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Pranav Mehta: The Nex Big Thing By A Millennial For The Millennials

Pranav Mehta: The Nex Big Thing By A Millennial For The Millennials

Pranav Mehta,  Founder

Pranav Mehta


Every cup of coffee tells a story. Pranav Mehta, Founder of Caffena Coffee engaged with the team of CEO Insight to talk about his cup of coffee and its journey from crop to cup. He started his venture Caffena Coffee back in 2018 with a simple ideology of giving people the coffee which is rightfully theirs. He named his business Caffena, meaning coffee or cafe in any and every language as he believes that just like coffee, his brand doesn't need any language to reach out to the crowd who are on the quest to find the best coffee. Being an innovator, he enjoys learning, reading, creating & building new things from scratch. During his educational journey, he has been felicitated with the Amity Baljit Shastri All rounder student award along with the Well-groomed student award for three consecutive years, post which he launched the TERI Tetra-Pak Recycling Initiative to create awareness about the recycling benefits of Tetra- Paks that would further help in building resources for the underprivileged schools & NGO's. Apart from being the leader of a creative endeavour, Pranav is also a fitness enthusiast who practices track running & weightlifting and has been awarded Silver Medal Winner at the HDOR 100 Days of Running Event 2019. He is a true inspiration for young entrepreneurs and encourages them to dream and believe in their ideas. In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Magazine, Pranav walks us through the unique traits of Caffena Coffee.

How does Caffena Coffee stand up to the promise of delivering the best coffee to the customers and what unique strategies do you follow throughout the process?
We at Caffena Coffee believe in serving our coffee in its truest form. What keeps us apart from the rest of the brands in the market is that
we believe in providing single origin as well as blended Arabica & Robustacoffee grown in India with complete traceability while following sustainable practices which allows our customers to create a sense of connectivity with the product and also believe in serving a cup which is simple, tasteful & exquisite which involves returning our favour to society as well as the environment in the form of great tasting coffee and eco-friendly practices. We have come up with ideas of naming our coffee after the great people from the past, like, Nikola, Newton & Da Vinci with the thought that even the great minds need coffee thus offering them the right mix of Artisanal coffee coupled with Modern coffee trends.

We believe in giving people the coffee which is rightfully theirs which involves returning our favor to society as well as the environment in the form of great tasting coffee and eco-friendly practices

What are your plans for Caffena Coffee?
We are serving as B2B partners & white labellers to café hotels, and restaurants and various other B2C Coffee brands while boasting a consistent growth in YoY revenue of 400percent from F.Y.2020-2021 to 2021-2022 and now have plans to venture into the D2C section of the market. We focus on creating a D2C brand in the growing sector of Specialty & Instant Coffee in India which has shown tremendous growth. We are trying to serve both the business clientele as well as consumer clientele because I believe that they coexist and go together hand in hand. We have also partnered with various foreign universities, and working on a project called 'Caffuel'. Moreover, our R&D team is focusing on utilizing the used coffee beans to turn them into biofuels with the help of our own patented process. Hence, we are making sure if our customers are consuming a cup of Caffena Coffee they are also giving something back to the society and the environment.
You have been able to receive a lot of success in a short period. What is the success mantra that you follow? What dvice would you give to the upcoming entrepreneurs?
I believe in the saying, “Pressure is a privilege, and it only comes to those who earn it”,by Jean King Pressure is a privilege for those who try hard to win (and lose) big, and it gives us an opportunity to experience both the joys and pitfalls of life. I believe I always had the sense of clarity to take my propositions in the right direction. My mantra has always been to give my best to my work, set an example for others, and leave a legacy for the generations to come. My two cents to the upcoming entrepreneurs is that if they truly believe in something they must work hard to achieve it, even if all the odds are stacked against you. The two extremely important factors in doing so are consistency & humility towards your work, your people & your society.

Honorary Mention:
My team has played a crucial role in helping me make this a reality. I would genuinely like to thank Surender Mehta, for all his guidance. I’m extremely thankful to my founding team which had Rishabh Bhagat, Shivansh Chawla & Nakul Ahuja.

Thank you for believing in me & for believing in Caffena.

Pranav Mehta, Founder, Caffena Coffee
Pranav has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and a Professional Diploma in Business Administration & Management. He is the Editor of the Car Spot blog and is developing the taste palette of the Indian consumer towards coffee through his venture Caffena Coffee.

Hobbies:Weight lifting, Creative Writing, Track running, and Reading
Favorite Cuisine:Italian
Dream Travel Destination: Tromso, Norway(To watch the Aurora Borealis

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