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Rajiv Sharma: Aspiring To Be A Trailblazer In The Market Research Industry

Rajiv Sharma: Aspiring To Be A Trailblazer In The Market Research Industry

Rajiv Sharma  , Founder & CEO

Rajiv Sharma

Founder & CEO

The corporate realm is getting more competitive each year with new businesses mushrooming across industry verticals. In this ultracompetitive environment, data has become very crucial for businesses as it helps them make better informed business decisions. Radma Research is one pioneering research organization and it helps its clients with their research dilemmas in Product Development Testing, Concept Testing, Awareness Studies, Customer Satisfaction, Market Segmentation, Custom Research, and Employeer Branding Studies. Over the years, Radma Research has crafted a niche in the global research industry and as of now, the firm covers plethora of industries including Automotive, Telecom, Electronics and Communication, Media, Entertainment and Leisure, IT–ITeS, Travel and Logistics, CPG and FMCG, Retail, BFSI, and Education. Rajiv Sharma is the Founder & CEO of Radma Research, and his passion for creating a market research firm which aims for constant innovation and operational excellence has helped the company to make impressive strides in the market within a short span of time.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Rajiv shares more insights about his professional journey and the growth of Radma Research.

Can you give a brief account about your professional journey?
As a BE Graduate in 1999, I had my initial four years of stint in the automobile industry. That said, 2004 was a turning point in my career when I switched to the research industry. After 14 years of leadership stint with some of the most credible Research and Analyst firms in India & the UK, Radma Research was formed in 2017 from a co-working space. The word Radma is derived from two of the supreme Indian Gods and I strongly feel that the divine blessings from Almighty have been the primary driver for Radma’s exponential growth in the span of just five years.
As of now, we have our offices in five countries including India, the US, Canada, Australia and Philippines. We have executed and successfully delivered over 400 projects in around 80 countries globally with 80,000 plus happy participants. We as an organization are grateful for the trust and strong collaboration with our esteemed clients. We have 150+ capable qualitative researchers and business experts across industry verticals consistently working with our Method to the Madness theme, thus resulting in the highest quality of actionable results, no matter how tall the task.

We are taking strategic decisions and with deliberate evaluation and implementation we are moving towards creating a strong differentiation for ourselves

Describe your leadership approach. Also, what is your success mantra?
We are vesting our focus on providing high-touch, collaborative research experience by combining expertise, innovation, and technology. My approach is non-complex yet effective. I believe in meritocracy, effective delegation, trust and rewarding people and having their back. This has helped me to build an inclusive work environment which motivates my team to strive for consistent improvement. Our success mantra is our Method to the Madness by beating the odds and being an unstoppable force. We never back down from challenges and this attitude of ours has played a crucial role in our sustained growth in this highly competitive market space.

What are the factors you look into when it comes to developing effective corporate growth strategies?
I give major emphasis on having a strategic outlook, use of technology, improvisation and being a partner and an extended team for our clients. We are also defining the best practices for meaningful results and fulfilling the real purpose of research. For us, ethics and beating the odds are our second nature that helps us to keep raising the bar and set high benchmarks. This allows us to consistently improve the quality of our operations and provide better results for our clients.
How do you guide your team towards drawing meaningful insights and identifying opportunities in the market? How do you encourage continuous learning and development culture in your team?
We at Radma Research, prioritize on empowering our employees and trusting their actions through a seamless alignment of thoughts and vision we all share together. We focus a lot on training and grooming our team members across levels to help them grow vertically and laterally. There’s bi-annual appraisal system in Radma since inception and then there’s an annual bonus pay out which is performance based. But above all, it’s the culture and DNA of our organisation that makes it a very cohesive unit which continuously interacts, brainstorms and works towards achieving a common goal.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
More than the destination it's the journey that matters. We are taking strategic decisions and with deliberate evaluation and implementation we are moving towards creating a strong differentiation for ourselves. Our goal is to continuously evolve, improvise and add value to the entire ecosystem rather than being quantified by any number.

What advice would you give to the upcoming leaders in the industry?
I believe that they need to be deliberate in their actions. Believe in your instincts and evaluate all the possible options before taking a decision. I would say that growth is like a ladder and you need to climb it through hard work and dedication. Never shy away from challenges, as facing challenges will help you to be better prepared and it is ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from it. Having a clear vision is important to achieve sustainable success in the corporate realm. Also, people need to realize that achieving success is an ongoing process and they should evolve with the changing times.

Rajiv Sharma, Founder & CEO, Radma Research
Rajiv aspires to be standard bearer in the market research space and help more clients to tackle their research dilemmas. He has also been able to imbibe his passion for consistent improvement to his team which has helped the company to reach for greater heights.

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