Shivaramakrishnan. V: Forging A Safer Tomorrow Via Uncompromised Fire Consulting | CEOInsights Vendor
Shivaramakrishnan. V: Forging A Safer Tomorrow Via Uncompromised Fire Consulting

Shivaramakrishnan. V: Forging A Safer Tomorrow Via Uncompromised Fire Consulting

  Shivaramakrishnan. V,  Senior Consultant & Founder

Shivaramakrishnan. V

Senior Consultant & Founder

Firefighting system consultants are crucial for ensuring top-tier safety measures. Their expertise ensures compliance with stringent safety codes, enhancing a nation's resilience against fire emergencies. Through designing and implementing effective fire safety measures, these consultants reduce the risk of widespread disasters. Their impact extends beyond individual projects, influencing the broader national safety landscape by safeguarding public spaces, minimizing the consequences of fire incidents, and fostering a uniform, nationwide approach to fire safety.

Shivaramakrishnan. V is one such luminary with 24 years of extensive experience in fire safety. His professional journey began in Oman, where he honed his skills in firefighting systems. After founding S &S Consulting Engineers, Shivaramakrishnan navigated the Indian market, achieving thousands of successful projects across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the UAE. A dedicated leader, he emphasizes uncompromised standards in fire safety & MEP services, actively engages in awareness programs, and envisions a global impact on safety through advanced design and technology.

In an insightful discussion with CEO Insights, Shivaramakrishnan. V delves deeper into his impactful journey.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences?

Upon completing my graduation, I embarked on my professional journey in Oman, venturing into the unfamiliar territory of fire safety. Initially devoid of knowledge, I gradually immersed myself in understanding fire alarm systems and firefighting. My three-month stint at Patrolling Development of Oman proved pivotal, compelling me to delve into comprehensive learning. Guided by NFPA standards, I honed my skills both onshore and offshore. Over six to seven years in Oman and Dubai, I gained expertise in firefighting systems, from fire alarm to suppression system design. After relocating to India to
contribute to the Indian National Building Code, I founded S&S Consulting Engineers, now entering our 15th year. Navigating the distinct Indian market posed challenges, yet our journey included successful projects for MEP services across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the UAE, marking a significant growth trajectory.

Continuous learning is crucial, & sharing acquired knowledge is indispensable

Tell us about your leadership approach and daily motivation, emphasizing your the driving force behind your routine.
As a leader, my approach revolves around a steadfast dedication to uncompromised standards in fire safety & MEP services. I emphasize to my team that compromise on standards can jeopardize life safety, a core principle ingrained in our work. I firmly adhere to National Building Code and NFPA standards, crucial in delivering trust to clients. This ethos extends to my role as a visiting faculty, where I educate students and professionals alike on fire safety systems, fostering a culture of awareness. I actively engage in awareness programs, traveling extensively to impart knowledge and advocate for fire safety in diverse regions, transcending borders. I embarked on an 8000-kilometer journey across India in 2016 to conduct awareness programs and plan to extend this initiative to Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Thailand. My motivation lies in ensuring that wherever people are whether in hotels or hospitals they feel secure, a sentiment built on the foundation of unwavering fire safety & MEP services.

How are you training your team to stay ahead of the market trends and changes that are happening?

Addressing the challenge of staying abreast of market trends, we facilitate monthly interactions with manufacturers, allowing them to showcase new techno-logies, such as IoT, automation, and more. Beyond manufacturer updates, we encourage continuous self-education reading articles, and books, and utilizing our library. Recognizing the dynamic innovations from global hubs like the US, Canada, and Israel, known for strong security systems, we emphasize the importance of implementing cutting-edge technology. Regular updates from manufacturers, social media, and daily activities ensure our team remains well-versed while embracing the latest analytics and technologies ensuring client satisfaction and reinforcing our
commitment to keeping premises safe. Monthly brainstorming sessions foster collective learning and adaptation, reinforcing our commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

Our future destination centers on establishing a prominent presence in the Indian market. Despite limited preference for MEP consultants, our reputation prompts clients to seek guidance even when not engaged in projects. We aim to influence government policies, particularly in the fire department, advocating for enhanced capabilities to monitor and regulate building safety. Our focus extends to healthcare, supporting pharmaceutical operations with safety suggestions and cutting edge systems. By prioritizing healthcare industry leaders and contri-buting to their growth, we envision elevating our status in the global market, emphasizing safety through advanced design and technology implementation.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the upcoming industry leaders?

Drawing from extensive industry experience, I emphasize the significance of knowledge sharing. Continuous learning is crucial, and sharing acquired knowledge is indispensable, reaching beyond personal gains to include inputs from juniors and peers. Regular team sessions, like the monthly meetings in my office, encourage open discussions, unveiling hidden talents and fostering a collaborative learning environment. Whether it's professional expertise or personal experiences, every team member's contribution is valued. This approach not only enhances individual growth but also cultivates a team dynamic enriched by diverse perspectives.

Shivarama krishnan.V, Senior Consultant & Founder, S & S Consulting Engineers

Shivarama krishnan. V, a seasoned Senior Consultant and Founder of S & S Consulting Engineers boasts 24 years of expertise in fire safety. Shivarama krishnan's leadership prioritizes uncompromised safety standards, extending to his role as a visiting faculty, promoting awareness programs, and emphasizing the global importance of fire safety.

•Hobbies:Creating awareness about fire safety
•Favorite Cuisine:South Indian
•Favorite Book:National Building Code, Wings of Fire by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
•Favorite Travel Destination:Delhi

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