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Prakhar Vaish: Making Big Difference In Engineers' Lives

Prakhar Vaish: Making Big Difference In Engineers' Lives

 Prakhar Vaish,    Founder & CEO

Prakhar Vaish

Founder & CEO

Every crisis is an opportunity! COVID-19 surely has negatively impacted the global economy, but for learners, it is an opportunity to up their sleeves and pursue uninterrupted knowledge online. However, it is indeed required that e-learning companies look beyond providing one-way lectures. Aligned to this dire need, EdCater emerged as a unique initiative aimed to bring skill-relevant knowledge supporting students from Learning to Earning.

It is a user-friendly online learning platform with an exclusive focus on everything from soft skills to technology and placements. It covers most in demand courses including Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Python Programming, Data Visualization, SQL, and more. Ed-Cater encourages e-learning and is designed to provide specialized support to its learners at an economical fee, financial aid, live expert sessions, and career guidance as well. Appreciating the founder,Prakhar Vaish for this initiative, we present an exclusive interview with him.

What inspired you to start this venture in the e-learning segment & what drives you today?
They say ‘great ideas come from keen observations. 'EdCater' is one such disruptive idea that emerged out of me and the co-founder's observations on the learning. While working in France, we noticed that engineering graduates lack the exposure and skills that are needed to be job ready. This case is much more severe in India, which has been indulged in an education system where the Primary curriculum prepares you for the Secondary, the Secondary prepares you for Higher Studies, and finally struggle to get or sustain a job, making all the fees paid worthless. This left us with a strong idea to create a mechanism that can address all the problems faced by
engineering graduates right from technical knowledge to soft skills and placements. Also, we created EdCater to not be just another online learning platform but a haven that offers relevant exposure making them a perfect fit for the job market

Our goal is to ensure that all youngsters, regardless of their education or social environment are supported by experts from all walks of life

How would you define EdCater as an organization and its position in the market?
We define EdCater as a method of catering education to future proof skills in India. While we focus on offering holistic learning and are driven to make a platform where a person can learn, explore and grab opportunities. Our belief is to eradicate the trivial learning process and equip people with skills for the job market.

We have emphasized the practical implementation of skill development and gamified programs with videos, games, quizzes, and more. We envisage bringing this platform into the limelight so that everyone can benefit in terms of skill development, job opportunities, personality development, and global experiences along with rewards while learning. We adhere to innovation to reflect the best experience. Curated by experts, EdCater offers knowledge beyond academics, presenting them with guidance from learning to earning.

What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to its clients?
We are on a journey to educate students who find it difficult to sustain themselves in this competitive world. In order to meet our vision, we are offering subscriptions at a competitive price allowing them to access 30 plus courses and additional lessons added every month. Along with expert live sessions and career support, we ensure that students get access to skills, knowledge, and support without any monetary constraints.

It’s not just about the video lectures
or certificates but the implementation opportunities and practical guidance that sets us apart. In order to make this possible, we have launched EdCater Connect an AI based platform to help people find their path among amultitude of professions in different sectors.

What do you think is the best about using EdCater apart from the aforementioned?
Our students get access to thousands of exclusive jobs listed on our platform. They can learn and prepare directly from experts working in renowned firms. We have EdCater exclusively for Campus, launched to empower any college/university to offer Job-relevant courses, Industry level projects, Exclusive job opportunities, Complete Career Assistance services, Access to EdCater Connect, In Campus Training, International Exposure with scholarships, and more to students, faculty, and staff. We do have EdCater for Enterprises to equip resources with required skills and transform them into valuable assets to organizations. At EdCater, students are allowed to connect with professionals and resolve their queries, not only about subject allied topics but jobs, skills, and more.

What’s your leadership approach? What are the guidelines and methodologies you follow to lead your team?
Our approach to leadership can be summarised in a word Freedom. It is all about the liberty to innovate,collaborate, and work from anywhere & anytime. What’s important is to get the work done without comprising quality in a more sustainable manner.

Prakhar Vaish,Founder & CEO,EdCater
An experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the knowledge industry, Prakhar is highly skilled in business planning and product management.

•Hobbies:Traveling, Reading & Playing guitar
•Favorite book:Zero to One by Peter Thiel & Blake Masters

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