R. V. Kannan: Revolutionizing Fenestration Solutions With Three Decades Of Industry Mastery & Innovation | CEOInsights Vendor
R. V. Kannan: Revolutionizing Fenestration Solutions With Three Decades Of Industry Mastery & Innovation

R. V. Kannan: Revolutionizing Fenestration Solutions With Three Decades Of Industry Mastery & Innovation

R. V. Kannan,   Founder

R. V. Kannan


There is no denying that effective leadership is integral to organizational success and R. V. Kannan with his 30 years of industry experience, exemplifies this. From Fenesta Building Systems to 3M India, his expertise spans Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Operations. Founded in 2013, Deltra Global Profiles flourished under his guidance, evolving into a comprehensive Fenestration solutions provider. Kannan's vision prioritizes sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity. His leadership ethos emphasizes collaboration, accountability, and employee empowerment. Through Deltra's journey, he imparts invaluable insights to budding industry leaders, advocating for continuous learning, innovation, and holistic business understanding. Let’s read on.

Can you provide a concise overview of your professional background and past experiences? What drives your daily activities and keeps you motivated?

Throughout my career, I've always gravitated towards starting from the ground up, whether it's launching new branches or introducing innovative products to the market. Exploring uncharted territory has always intrigued me. Building organizations and tackling their unique challenges fuels my drive. Every day, I wake up with the purpose of making something successful, embracing the restlessness that comes with entrepre-neurship.

Before founding my company, Deltra, I gained experience with five organizations, including multinational corporations like 3M. My journey involved setting up ventures that didn't always succeed, but it equipped me with valuable insights. With a background in engineering and an MBA, I honed technical, operational, marketing, and business strategy skills. Since 2013, Deltra has been providing comprehensive fenestration solutions, driven by my passion for analyzing industry trends and delivering cutting-edge products. Looking ahead, my vision is to establish Deltra as a leader in providing innovative fenestration solutions across all sectors, maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit while achieving sustainable growth.

Can you share insights into the distinctive experiences provided by IIM Bangalore and how they have enriched your learning beyond the academic realm?
IIM Bangalore's one-year Executive General Management Program offers a distinctive experience, allowing working professionals to attend rigorous weekend classes while maintaining full-time jobs. Despite its condensed format, the on-campus experience is immersive and enriching. Interacting with a diverse cohort of experienced peers from various industries provides valuable cross-learning oppor-tunities. Guest lectures, meetings with alumni entrepreneurs, and forums foster open discourse and critical thinking, promoting values like integrity and social responsibility. Beyond academics, IIM-B shapes well-rounded leaders by exposing them to diverse perspectives and promoting lifelong learning, aligning business growth with ethical, socially-conscious principles. This intense yet rewarding experience enables holistic development alongside professional engagement.

Reflecting on my experience, I emphasize building strong customer relationships, priori-tizing innovation, & investing in team development

With over three decades of experience, could you share your journey to success and the guiding principles that have shaped it?

Staying successful demands curiosity, agility, and innovation. We encountered challenges like demonetization, GST implementation, and the COVID pandemic, particularly daunting for a growing company. Constant adaptation was essential to staying competitive and keeping our team engaged. Embracing industry trends, prioritizing customers, fostering collaboration, and maintaining unwavering commitment to excellence have been crucial. My partner, Rekha, embodies these values, contributing her expertise and personal support to our shared vision of building a successful organization.

How do you characterize Deltra Global as a company and its current standing within the market?

Deltra Global Profiles, founded in 2013, is a pioneering fenestration solutions provider for the construction and architectural market, driven by innovation and customer-centricity. Our unique combination of engineering expertise and strategic leadership enables us to deliver cutting-edge products, including partnerships with global principals such as Tostem and Salamander. With over 1,000 customers and 3,000+ projects completed in a decade, our aim is to establish Deltra as the premier provider of next-gen fenestration systems nationwide, emphasizing aesthetics, energy efficiency, and sustainability, while investing in advanced technologies and talent development for
continued growth.

Describe your leadership style. What principles or methods guide your approach as a leader?

As a leader, I cultivate an atmosphere centered on innovation, collaboration, and accountability, advocating for open dialogue and feedback regardless of hierarchy. I lead by example, deeply engaging with market trends, customer needs, and emerging technologies, aligning our team with our vision. At Deltra Global, we foster cross-functional collaboration through both formal projects and informal exchanges to foster diversity of thought and break down silos. Upholding integrity, sustainability, quality, and customer-centricity are foundational values, complemented by our adoption of new technologies and robust ERP systems. My leadership aims to instill a culture of creativity, responsibility, and integrity, driving sustainable growth through innovative thinking and efficient execution.

What future destination are you heading towards, and in light of your strong industry experience, what advice would you offer budding industry leaders?

We aim to become a leading provider of fenestration solutions not just in Hyderabad, but across the country. We're also exploring new product lines and services to cater to a wider range of customer needs. Planning to increase our customer base by 5X within the next 2 years and deepen our presence in entire South India in next 3 years. Additionally, we seek to expand our Sustainability product range, promoting eco-friendly solutions to mitigate the construction segment's negative impact on climate change. Our vision includes establishing more experience centers throughout South India, utilizing advanced technologies like AI to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Reflecting on my experience, I emphasize building strong customer relationships, prioritizing innovation, and investing in team development. Aspiring industry leaders should gain diverse experience across business functions and embrace calculated risks and innovation for sustainable growth.

R.V. Kannan, Founder, Deltra Global Profiles

R. V. Kannan, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Bangalore University and MBA from IIM-B, possesses 30 years of extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Operations, and After Sales Service. Notable roles include Vice President at Fenesta Building Systems. He's adept at starting and managing ventures, translating technical concepts into customer value, and leading Deltra Global Profiles' transformation into a comprehensive Fenestration solutions provider since its founding in December 2013.

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