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S Kalyani: Bringing The Next Wave Of Growth In India's Chemical Sector

S Kalyani: Bringing The Next Wave Of Growth In India's Chemical Sector

Kalyani Sarvabotla,   Chief Financial Officer

Kalyani Sarvabotla

Chief Financial Officer

India is an attractive market for chemical companies. Since the chemical sector consistently outperforms, the industry leaders believe in high hopes for continued, steady growth in the sector. The growth is likely to continue as India's GDP has grown by an average of 7 percent per year during the past 30 years. Additionally, the nation strives to have a $5 trillion GDP. This hopeful long term prognosis is good news for chemical businesses, especially given the lengthy investment cycle. Increasing local demand in the chemical end-use industries, India's appeal as a manufacturing location, and its better business environment are all advantages for chemical enterprises.

Industry players like ‘Vestro Solvents' play a huge role in the growth of this industry. Vestro solvents trades chemicals, solvents, acids, and other substances, and also produces liquid ammonia using RO water and packages it in cylinders and tonners. They are reliable business partners, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

We asked Kalyani Sarvabotla, Chief Financial Officer, at Vestro Solvents about her and companies journey on bringing growth innovation to this sector. Check out the small snippets to know more.

Take us through your professional journey.
My professional journey started at the early age of 18 after completing DCP. I joined an Advertising & Sales Promotion company as Stenographer then Worked at Procter and Gamble in the year 1988 as an Executive Assistant. While working I have completed my Graduation and Post Graduation in Commerce and Law. Post which I worked with Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals as an Executive Assistant where I learned many things and got exposure to various fields of procurement and finance and accounts. I developed year after year, became the chief financial officer, and built a solid team of employees. As CFO, I have taken on a variety of tasks at Nagrjuna Agrichem that have helped the business expand. Everyone admired the way I could work. The company is now more open and transparent in the marketplace thanks to the use of technology. Being part of this
experience has given me a much-needed boost to my career. I enjoyed working with the group and Many of these opportunities have been a result of sheer hard work and some of them occurred as I was at the right place at the right time.

Took the responsibilities in Neueon Towers by heading the Finance and Accounts of the Company. That was a very good experience in the field of Steel manufacturing sector. Streamlined the activities in accounting department. Ensured proper needed finance.

Having an appropriate balance of Micro- Macro Management is what has sculpted me into the professional that I am today

Also worked as a CFO for Glochem Industries & Evertogen Lifes ciences which are into Pharma Manufacturing and Formulations. Work experience here was enriching since it was a new industry to me. Also Pharma industry having a web of regulatory requirements to be complied with has given me a deeper insight into International regulatory framework.

My humbleness and involvement in depth in the work has helped me to grow to the highest level as CFO.

Define Vestro Solvents' impact across the Chemical Manufacturing space. And How have you found your prior experience to be beneficial in your present position thus far?
Vestro Solvents is a business that was founded in 2001. Its USP is that it offers prompt, round-the clock deliveries to its clients. In addition to trading chemicals, solvents, acids, and other substances, Vestro Solvents also produces liquid ammonia using RO water and packages it in cylinders and tonners. The Group Company Vestro Containers produces HDPE drums with capacities of 210 and 235 liters. as well as small carboys of 35 and 50 liters.

Any organization needs money to function. Dealing with many banks and financial institutions has given me expertise and exposure that is enabling me to advance in my current firm. As a result of my prior experience with financial technology, such as SAP, many of the processes were automated since those businesses valued technology, which is assisting me in enhancing the technology accessible in my current position.

What are the best business practices and technological developments that you as the CFO incorporate into business strategy for long term and sustainable growth?
Leading CFOs in the finance department of the future will be those that successfully balance people and technology, and who consistently work to concentrate on each of the activities that best match their skill sets.

To create a finance division with the necessary personnel and expertise to complement and maximize the benefits of new technology, CFOs must take decisive action. Many will also have a significant impact on the organization's overall personnel strategy. Combining the brainpower, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal abilities of gifted people with the intelligence of smart technologies is the key to success as a CFO.

Describe your leadership approach and success mantra, which have helped you thus far in your professional journey to achieve successful outcomes.
The secret to my success is persistently following up in a favorable way. Keeping a laser-like focus and fully immersing yourself in the work environment will ensure that you achieve perfection. Learning is another facet of life. Making development, whether it be personal or professional, requires constant learning and listening. Having an appropriate balance of Micro- Macro Management is what has sculpted me into the professional that I am today.

What are your future plans? also, what do you think a future CFO should do to take advantage of new opportunities?
I believe there is a great deal to learn in life. I can still be intelligent and witty, and I know that this quality will help me advance both professionally and personally. Regulations and shareholder scrutiny related to data, digital, and shareholders are changing the CFO function. CFOs must surround themselves with the correct team members in addition to providing their function with the appropriate tools if they want to successfully face the difficulties. In the meanwhile, those in charge of finance will spend more of their time collaborating with others within the business to make choices that will support the strategy.

Kalyani Sarvabotla, Chief Financial Officer, Vestro Solvents
A top management executive with over 30 years of experience in Finance, Accounts, and Supply Chain, she is an Innovative and Result driven Leader efficient in providing superior value to the organization.

•Hobbies: Spending time with my family is my favorite pass time. It helps me destress and rejuvenate myself.

•Favorite Cuisine: I am a foodie and love to indulge in a wide variety of dishes across cuisines. Specifically, prefer South Indian food.

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