Satish Barve: A Prodigious Industry Stalwart Wheeling His Company Towards New-Fangled Opportunities | CEOInsights Vendor
Satish Barve: A Prodigious Industry Stalwart Wheeling His Company Towards New-Fangled Opportunities

Satish Barve: A Prodigious Industry Stalwart Wheeling His Company Towards New-Fangled Opportunities

Satish Barve,   Managing Director

Satish Barve

Managing Director

'Theprice of greatness is responsibility'. This quote by Winston Churchill aptly describes Satish Barve's voyage as a dynamic leader who doesn't shy away from responsibilities. "I am always up for challenges and never say no to any responsibilities that come upon me to handle. I see what best I can do to address the situation efficiently", avers Satish, who is acknowledged as one of the most prodigious industry stalwarts of the country by the virtue of his year-long expertise. Working across different verticals starting from production engineering to Country sales, Key account management, Operations, and product launch, Satish has worked with many national as well as international firms reigning across the segments like automotive, electrical, chemical & commercial vehicles, manufacturing, mechanical and so on.

A self-made person, Satish rose to senior-level positions 10 years back and has been pragmatically engaged in crafting visionary roadmaps for the organizations he has been associated with. Joining Miba Group's 100 percent subsidiary in India­ Miba Drivetec India six years back, Satish not only catapulted the turnover of the company to rise exponentially but assisted Miba Group to build new spacious plant as well as added a complete new product line for clutch buttons under Make in India initiative. He is currently positioned as the Managing Director of Miba Drivetec India and implementing his prolific skills acquired during the various stints of his phenomenal professional career across the operations of the company.

Satish engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Magazine.

We are always eager to adopt advanced technologies as well Various manufacturing techniques which makes our product come out of finest quality and, we follow our mission 'Technologies for a Cleaner planet'

Define Miba AG as an organization. What makes the company unique from the other competitors in the market?
Miba AG started almost 95 years back in a small village in Austria, and now we have almost 32 plants all over the world. A privately-owned company, Miba AG is now run by third-generation entrepreneurs. We have almost five major verticals and Miba Drivetec India (MDI) comes under the friction group. We are mostly into component manufacturing and produce friction technologies and have recently ventured into automation and e-mobility. As a privately-owned company, whatever profit we get, we put most of it into R&D to develop new products and explore new opportunities. We are always eager to adopt advanced technologies as well as manufacturing machines, which makes our product come out of the finest quality.

We always work as a team, not because we work together but because we trust, respect, and care for each other. Each one of us in the organization adheres to three principles;standing accountable, imagining better, and being respectful. This bestows us with a unique identity, not only amongst our competitors but also inclusively in the corporate sector. Having worked in many industries and across numerous fields I can certainly abide by the fact that this culture is hardly seen across the operations of many conglomerates.
Could you give a brief account of the latest technologies adopted by the company in manufacturing the products?
We manufacture oil immersed brake and clutch parts for Tractors and offroad vehicles parts as well as sinter clutch buttons for Tractors and heavy commercial vehicles segment in India and we have all advanced technology manufacturing machines for our sinter clutch button line as well as we have for our composite line.

Reigning in this segment for almost 13 years, we have timely upgraded ourselves with the latest technologies and installed high output machines for quality production. We also ensure that all these machines work 24X7 except halting for some preventive maintenance. For Sinter line also, we are Planning with another line of production which is encompassed with highly advanced robotics machinery that can boost the productivity.

What are the future market opportunities that you look forward to investing your time to reach your goals?
We aim to develop and produce components for our customers applications across all energy value chain like right from energy generation to use of energy. From existing product lines we have huge potential in India and possibly we may export some of these parts. E-mobility is another area we are very keen to work now. The Indian market is changing dynamically and we want to explore the future market opportunities for establishing ourselves as an extra ordinary brand in this domain.

Satish Barve, Managing Director, Miba Drivetec India
Satish, Managing Director, Miba Drivetec India Commencing his professional career in the mechanical industries, he is equipped with industry specific expertise and prominent leadership skills owing to his venture across different industry verticals during his illustrative journey of more than 32 years.

Hobbies:Listening to Indian Classical Music, biking & cycling
Favorite Cuisine:Maharashtrian and continental
Favorite Book:Wings of Fire by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Favorite travel destination:
Goa, Pondicherry & Austria

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