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Sooraj Vasudevan: Leading The Calculus Of Digital Growth

Sooraj Vasudevan: Leading The Calculus Of Digital Growth

 Sooraj Vasudevan, Founder & CEO

Sooraj Vasudevan

Founder & CEO

Technology has changed every aspect of the way any business operates, and never before in history has that change occurred so fast”, says Sooraj Vasudevan, Founder, and CEO of Global ICT solutions company Calculus. Today’s technology managers are looking beyond what is currently possible to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and enable businesses to thrive and grow amid the many technological shifts happening across the globe. Sooraj’s perspective is informed by 18+ years of unrivaled experience working with digitalization and cutting-edge technology to digitally transform businesses to streamline their processes and increase overall efficiency.

Sooraj believes digital transformation begins and ends with only one factor customer centricity. According to the Gartner Group, customer centricity required the customer to be the focal point of all decisions related to delivering products, services, and experiences to create customer loyalty and satisfaction. This customer centric approach works across industries and verticals.

"Calculus is committed to be the change in peoples daily lives. Technology is our mobile"

Calculus focuses on creating efficient and cost-effective solutions for its customers and providing 360-degrees of value-adding services for their businesses. As CEO, Sooraj’s focus is empowering his team to approach every new opportunity with a customer-centric strategy to help them remain globally competitive crucial in times of unforeseen crises lower costs, drive value, and deliver genuine customer satisfaction.

Let’s hear it from Sooraj as he speaks about his venture and more.

What role have your previous experiences played in shaping you as a successful business leader?
I started my professional journey as a customer service engineer at Tejas Networks, one of the best cutting-edge technology providers in India today. At Tejas, I was given the opportunity to work with different presales, engineering, and customer operations teams. This enabled me to understand the day-to-day challenges and future requirements of the industry and add significant value to the business development efforts of the company. With the growth in my role, I was exposed to many bigger opportunities that involved a lot of traveling. I was responsible to represent the brand globally. It has been a major milestone in my career to be an integral contributor when India has just started exporting technology to various parts of the world. Being part of that journey was very important to understand what it takes to satisfy a global customer with a high standard of technological requirements. Also, my Seniors at Tejas played a very important role in grooming me into developing a customer focused personality. Whatever I am today,
wherever I am placed, Tejas has a big role in this transformation.

What motivates you to deliver positive outcomes?
Calculus as a company is all about using technology as a tool to ignite changes in society and make a difference in people’s daily lives. The need to constantly channel our time and energy into looking for ways to innovate, bring new ideas onto the table as a team, and put the right people in the right place to have quality in our services, keeps me motivated.

Growth should be the only energy that flows in the system. It comes with commitment & absolute focus

Tell us about yourleadership approach.
Leadership is about how unfastened one can be to improvising and innovating. Being a first-generation entrepreneur I believe in enabling people from the grassroots level I have been a part of that journey for almost a decade before I started my venture. So, I make sure to apply those experiences to understand my team and empower them while they represent the brand to the customer. I strongly believe every employee of the company must have the same level of excitement I do, to contribute to the growth of the company. Growth should be the only energy that should flow into the system which comes with commitment and focus.

How would you define Calculus as an organization?
We are a global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions company with operations in the U.S.A., Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and India. We deliver solutions that are cost-effective and innovative and that help improve operational efficiencies, develop intelligent systems, and optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of businesses globally. Calculus is focused on solving business problems using cutting-edge technology for global enterprises.

As a leader in the IT industry, how do you perceive the changing market behaviors and the constant demand for topnotch technology solutions?
The exponential rate at which technology is developing, mutating, and adapting, especially after the outbreak of Covid-19, is so fast that one can't help but be swept away in a tidal wave of progress. We are happy to be partners with some of the leading technology providers in the world who are enabling us to create solutions, integrate, and offer products that never have before been delivered by any provider. Our ability to innovate as a team and the agility to deliver those products to the clients on record timing, is keeping us ahead of our competitors in the market since 2016.

Tell us your technology vision. What are the practices adopted by the company to stay ahead of the technology trends?
We focus on ensuring, whether we are organic or process driven, the changes we bring in are all well qualified. To elaborate on any solution, our leadership team thinks six quarters ahead of the current time, and they understand how the market is going to respond with a fair number of chances of operation of the risk. Their job is to think out of the box, to understand what our new client is asking for, and create
plans & budgets accordingly. They help the company to channel the conscious effort of building a technology based platform and reach out to a maximum number of clients who can benefit from this platform. When it comes to the cloud transformation journey for enterprises, we are partnered with some of the leading names in the global market. We deliver them products that increase their operational efficiencies, develop intelligent systems and optimize the TCO of their businesses.

How would you define your team? Also, what do you look for in candidates?
Our strength is our people. I believe, if we can motivate our people to be on the edge of their seats to deliver the right things for the company, we are already halfway toward success. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I am able to communicate with every contributing member of the company and build an ecosystem where I am easily approachable to them in times of challenges, whether big or small. There are a lot of capable people working with us and my job is to make them happy and feel appreciated for their hard work.

Talking of fresh candidates, they bring ideas that are new and that nobody else can bring to the table.This is because their creativity is not biased or influenced by the external world, and when it comes to the ecosystem, it creates immense value for businesses. When I look for candidates, I make sure they have the capacity to prove their trust and loyalty to the company and the people who helped them in the initial years of their formation.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
We are growing significantly day by day towards the future and there are commitments from very important and influential global personalities of this business. Together we are building a solid and iconic brand in IT services and solutions, tangible in the next two to three years.

What would be your advice to the budding leaders in the industry?
A business without a solid growth plan, having a fair level of predictability about the cash flow for the next five quarters, cannot sustain itself as a Startup. So, budding leaders need to be focused on their goals, strategies, planning, and executions. And strike a balance between their determination and their ability to improvise to deliver uncompromised results.

Sooraj Vasudevan, Founder & CEO, Calculus Business Solutions
An alumnus of IIT Delhi and Cochin University of Science & Technology, Sooraj has vast experience in global business development and has worked with direct customers across USA, Mexico, Latin America, Middle East, India and Asia Pacific. Currently, he is embracing cutting-edge technologies to analyze complex businesses’ challenges and deliver reliable and 100 percent secure solutions for them.

•Hobbies:Listening to instrumental music
•Favorite Cuisine:Indian
•Favorite Travel Destination:Mexico City

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