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Samkit Sharma: Propelling Techinnovation & Hackathon Ecosystem

Samkit Sharma: Propelling Techinnovation & Hackathon Ecosystem

  Samkit Sharma,   Founder

Samkit Sharma


The Innovation Management Market is showing a robust growth trajectory, projected to thrive at a CAGR of more than 16 percent till 2030. Advancements like AR, VR, GenAI and immersive technology are transforming the industry's landscape, unlocking an array of tech applications across various business domains. Nonetheless, considerable challenges remain standing in the way of clients and service providers during the implementation of numerous projects and Tech Innovations.

Transforming an innovative concept into reality necessitates adept management of a wide range of organizational tasks innovation management, ensuring operational efficiency, and quality control, among others. It is only with these components functioning in harmony, can technology-based innovations/product fulfil their intended purpose. Noticing this gap, Samkit Sharma, Founder of Hack2skill, commenced a host of services oriented towards innovation management and brand augmentation for a myriad of tech-centric Innovations.

CEO Insights magazine in an in-depth conversation with Samkit Sharma, learns about his professional journey and the significant impact his company, Hack2skill, brings to the market dynamics.

Balancing the responsibilities of fostering the largest and fastest-growing community of tech creators, including startups, academic institutions, and professional developers, Hack2skill plays a key role in bridging this gap. By collaborating with over 2200 institutions and boasting an extensive developer database of 3 million, Hack2skill's reach is broad and substantial.

Drawing from experiences of conducting 1000+ hackathons, generating over 25000+ ideas, and orchestrating 5000+ boot camps, Hack2skill proves its commitment and capacity to invigorate the tech innovation sector. Its partnerships with leading names such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, NPCI, Unilever, Snap, ICC, State Police Departments and ONDC, further attest to the trust it has gained in the industry.

At Hack2skill, the primary emphasis is on cultivating an environment that promotes technology adaptability and innovative ideation, enabling ground-breaking ideas to manifest into reality flawlessly.

Tell us about your educational and professional journey and what motivated you to become an
I pursued B.Tech in CSE from Amity University in 2012 and just after that I started my startup journey. First I disrupted the market with a mineral water company. With time, I did a lot of experiments on viable ideas. Then I started getting associated and collaborating with the Indian Olympic Association. On certain projects, we offered them assistance like training sportsmen from a grassroots level. Only after that, I got associated with one of my friends and over a hackathon. It was a project based hackathon participated by 14 countries and turned out to be very successful for us. From that hackathon, I realized that there were problems regarding organizing a hackathons in India. This is how the ideation of the company started. I also observed that there is also lack of skillset and opportunities in our country. Finally, I collaborated with my friend and started a project based hackathon company. From 2016-2021, I was a part of that company. Then I finally started off with Hack2skill which is now officially 2 years old. The company is more in innovation management and product evaluation of companies. Any kind of company can outsource complete innovation management from us. We have worked with multiple popular brands in this regard. We have an extended network of 3 million developers and innovators across the globe.

Innovation goes beyond new ideas; it is about transforming those ideas into tangible realities. It is not just dreaming, but executing. Remember, today's successes are yesterday's well managed innovations

What is Hack2skills flagship offering? What are the various USPs that differentiate the company from the other players in the industry?
Hack2skill's flagship offerings focus primarily on innovation management, brand building, and product evangelism. One prominent example of our work is our collaboration with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to provide immersive solutions designed to elevate the fan experience for the 2023 Cricket World Cup. Additionally, we have been working hand-in-hand with ONDC to revolutionize the logistics ecosystem.

Our partnerships with industry-leading companies like Snapchat and Google also highlight our commitment to engaging with developers globally and fostering innovation. Many of our projects, including the development of a digital voting solution for the Election Commission of India, originated from ideas sparked during hackathons a clear testament to the effectiveness of hackathons in driving innovation. This digital voting solution aims to improve the voting experience for Indians, further showcasing the
practical applications of our collaborative efforts in various sectors.

What has been the impact of Amity University’s education in your life?
Studying at Amity provided me with a global perspective. The university's diverse milieu, with students originating from various parts of India, enriched my experience in profound ways. This cultural mix offered a unique learning opportunity to gain insights from peers who came with their own unique back grounds and views.

Amity University plays an instrumental role in shaping a student's life through this embodying diversity. The congregation of different cultures facilitates an exchange of ideas in a communal setting, encouraging community building and providing an excellent platform for networking. This whole experience provides Amity University with a distinctive vision and methodology towards education, setting them apart from many others in the realm of academia.

What is the leadership mantra that you follow? How is it implemented is driving the workforce ahead?
My leadership mantra is centred around fostering a solution-focused mindset and promoting teamwork to tackle challenges effectively. This approach not only encourages change in perspective amongst team members but also demonstrates how to adapt within the contemporary technology ecosystem.

I emphasize team building significantly, as a robust and cohesive group of professionals is essential for any business to prosper. By nurturing a strong team, even the most intricate projects can be managed success fully, making the path to success inevitable.

What is the road ahead for the company? Where do you visualize it in the coming five years?
We have recently established our first international office in the USA. We are enthusiastically growing our network in the community, aligning with more brands in the areas of innovation management and product evangelism. By building a resilient and collaborative community of innovators, increasing collaborations will equip us with vital experiences to tackle global challenges effectively.

Our forward-looking strategy is revolving around gaining a broader global presence and exposure in the coming years. As we envision, the journey is one of expansion, partnerships, and engagement on a grand international scale.

Samkit Sharma, Founder, Hack2skill
Armed with a B.Tech degree in CSE from Amity University in 2012, Samkit Sharma embarked on his startup journey. He founded Hack2skill, a firm rendering a host of services oriented towards innovation management and brand augmentation for a myriad of tech-centric Innovations. As a leader his mantra is centred around fostering a solution-focused mindset and promoting teamwork to tackle challenges effectively.

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