Santosh Shedge: Moving Ahead With A Vision To Provide A Range Of Generic Medicines At Affordable Rates | CEOInsights Vendor
Santosh Shedge: Moving Ahead With A Vision To Provide A Range Of Generic Medicines At Affordable Rates

Santosh Shedge: Moving Ahead With A Vision To Provide A Range Of Generic Medicines At Affordable Rates

Santosh Shedge, Founder & Director,Girish Jain, Founder & Director

Santosh Shedge, Founder & Director

Girish Jain, Founder & Director

Businesses need to go beyond the interests of their companies to the communities they serve”, Ratan Tata. Santosh Shedge, Founder, Genericplus Pharmacy is an inspirational leader & influencer of the Pharmaceutical industry who believes in the philosophy of Tata and is on a mission to make healthcare options available at an affordable price rate to the people of India. PM Janaushadhi Yojana Scheme has been an inspiration for him to explore the field of generic medicines and contribute to the noble initiative taken by the Government. He started his endeavor in 2016 and ever since has been successful in building 1000 generic medicine stores in Maharashtra & Karnataka. During his 27+ years of illustrious professional journey, Santosh has been prominent indemonstrating leadership skills in various multinational organizations like Bajaj Allianz, TATA AIA, Reliance Nippon, and Edel Weiss; for which he has been ranked as the No.1 employee in every organization. He is an optimistic leader and is in a constant expedition to develop networks that would help the company to grow and thereby benefit a large number of people. He has been successfully piloting the generic pharma industry and creating business opportunitiesfor many young professionals. Below are the snippets of an exclusive interview between CEO Insights and Santosh.

What makes Genericplus Pharmacy unique? Tell us about the FOFO
model of your company?
We are unique in terms of our product monopoly, we manifest salt based products, and our products have a huge results matrix that ensures us repeated customers. We have the biggest ware housing facility in pan India and our WHO-GMPcertified plants. Our FOFO model includes complete management of our franchises right from shop selection to continuous medicine supply. We follow all the guidelines laid down by FDA for retail franchises, we have our cloud based online software which ensures us with the complete supplychain management of the company. We have established clinic models, insurance models, tele medicine, and a diagnostic model for the people to avail 100 percent support from the company.

My motivation & business mantra is to help people reduce their healthcare budget and offer them generic medicines at an affordable rate

What has been the business mantra that helped you reach the level you stand today?
I have been leading an agenda of providing affordable medicines to all sections of society. Being Successful in doing that gives me a social and noble sense of satisfaction. My motivation & business mantra is to help people reduce their healthcare budget and avail themselves of generic medicines at an affordable rate. Over the years, we have been able to build a huge client base and 50 lakhs repeated clients. Such records have motivated us to create more franchises and low cost medicine

Which career objectives have bestowed you with utmost satisfaction?
I always believe in giving back to society. So, I consider my entry into the life insurance industry as a game changing event of my life. I found it extremely satisfying to help people protect their lives. I got to indulge with the clients emotionally and suggest better lives for their families. Generic Pharmacy has also been a big leap in my professional career. It is equally satisfying to be able to reduce the healthcare budget of every Indian and also to see people being inspired by us.

What roadmap have you planned for Genericplus Pharmacy?
We are today the proud sellers of our generic medicines of reputed companies. At present we have 1000+ centers in Maharashtra and Karnataka. But within two years we are planning to start our distribution in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. We are also planning to go digital by launching our e-Commerce portal and mobile application platform. We aspire to build at least 10,000 Generic Medicine stores across India by 2030.

Santosh Shedge, Founder & Director, Genericplus Pharmacy
Santosh is a prominent leader of the Pharma & Life Science industry with 27+ years of professional experience in various multi national organizations. He is a highly committed professional and has undertaken the responsibility of delivering affordable healthcare facilities to the citizens of India.

•Hobbies:Yoga & Trekking
•Favorite Cuisine:Seafood
•Favorite Travel Destination:
Hilly areas
•Awards & Recognition:Genericplus Pharmacy has been awarded as India’s No.1 Generic medicines franchise company for excellence in affordable healthcare by ZEE NEWS, ZEE MEDIA, ZEE24TAS
•Awarded as Most promising Top Retail franchise company PAN India by Siliconindia.

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