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Pawan Bhatia: Bringing Organizations & Its People Closer To Excellence

Pawan Bhatia: Bringing Organizations & Its People Closer To Excellence

Pawan Bhatia,    Associate Director

Pawan Bhatia

Associate Director

Leaders who inspire people, who connect with their team, and whom people are keen to follow are the center of great businesses. They help organizations identify their vision and empower them to create plans to bring them to life. Great leaders are like the conductor of an orchestra, helping things flow and making everyone feel valued and empowered. CEO Insights’ exclusive team engages in a conversation with one such enthusiastic people leader, Pawan Bhatia (Associate Director, GBS Dubai - Part of GEDU - Global Education Group) who possesses exceptional marketing & operational leadership skills in developing solutions that benefit the organization and everyone involved.

He began his association with GBS Dubai as the Head of Marketing & Enrollment crafting strategies for the marketing team, including digital, advertising, communications, and creative. He was spearheading international recruitment for 24 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia when he was given the opportunity to take the position of Associate Director of Global University Partnership at GBS Dubai.

Currently, Pawan is leveraging his 15+ years of international experience to provide leadership in managing global partnerships, working across global portfolios and existing stakeholders to maximize the performance of new and existing partnerships. He is effectively driving a team that is responsible for a wide range of global partner engagement initiatives, strategic direction, account management, contract lifecycle management, and partnership performance monitoring. His efforts are centered on one vision of making access to
learning easier for everyone while giving them opportunities to shape their future.
Let’s hear it from him.

What is the mantra that helps you to accomplish the organization’s mission?
Our mission is to bring a transformational change into the global education sector. We live by the mantra of making education an integral part of the life of students irrespective of the nation they belong to. We are making higher education accessible to everyone without students having to worry about their finances, visas, and several other aspects of studying abroad.

I Empower My Team & Provide Them The Opportunity To Be Leaders Themselves

Could you elaborate on the services provided by GBS Dubai? Where is it currently positioned in the market?
GBS(Global Banking School)is headquartered in London with 12 campuses worldwide. I joined GBS when the founder of the organization wanted to launch a branch campus in Dubai. Ever since then, I have been building the operations of GBS here in Dubai providing a higher education facility based on Pearson qualifications for people who aspire to create a career in Dubai and other countries. GBS Dubai offers a vocational and training-based qualification where education goes hand in hand with work experience. Students of GBS Dubai are given the opportunity to join our Business, IT, or Healthcare Management program which includes Business Management, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Construction Management programs. We help our students to gain practical and technical knowledge along with their studies and once they have completed their higher education, they can apply to 200 plus universities worldwide including Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the U.S. We have partners in almost all corners of the world and have created this platform for students to live their aspiration of studying abroad at the minimum cost.
How would you define your leadership style?
I am a people person my people oriented leadership involves supporting and developing my team which consists of people from all over the world. I am highly participative and consider how my decisions will affect others and weights my decisions heavily against any final action.I believe in making a difference by staying connected with my people at all times and being aware of ground realities. I lead by example as it not only enables me to push team members towards excellence but also helps me to actively demonstrate that excellence in work processes. I empower my team and provide them the opportunity to be leaders themselves.

Based on your industry experience, what message would you like to give to budding leaders of the industry?
Start your career as early as possible. Nurture your hobby, transform that into your passion, and your passion can always change into your profession. Believe in your dreams. When I started my journey, I was surrounded by engineers, medical professionals, and Chartered Accountants in my family. But I chose to explore the global marketing world, I took a different road and have been successful in it, despite limited tools, because I believed in myself.

Pawan Bhatia, Associate Director, Global University Partnerships - GBS Dubai
Having a BBA from American Heritage University in Dubai, an MBA from Symbiosis International University in Pune, an ongoing Executive Leadership and Performance Management certification from the University of Oxford Said Business School, and over 15 years of industry experience, Pawan is spearheading the Marketing and Admissions of GBS Dubai and mentoring teams to provide better career development opportunities and employment prospects for those associated with the organization.

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