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Nishit Mittal: A Specialist In Infrastructure Fabrication

Nishit Mittal: A Specialist In Infrastructure Fabrication

 Nishit Mittal,  Managing Director

Nishit Mittal

Managing Director

The construction industry has transformed significantly, and with it, several new and improved methods like steel fabrication have also evolved. Steel fabrication is an innovative method to design larger metal structures. Known for their strength, versatility, quality and value, steelframed structures are common across many construction projects, including Skyscrapers, Industries, Infrastructure, Commercial buildings, warehouses, and shopping malls almost every aspect of construction uses structural steel. Steel fabrication is mainly utilized to create various components and products of different qualities for different applications.

Operating in the industry for over five decades, RV Infratech and Structures are at the forefront of manufacturing highquality steel fabrication structures. The company offers complete building solutions from the designing, manufacturing, and installation of pre-engineered steel buildings to presenting clients with a broad range of modified and cost-effective steel building solutions.

In this interview with CEO INSIGHTS Magazine, Nishit Mittal, Managing Director of the company, shares his insights on the company's value propositions, and his experience in the construction and steel fabrication realms, and also highlights his vision and mission for RV Infratech.

Can you walk us through your professional journey?
For more than 50 years, our family has been involved in the fabrication of infrastructure projects. Soon after graduating from college, I started working for the family company. I was responsible for leading the team across all the departments.

Steel is one of the most recycled construction products and we are always keen to promote it in all types of buildings. One of the main problems that we address in this industry is that construction companies are still stuck with conventional approaches and are hesitant to shift to new ways. We have always been focused on innovation. With the help of technology, we give our customers a clear view of what we are going to deliver in advance, and we can satisfy customers as we meet up to
their expectations 99 percent of the time. We are still looking to achieve the last one percent.

What are the traits that best define your leadership style and what is your success mantra?
I believe that there are three crucial traits that leaders must have to be successful: passion, teamwork, and social skills. I abide by these traits and enjoy leading by example.

I lead from the front by doing what has to be done, showing my team what needs to be done, and keeping things structured so that everyone is participating equally.

We demonstrate leadership by advancing new technologies, innovative manufacturing techniques, enhanced customer service and the application of proven methods throughout our organization

One of my greatest strengths is communication. I lead by facilitating open communication and trying to bring out the best in every team member. Success is when we work on the details of the system and have strict follow-ups on customer satisfaction. We believe that our employees are our most valuable resource, and do whatever it takes for their continuous training, development, and motivation. I provide adequate guidance, training, and support to the team to ensure they perform optimally.

Could you please define RV Infratech's role in the construction sector?
We are primarily in the construction business, and we help real estate companies get into fast construction by using steel structures. RV Infratech specializes in steel fabrication but provides end-to-end service to customers from planning, designing, and execution. The highly skilled team at RV Infratech has been working in the real estate space with different companies for the past two decades and has varied knowledge of the best ROI based on land location.

We provide construction solutions and products for the commercial residential, infrastructural, and industrial sectors. It is India's most trusted and dominant leader. We demonstrate leadership by advancing new technologies, innovative manufacturing techniques, enhanced customer service, and the application of proven methods throughout our organization. We provide our valuable clients with custom designed and cost-effective solutions for buildings and
structures. Long term experience and well trained manpower are important assets for our company. We also have a technical tie-up with the Nepal based company 'National Structure and Engineering' a five decade-old company and are pioneer in Steel Infrastructure in Nepal.

Please shed some light on the sustainable initiative toward green construction.
The construction industry is spearheading the green building movement in India. RV Infrastructure is at the forefront of this trend. Reducing construction waste, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving natural resources are some of the other environmental concerns that can be mitigated by implementing green building solutions.

Steel: The Most Sustainable Choice. Structural steel is 93 percent recycled and 100 percent recyclable, making it a material that is circular for generations. Instead of going to the landfill or an incinerator, decommissioned bridges and buildings go right back into the supply chain to become steel again and again. We prioritize steel in any type of building; let's say a warehouse, commercial complex, or residential apartment. Steel has emerged as a key component of our drive for a greener future, and we can already see that trend continuing as ecofriendly building practices overtake traditional ones in the construction sector. We will add value to the client's project through innovative and cost effective engineering solutions. Consistency and knowledge in dealing with clients will contribute to fulfilment and corporate success.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
We wish to spread awareness of our goal to convert buildings to green construction not just in India but all across the world. By offering comprehensive steel building solutions for design, production, supply, and installation, we hope to become known as the global leader in Steel Infrastructure projects.

Following our goal, we will deliver the highest quality services to our clients, exceeding their expectations with timely delivery and committed customer service while upholding the highest levels of technical and personal excellence via ongoing development, education, and innovation.

Nishit Mittal, Managing Director, RV Infratech & Structures
A specialist in Infrastructure and Real Estate Construction, Nishit believes in Keeping the business updated with new technology and promoting green construction. He is always looking for new interesting projects in steel to keep up his ability. He has worked with several large companies at the highest level.

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