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Rahul Milind Khasnis: Helping Clients Achieve Their Financial Goals In The Most Efficient Manner

Rahul Milind Khasnis: Helping Clients Achieve Their Financial Goals In The Most Efficient Manner

   Rahul Milind Khasnis,     Director & CEO

Rahul Milind Khasnis

Director & CEO

Wealth management is quickly growing into one of the most highly competitive and dynamic market segments in the corporate realm. Even though, the rapid penetration of technology into this segment has helped service providers to increase the quality of their offerings, the demands from the customers have also peaked. While most businesses struggle to cope up with this increasing demand, pioneering wealth management companies such as Khasnis Prime Wealth is able to evolve with the changing market conditions and remain ahead of the curve.

Rahul Milind Khasnis is the Director & CEO of Khasnis Prime Wealth, and the company is led under his guidance and the company has been able to break new business frontiers and strive for greater heights in the market.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Rahul talks more about his professional journey and his success in the industry.

Throw some light on your professional background and experiences. What inspired you to venture into the Wealth Management sector?
I did my BBA in marketing management after which I pursued my MBA in marketing and PG in Finance. I started my professional journey with a well-known MNC in the field of stock broking as well as financial services. I joined Khasnis Prime Wealth in 2010-11 and even though the initial days were tough owing to me moving from the Pune market to my home town of Nagpur.

The Nagpur financial market was still developing and I saw massive discrepancies in per capita income and opportunities. With that said, I used this challenge as an added motivation to do something unique in creating financial services awareness. As I mentioned before, when I entered this space, the financial planning world was new to Nagpur and through our unique operational strategies, we were able to expand our horizons and help more people by offering all financial services under one roof.

You possess more than a decade of experience. How has been your path to success and what is your success mantra?
It's been surprising to me that I have been working for more than a decade now. Every day is a new day and a new challenge for me in this business. This business is of emotions and attachments, every individual has his own dreams and aspirations and they come to us to
discuss and achieve the same. My success is defined by the achievements of our clients' goals. One of my old clients who has been with us for 10 years now has set the target of one crore for his portfolio.

He is an average middle-class man but we have set the goal by discussing mutually. Some months back he called me and proudly said thank you, I said what happened, then he said I have helped him to achieve his first milestone of one crore and that too before the set target year. Like this there are many examples to add to our milestones.I feel our achievements start in our brains and end in action.

At Khasnis Prime Wealth, we strongly believe that every portfolio is unique, so we don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach and stay away from under par run of the mill services

My success mantra is The path for success is very personal and unique for each person. Some mantras I follow personally Set goals, Have passion for work, Be honest to yourself and your work, determination to achieve the goal, be disciplined. We have set four pillars for our business and those are Integrity, Client Centricity, Trust and Simplicity.

Define Khasnis Prime Wealth as an organization and its current market position. What makes the company unique?
We are a leading one-stop financial services provider laying emphasis on delivering tailor-made solutions in the areas of asset management, comprehensive financial outlining, insurance solutions and credit solutions. Our reliance on in-depth domain expertise and a crisp understanding of regulatory frameworks helps us identify value-driven opportunities and bespoke solutions to maximize your wealth. Currently we are managing more than 250 crores of AUM-Assets Under Management in investments.

What are fundamental factors you consider while suggesting financial/wealth management plans to your customers? How do you personalize your offerings?
At Khasnis Prime Wealth, we mindfully indulge ourselves in the comprehensive financial planning process of our clients. Our financial planning process involves a number of steps and when our clients choose to trust us with their financial goals and objectives, we make sure they are achieved in the most efficient manner. After understanding the requirements and financial potential of our clients, we
chalk out a well-planned financial plan that offers the best possible results for our clients. At Khasnis Prime Wealth, we strongly believe that every portfolio, so we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and stay away from under-par run of the mill services.

What did pandemic mean for your company as well as for you as a professional? How did you tackle the challenges?
This pandemic was a boon in disguise for us. We have transformed our process of prospective clients onboarding from offline to online in this pandemic period. We have reconnected to all our old clients by calling them personally and these efforts have given us more support from our clients. We believe in good relationships and nurturing relationships. Our tagline itself shows one of our values, 'Protect Values Creates Wealth'.

What are the future market opportunities that you look forward to investing your time to reach your goals?
I see immense market potential in this industry and we as an organization have tremendous scope to expand. We focus predominantly on mutual funds as mutual fund penetration in India is still low compared to other emerging and emerged countries. Out of the country's population of 136 crore people, roughly 4.3 percent of Indians have the financial firepower to invest in the equity markets. Indian households invest seven percent of financial assets in equities versus an average 30 percent for other major emerging markets, according to Bloomberg intelligence analyst. And as the market is set to grow in the future, we are perfectly placed to expand our presence and help more people to reach their financial goals.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting a new in this domain?
The first thing you need to do is to set your vision, mission and goal of your company. Then, build a team that shares your vision and plan on hiring people who have skills that you lack. After that, analyze more about your competition and remain result oriented even amidst challenges. Other than that, it is important that you remain humble and down to earth regardless of the situation you are in.

Rahul Milind Khasnis, Director & CEO, Khasnis Prime Wealth
Rahul has received numerous awards, including the Indian Achievers Award 2021 for Young Entrepreneur, recognition by Success Insight Magazine as one of the top 10 Wealth Management Companies in India, and the Dainik Bhaskar Group's Power Houses of Nagpur Awards2020 for Excellence in Portfolio Management, Mutual Funds, and Financial Services.

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