and personally.

Moreover, our efforts had a profound impact on the rural economy,uplifting approximately 50,000 farmer families in an underprivileged region. Over a decade, the once dormant village transformed into a vibrant town, showcasing remarkable societal change that is truly fulfilling to witness.

Additionally, this success led to my promotion as the youngest CFO within the holding company, underscoring the significance of these achievements and validating the transformative journey undertaken.

What are the new strategies the company is working on?
A CFO should balance operational duties with a strategic mindset. It's crucial to comprehend the organization's long-term goals, align financial strategies accordingly, and actively contribute to strategic planning.

We consistently assess new investment prospects, allocate capital across verticals, and strive for an optimal capital structure that promotes future growth. Our emphasis lies in organic growth, strategic partnerships, and contributing to the nation's development.

What advice would you give to the upcoming financial leaders in the industry?
Prioritizing cash flow management is vital. Manufacturing businesses typically have substantial working capital requirements tied to inventory, receivables, and payables. A proficient CFO must exercise caution in this area. A common challenge they face is striking a balance between profitability and liquidity. It is crucial for financial leaders to ensure that the company maintains adequate liquidity to support operations and navigate external uncertainties. Simultaneously, they should pursue growth initiatives while preserving profitability. In the current dynamic macroeconomic climate, implementing reliable cash flow forecasting, monitoring working capital, and identifying cost optimization opportunities are essential strategies.

Nishant Dalal, CFO, Advent
Nishant Dalal is a dynamic and accomplished finance leader with expertise in strategic excellence and financial success. He possesses a diverse skill set in corporate finance, strategy, and project management, making him a valuable asset in driving growth and profit ability.

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