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Santosh Sahu: Fostering A Transformative Future For Agricultural Ecosystem In India

Santosh Sahu: Fostering A Transformative Future For Agricultural Ecosystem In India

  Santosh Sahu,   Co-Founder,  Director & CEO

Santosh Sahu

Co-Founder, Director & CEO

India is a potential producer of various agricultural products. Though the country is flourishing with raw materials, it still lags in adopting advanced scientific equipment and tech driven methods for safe storage and secure distribution. Observing the scenario, Go Green Warehouses is striving to solve one of the most complex problems prevailing in the country by building an ecosystem to disrupt warehousing by blending innovation. Instrumental in rethinking and re-engineering processes & operational methodologies/ techniques, Go Green Warehouses has been at the forefront of innovation since 2012. Today it's one of the leading solution providers that offer premier quality and cost-effective solutions across the various domains of Agri Warehousing& Logistics Collateral Management, Commodity Exchanges, Audit Services & Inspection Preservation Solutions, Storage Solutions Procurement & Trade Facilitation, Agri Processing, Private Labelling, E -Retail, and 3PL &Premium Warehouse Leasing.

Under the aegis of Santosh Sahu and Maulik K. Shah the company excels as a complete solution provider helping society. CEO Insights engages in an exclusive conversation with Santosh Sahu. Below are the excerpts.

Take us through your educational grounds and professional journey
I have completed my BSc in Agriculture from Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology. Subsequently, I pursued an MBA (focused on IT in Agriculture) from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology. Never letting go of opportunities to learn and upskill myself, I also completed a diploma course specializing in International Marketing from Ahmedabad Management Association. For close to two decades now, I have been an Agri business professional, carrying extensive experience in developing Agri Value Chains in sectors like Warehousing, Commodity Financing, Trade Facilitation Business, Rural Retail, Fresh Food, Agri Inputs, and Cold Chain. Before joining the Go Green Group, I was working as the
Director & Head of Business Development at Kunvarji Group. In the bouts of my professional journey, I have been fortunate to work with organizations such as NCML, Krishdhan Seeds, Worlds Window, RPG Spencer Retail, Reliance Retail, and Godrej Agrovet.

Go Green Warehouses is a Complete Warehousing and Logistics Solution Provider Transforming the Agriculture Value Chain with Best Quality Offerings

What's the underlying idea behind the establishment of Go Green Warehouses?
Based in Ahmedabad, Go Green Warehouses was established with a vision to create value for the farmer's community and provide world-class services for all the stakeholders in agriculture. While the Go Green Group has been actively involved in the AgroCommodity space since 1925, Go Green Warehouses was founded in 2012, as an integrated commodity management solutions provider.

We work across the agriculture value chain, providing a range of post harvest services to our stake holders. Our expertise in each of the solutions we offer is backed by the knowledge of competent professionals. Our out-of-the-box strategies, innovative strategies and technologically connected locations enable us to handle businesses of any size. Since the inception of this subsidiary, our ultimate goal has been to transform the way businesses handle their logistics and warehousing.

Describe how your company is unique from other players in the market.
Go Green Warehouses is renowned for developing market linkages and financing for commodity value chains focused on warehouses, both physically and digitally, throughout India. We are a complete end-to-end solution provider helping farmers and all the stakeholders throughout the value chain. Apart from this, we try to help farmers with finances from NBFC or other P2P lenders in order to resolve their liquidity issues.

As our name suggests, we truly emphasize going green by adapting to several sustain ability practices. We have no machinery in the warehouse because our focus is mainly on dry commodity management and we do not have much electricity requirement,
however to a great extent our power needs are met through solar system inventors. We are trying to minimize carbon footprint by adapting to different organicmethodologies such as non-chemical storage and more.

Throw some light on the technology implemented for the seamless function of your business.
Technology is definitely playing a vital role in any business to solve complex problems. In our case the major issue comes with connectivity amongst the nodes of the supply chain. Having spread across 400 locations, we are well equipped with IT support infrastructure for smooth operations. We have strong ERPs and surveillance systems in place to track realtime information and monitor every step. Also, our facilities are fitted with advanced IoT and Ai-enabled devices for quality testing, commodity management, continuous monitoring, and more. All three core aspects commodity flows finance flows, and information flows are keenly taken care of using appropriate technologies.

What has been the leadership mantra that constantly helps you to motivate the team?
I don't know if it is a mantra but it is a necessity to treat your employees as your family. Especially, in this particular sector where people are less educated, it becomes vital to let people know that we care for them. We keep our doors open to listen to their ideas and concerns. From financial perks to training sessions to keep them updated with market changes, we give our best to keep our people contended.

What future plans have you developed for Go Green Warehouses as the company's founder?
The food industry is bound to several uncontrollable and controllable challenges. Keeping the natural issues aside, the industry has been facing over 30-40 percent of losses in food grain out of which warehousing contributes to 10 percent of the loss. Our first priority is to reduce this warehousing loss to less than one percent which would save a lot of money and impact the national economy in a great way.

Santosh Sahu, Co-Founder, Director & CEO, Go Green Warehouses
Santosh is currently driving Go Green Warehouses in terms of intellect, technical drive, emotional intelligence, financial stability, organizational culture, operational skill, trust and retention. Growing the brand strength by strength, he along with co-founder Maulik K Shah transformed Go Green Warehouses into a game changer in the market.

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