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Partha Roy: Ensuring Legal Operations, Compliance With Effective Dispute Resolution & Advisory

Partha Roy: Ensuring Legal Operations, Compliance With Effective Dispute Resolution & Advisory

  Partha Roy,   Head Legal & Contracts

Partha Roy

Head Legal & Contracts

In today’s business scenario, the focus and the core mission of the C Level Legal executives are to produce viable and tangible solutions to help the company grow hassle-free. The role of a legal counsel is no longer limited to managing the legal risk associated with the business that they work within, rather they now serve as an invaluable partner with the business, understand its issues, and devise result-oriented strategies.

In this interview with CEO Insights, we are excited to introduce a multi-talented member of the fraternity, Partha Roy, who, with his 19 years of experience is heading the legal department at SPML Infra, a leading infrastructure development company having PAN India presence with more than Four decades of multi-disciplinary experience in water, power, environment, infrastructure, and technology. In this interview, Partha discusses his professional background, his position at SPML Infra, and his aspirations for the future. Let’s hear from him.

What is it that inspired you to choose the legal field?
Ever since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by professional people such as Legal Advisors, Physicians, Chartered accountants, and more. I closely observed my father who is a physician by profession and a person with a progressive and positive mindset. Gradually I grew my interest in the justice system. Being a legal advisor is intellectually challenging, financially rewarding, and personally fulfilling. According to me, legal advising is not just about rules and regulations, it is also about rights, justice, and understanding of human behaviour & society. With this in mind and having an interest in critical analysis, I pursued Law.

Could you walk us through your role as the Head of legal and some of the challenges that you face in the legal field?
Understanding business/commercial transactions with their legal strength and shortcomings are imperative for us
to design appropriate strategies in order to provide the desired business solution. Overall, ensuring synergy between Legal strategy and business requirements, along with analysis of legal risk with the effective operation, are the most essential role for us to play.

With the socioeconomic changes in our country, the study of law is a subject that is always evolving. In this ever progressing scenario, the challenge remains to foresee the implications and to customize the way forward to achieve the business goal.

Ensuring synergy between Legal strategy& business requirement, along with analysis of legal risk with the effective operation, are the most important role for us to play

Please give a brief overview of SPML Infra and your contribution to the company.
SPML Infra, a leading infrastructure development company, established in 1981 has evolved today into a multi faceted conglomerate. With a rich legacy of successful 41 years, the company has executed over 650 projects, creating valuable and sustainable assets for drinking water, wastewater treatment, sewerage network, municipal waste management, power transmission, distribution, substation, rural electrification and smartcity infrastructure. SPML Infra is the first Indian company continuously being featured among the World’s Top 50 Private Water Companies as per Global Water Intelligence, London.

I joined this organization at a very challenging time while the entire country, Business as well as the Judicial system were passing through an unprecedented phase due to the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic. Almost everything got irregular, and out of track and the challenges were even beyond imagination. Hence my initial endeavour was to streamline the entire legal process and Operation across the Country.Simultaneously a mechanism was developed to identify the Legal risk as well as the Business need of the hour, with a strategic solution at a comparative cost. To take organization to next level, it was important to set up a good team with a positive environment and to develop a PAN India network among the Legal fraternity, and with that vision, the journey started.
Gradually within a very short span of time, we started playing a pivotal role in Business and got involved in providing commercially astuteadvice and contributing to developing the strategic direction of the business within the relative legal frame works, which establish us as a Team to lead the Journey along with Business function.

What are the sustainable measures that you take in order to ensure that the company remains environmentally friendly while carrying out its projects or basically it's business operations?
Environmental Laws and regulations have increased dramatically over recent years. To help the company succeed in attaining its goals as quickly and with as few obstacles as possible, we provide them with thoughtful and useful ideas and assistance in all areas of environmental legislation.

Please talk about your future aspirations and based on your experience, what would you like to advise individuals stepping into this legal field by accessing new opportunities
I am a person who always loves to take up new challenges and explore new learning opportunities. Implementation of new ideas and devising innovative strategies fascinates me to face those challenges.

Not withstanding any sector specification, I wish to travel in different wings or aspects of Law in order to develop a rounded knowledge of various commercial legal affairs and to enhance my legal acumen to serve the Business better.

When it comes to advising a newcomer in the legal field, I would say always look at the future with possibility and believe in yourself. Get acquainted with new laws and regulations, upskill, and never stop learning. Try to sharpen your analytical skill and develop your understanding of business pain, goal, and end objective, which are important for an in-house counsel to come up with a solution.

Partha Roy, Head Legal & Contracts, SPML Infra
Partha is the Head of Legal & Contracts in SPML Infra, a leading infrastructure development company of the Country. Being an accomplished Legal professional, Partha has broad legal background with 19 years of experience in efficient management advisory and effective supervision of legal affairs encompassing legal operations, risk mitigation, documentation & litigation management.

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