Salinee Ranjan : A Seasoned Legal Professional Heading Strategic Direction & Compliance In The Real Estate Industry | CEOInsights Vendor
Salinee Ranjan : A Seasoned Legal Professional Heading Strategic Direction & Compliance In The Real Estate Industry

Salinee Ranjan : A Seasoned Legal Professional Heading Strategic Direction & Compliance In The Real Estate Industry

Salinee Ranjan ,  Vice President-General Counsel

Salinee Ranjan

Vice President-General Counsel

Having a lawyer with a diverse skill set is paramount for any organization. Their comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape enables them to navigate complex challenges effortlessly. Whether its litigation management, corporate or transaction advisory their versatile expertise equips them to provide strategic guidance and effective solutions. In today's dynamic business environment, having such a multifaceted legal professional can be instrumental in ensuring the organization's success and compliance with regulatory requirements. Similarly, Salinee Ranjan's presence at BPTP is instrumental, as her diverse skill sets and comprehensive legal understanding facilitates the company in navigating intricate challenges with confidence and efficiency, ensuring strategic direction and compliance in a dynamic real estate landscape.

Salinee Ranjan, a distinguished legal professional, serves as the Vice President-General Counsel at BPTP, where she orchestrates legal strategies and drives the company's course in the dynamic real estate sector. With a career spanning over two decades, Salinee's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and expertise in the legal domain.

Below is an excerpt of Salinee Ranjan’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

My journey in law commenced in 2003, graduating from Campus Law Center, Delhi University delving headfirst into a realm where litigation and corporate intricacies intertwined. Initially, Supreme Court stints under luminaries like Amarendra Sharan the then Additional Solicitor General of India, and Mahesh Agarwal from Agarwal Law Associates sculpted my litigation acumen. Transitioning to DSK Legal, thereafter, ushered me into real estate and corporate advisory realms. I credit DSK Legal as an organization, my Partner Niraj
Kumar, Managing Partner Anand Desai and several other Partners at DSK Legal for giving me the opportunity to work on many challenging assignments, for investing their time in me, shaping my ethos profoundly and for making me the lawyer that I am.

The bedrock of my daily zeal lies in the pursuit of excellence, navigating the fine line between legal fortitude and corporate practicality, where every challenge is an opportunity to redefine the indispensable role of lawyers in the corporate sector.

My success mantra revolves around synergy - aligning legal stra-tegies & compliance seamlessly with orga-nizational goals

What key milestones mark your journey? And could you share your success mantra guiding you through them?

Reflecting on my journey, it's been a tapestry of diverse experiences spanning litigation in the Supreme Court, and navigating arbitration and transactions at DSK Legal, culminating in my role at BPTP. Transitioning from the legal industry to a corporate environment unveiled new dimensions. In a company, it's not just about legal expertise but knowing how to harmonize it with business imperatives. My success mantra revolves around synergy - aligning legal strategies and compliance seamlessly with organizational goals. Understanding the intricate dance between law and business is paramount. It's about fostering a symbiotic relationship where legal solutions catalyze business growth while ensuring compliance safeguards the company's integrity. That, to me, defines success in the corporate legal realm.

How would you define BPTP as an organization and its current position in the market?

BPTP embodies thought leadership, resilience and evolution. We've weathered challenges and celebrated milestones, witnessing exponential growth and transformation. From humble beginnings, BPTP has emerged as a beacon of excellence in real estate, boasting a diverse portfolio encompassing residential, com-mercial, and township projects. With over 21,000 units delivered, our footprint spans more than 45 million square feet. As a pioneering force in the NCR real estate landscape, our commitment to innovation ensures a promising trajectory, heralding a future marked by groundbreaking
projects and unparalleled success.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team?

My leadership ethos centers on leading by example, and embodying the standards I expect from my team. I engage in hands-on guidance, empowering individuals to learn through action and embrace accountability. Clear and realistic communication forms the backbone of my approach, setting transparent expectations while fostering an environment of open dialogue. I prioritize appreciation and empowerment, recognizing and amplifying efforts while encouraging autonomy and learning from mistakes. I have no expectations from my team, which I would not deliver myself. Collaboration is paramount; I view leadership as a collective endeavour, actively participating in team initiatives and offering support where needed. Being assertive to being understanding, flexibility underlines my leadership style, adapting to evolving circumstances with agility and grace.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the upcoming industry leaders?

Drawing from my industry experience, I'd advise upcoming leaders to immerse themselves in the foundational aspects of our profession. Skills come from firsthand exposure, having done the actual work, not just boardroom discussions. For lawyers, this means starting at the grassroots, honing skills in courts, and navigating litigation before venturing into corporate realms. A solid foundation in litigation and then corporate law firms, lays the groundwork for understanding legal interpretation, drafting prowess and astute advisory. Transitioning to in-house corporate roles should follow years of rigorous litigation and/or law firm experience, where the bulk of learning transpires. Leadership isn't just about knowledge; it's about tangible delivery, forged through hands-on experience and un-wavering dedication.

Salinee Ranjan, Vice President-General Counsel, BPTP

Salinee Ranjan embarked on her professional journey in 2003 after graduating from Campus Law Center, Delhi University. Starting in litigation at the Supreme Court, she honed her skills at DSK Legal a prominent law firm, before joining BPTP. Her diverse experience encompasses litigation, corporate and transaction practice advisory in the real estate sector, enriching her expertise.

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