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Nitin Kumaar Garg: Pioneering Tech Excellence & Shaping Future Innovations

Nitin Kumaar Garg: Pioneering Tech Excellence & Shaping Future Innovations

  Nitin Kumaar Garg,    Director

Nitin Kumaar Garg


Leadership emanating from SRM University, Chennai,boasts a rich tapestry of visionaries shaping diverse industries. Among these influential figures is Nitin Kumaar Garg, an alumnus whose journey exemplifies resilience and innovation. Graduating with a B.Tech in Information Technology, Nitin's foray into the tech sector began with the founding of BR Softech.

His leadership at BR Softech has transformed the company into a global force, renowned for pioneering web, mobile and gaming applications. Nitin's strategic acumen and commitment to quality have set industry benchmarks, earning accolades for BR Softech on the international stage. Beyond business, Nitin actively contributes to the tech community, sharing insights and fostering a culture of innovation.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Nitin shares the imperious details of his journey as one of the influencing leaders in the country. Here is an excerpt from the conversation.

Tell us your academic experience at SRM University Chennai. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
During my time at SRM University Chennai, I was far from being a genius academically, however my knack for being talkative and actively engaging in class discussions and with teachers set me apart. Despite being one among many students, my constant interactions with both peers and faculty ensured I always had the attention of the teachers. This active presence in class, though initially seeming inconsequential, later proved instrumental during exams, resulting in me performing better than expected.

Living in the hostel for four years, I opted for a social lifestyle, engaging in various campus activities such as fests, workshops, and club discussions. SRM University's vibrant campus culture facilitated my involvement in diverse clubs and
discussions, honing my ability to brainstorm and contribute meaningfully. Beyond textbooks, these experiences taught me valuable life lessons, emphasizing the importance of networking, communication, and active participation, skills that have played a crucial role in my professional journey managing a sizable team.

How would you define BR Softech as an organization and its position in the market?
BR Softech is a dynamic venture and as a company, we have evolved organically, transitioning from school management software to an unexpected foray into the gaming industry. Presently, in 2023, we proudly define ourselves as a game development company at our core, driven by a passion for creating engaging and innovative games.

At BR Softech, we're crafting immersive experiences, where innovation meets functionality, & every play is an exploration of limitless possibilities

Our journey has been characterized by adaptability which inspires us to explore new realms. With a client base spanning over 40 countries, I've traversed the globe to connect with clients, understand diverse business models, and establish our global footprint. Currently, we operate offices in six countries, with plans for expansion into additional territories in early 2024. Our unique approach and international presence solidify us as a versatile and globally impactful player in the game development market.

How do you foster a culture of innovation in your team and guide them to leverage the latest technologies to provide industry specific effective solutions to clients?
In steering a culture of innovation within my small company, the impetus arises from the dynamic demands of our global clientele. As a smaller entity, we're agile and driven to meet consumer needs rather than possessing the luxury of vast reserves. Our foray into international markets exposed us to diverse business mentalities and new challenges.

The key lies in being receptive to emerging trends and technologies. Recognizing this, I've established a dedicated team continually monitoring the IT and gaming sectors for evolving technologies like AR, VR, AI, and data science. By
having a team well-versed in emerging technologies, we streamline decision making with the latest trends to fulfil the needs of the clients.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
My vision is inspired by trailblazing entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, individuals whose audacious dreams reshaped industries. Embracing the vast potential of the gaming industry, I aspire to propel my company to unprecedented heights. The gaming industry, valued at hundreds of billions globally, presents an exciting frontier, especially with the surge in popularity of mobile gaming. I envision establishing a substantial presence, fostering collaborations, and contributing to the evolution of this thriving sector.

Considering your strong professional experience in the field, what would be your advice to upcoming leaders aiming to set benchmarks in this domain?
To the aspiring leaders stepping into the professional arena, my advice draws from both personal experiences and observations. Embrace calculated risks, not recklessness, because I believe that venturing beyond your comfort zone often yields the most significant rewards. Continuously educate yourself and remember that the journey may be tough, but dedication to learning, risk-taking, and honing a distinctive skill will serve as your compass toward setting benchmarks in the dynamic landscape of leadership.

Nitin Kumaar Garg, Director, BR SOFTECH
Nitin Kumaar Garg is a distinguished professional with a B.Tech in IT from SRM University, showcasing his commitment to excellence in the tech sector. Currently serving as the Director of BR Softech, a globally renowned firm recognized for its expertise in developing cutting-edge web, mobile, and gaming applications across diverse platforms. With a keen understanding of technological trends and a penchant for innovation, Nitin aims to steer the company towards international acclaim.

·Favorite Hobbies: Meeting new people and having conversations with them, Going for a drive with friends and family
·Favorite Cuisine: Authentic Vegetarian meal from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh
.Favorite Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter
·Favorite Travel Destination: Gangapur City - my hometown, Greece, Basel in Switzerland

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