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Ramkumar Ramasamy: Turning Dream Events Into Reality

Ramkumar Ramasamy: Turning Dream Events Into Reality

  Ramkumar Ramasamy,    Managing Director

Ramkumar Ramasamy

Managing Director

The very first stage of a major event is to study the audience and what excites and emotionally engages them. The primary goal of producing an event can be to promote business profitability, to celebrate, to entertain, or to support community concerns, among other things. Furthermore, accelerated adoption of virtual events as a result of the pandemic, increased demand to manage large volumes of data and automate event management tasks, compelling need to save time and money with realtime data analysis, and growth in the use of social media for event marketing are some of the critical factors that are expected to drive the industry in the future.

Varsham Events & Entertainment is a full-service event management company dedicated to creating unforgettable event experiences. The firm's established methods and processes enable a smooth flow of work from start to finish. It focuses on breaking down boundaries when going the additional mile is required. Varsham Events has consistently aimed for impeccable event execution throughout all major cities in India since its inception. “Our first focus is to obtain a thorough understanding of how your company operates, what you intend to accomplish, and what we can do to create outcomes that exceed all expectations”, highlights Ramkumar Ramasamy, Managing Director at Varsham Events & Entertainment.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine,Ramkumar Ramasamy walks us through his professional journey along with the unique traits of the company.

Tell us about your professional journey. Also, walk us through the inception story of Varsham Events & Entertainment.
We have been attempting to boost tourism as well as tourist development by devising unique and varied event management services. The tourists can participate in out-of-the-box land adventures and water sports in Pondicherry, where in, this also includes the locations that are still unexplored. We also
have various policies and SOPs in place to ensure utmost customer experience. In addition to that, we also specialise in carrying out MICE events. Since 2014, I have been performing it. I've been doing it for almost eight years here.

We have been attempting to boost tourism as well as tourist development by devising unique and varied event management services includes MICE, Destination Weddings, and Adventure Tourism

What interested you to take up a career in this space? And do you believe in any motto or success mantra to encounter challenges in your professional journey overall?
I’m an MBA graduate with 15 years of Corporate Excellence in major Telecom companies. However, I believed my potential was getting wasted as I always looked at life in a bigger picture. Understanding this, I left my job and established my own business in the tourism industry. However, due to the unorganised tourism industry in India, there were some initial hurdles which we had to face. But the patience and innovative ideas helped us seamlessly to address the coming challenges. Today, we are successfully catering to our niche clients across India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. When I discuss an industry, you can receive the appropriate resources, benefit from strong experience, and take your firm to the next level.

How are you finding the resources to build? What are the kinds of attributes that you're looking for in an individual while hiring them in your company?
It often takes six to twelve months to get that person up to our level once we onboard them. One should have a presence of mind and be imaginative in your thinking; not that I'm looking for any educational qualifications. That entails adopting a different mindset and making substantial sacrifices with respect to time and date as the event industry operations are carried out irrespective of time or space. This is the third requirement that we look for anyone who can establish a career in this field, get into it, and start making profit.

What are the key areas that you focus on delivering best-in-class customer experience?Could you tell me a little bit about your leadership approach?
I have two inquiries the manufacturing component comes first, followed by the services claim. In terms of client services, anyone who comes looking for event management definitely means that we have to cater to clients as per their unique requirements as everyone has their own set of expectations. This means that bringing every bit of our employees' skills and knowledge into play is critical. This is where we step in to ensure clients are tailed with every ounce of benefits with respect to the money one has spent for a particular event. My leadership style is really straight forward, wherein, I've always been a team player and will continue to do so. I work closely with my team to enhance morale and effectiveness, and I also show them how to accomplish it.

What are the important factors that you consider before you formulate your policies?And what are the challenges you have faced in your professional journey?
Normally, I would perform a SWOT analysis to determine my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With that information, I create a policy that could be applied to both the public and private sectors and would include SOPs for carrying out all safety regulations while at the same time keeping in mind how things would be in another 20 years. Like any other business, event management is not a fairy tale. In today’s world, there are several difficulties in just organizing and putting together a successful event. We are proud to say that we are one of the only companies who manage the entire event right from design to commissioning. We are always ready for any situations that might eventually arise before or during the event.

Based on your experiences, what is the message that you would like to convey to individuals who are stepping into this domain?
The Event Management field is similar to the ocean with numerous opportunities for every one be it people with least qualifications to those with MBAs and other similar degrees. What I would advise is that every individual should experiment with their knowledge and experience so as to create innovative ideas. Since there are no restrictions, they can develop to any size to remain viable in this sector.

Ramkumar Ramasamy, Managing Director, Varsham Events
Hobbies: Playing Cricket and Watching TV
Favorite Cuisine: South Indian
Favorite Travel Destination:
Colombo, Sri lanka

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