Suresh Panneerselvam: A Visionary Leader Evaluating Market Dynamics & Concerns To Steer Futuristic Growth | CEOInsights Vendor
Suresh Panneerselvam: A Visionary Leader Evaluating Market Dynamics & Concerns To Steer Futuristic Growth

Suresh Panneerselvam: A Visionary Leader Evaluating Market Dynamics & Concerns To Steer Futuristic Growth

Suresh Panneerselvam,   Managing Director

Suresh Panneerselvam

Managing Director

Chennai, A City On India's South Eastern Coast, Has Excellent Multimodal Transit Links To All Other Regions Of The Nation And Across The Globe As Well. Chennai's Accessibility By Air, Land, And Sea Makes It A Potentially Preferred Location For Operational Setup And Business Prospects. Because Of These Transit Options, It May Be Less Of A Hassle For New Businesses To Move Their Products, Resources, And Employees Inside And Across The City's Boundaries.

Further, It Facilitates Transit To Prospective Client Locations All Across The Globe. Suresh Panneerselvam, Seeing The City's Potential As A Commercial And Industrial Hub, Brought The Largest Australian-Owned Automated Door System Maker, Auto Ingress, To India And Established Its Subsidiary In Chennai.

Suresh Panneerselvam Has Been Working With Auto Ingress For More Than 15 Years, And During This Tenure, He Has Worked His Way Up The Company's Hierarchy By Taking On More Responsible Tasks. Suresh Started His Career With Auto Ingress In Australia As An Assembly Engineer.

After Several Years Of Dedicated Work, He Has Worked His Way Up Through The Ranks And Is Now The Managing Director Of Auto Ingress India Since Its Inception In The Year 2015. Below Is An Excerpt Of Suresh’s Exclusive Interaction With Ceo Insights Magazine.

How Has Your Experience With Auto Ingress India So Far Been? Also, Describe Your Role In Introducing Auto Ingress To India.
I've Been Working With Auto Ingress Australia Since 2006. From The Factory Office Up To Upper Management, I Had Great
Experience Throughout My Time Learning At The Firm. Speaking Of My Part In Introducing Auto Ingress To India, I've Been Making Regular Trips To The Country Since 2007, And During Those Visits, I Observed In Real Time How Rapidly The Country Has Developed, Especially In Terms Of Technology. Since India Is One Of The Major Players In The International Economy, Our Company's Top Executives Suggested For Launching A New Subsidiary. Thus, We Launched Auto Ingress In India In 2015 After Legally Registering The Company.

Auto Ingress India stands apart from the competition because we focus on providing customised solutions to our customer's problems rather than involving in trading business

Why Was Chennai Chosen To Be The Breeding Ground Of Your Company? How Has Been The Place Favoring You So Far In Your Operations?
One Of The Primary Reason We Finalized Chennai Was Because I Was Born And Raised In This Part Of Tamil Nadu. The Second Is The City's Well-Developed Infrastructure For Transportation By Sea, Air, And Road And Its Global Connection. Given These Considerations, We Agreed On Chennai As Our Ideal Destination.

How Would You Define Auto Ingress India As An Organization And Its Position In The Market? What Is The Unique Proposition That Your Organization Offers To Clients?
Auto Ingress India Stands Apart From The Competition Because We Focus On Providing Solutions To Our Customer's Specific Requirements Rather Than On Trading Items. The Needs Of Our Clients Are Our First Concern, And We Strive To Exceed All Of Their Expectations. We Never Go To A Meeting To Pitch Our Product Rather, We Seek To Get Deep Insights At The Requirements Of Our Potential Clients. Moreover, That's How We've Always Educated Our Sales And Marketing Team To Think And Act.

Going Forward, What Are The Changes In Market Behavior That
You Anticipate And What Are The Opportunities That You Fore see?
Most Indian Homes Built In The Past 15 Years Have Wooden Doors, However, Some Have Aluminum Or Glass. You'll Have A Hard Time Finding A Wooden Door In India Nowadays; The Market Has Shifted Towards Glass Doors, Which Are More Popular With A Variety Of Building Designers. These Days, Automated Doors Which Detect Your Presence And Open Themselves Are The New Norm In The Door And Building Industry. Due To This Reason, Majority Of The Individuals Prefer Automated Doors Over Manually Operated Doors. In Addition, Automated Doors Are No Longer Only A Feature Of Workplaces They Are Increasingly Gaining Popularity And Presence In Residences As Well.

In Light Of Your Strong Experience Within The Industry, What Advice Would You GiveTo Budding Industry Leaders?
I Want To Remind The Next Generation Of Industry Executives That The Key To Success Is A Thirst For Knowledge. They Must Also Have Market Foresight Or An Intuitive Grasp Of Impending Changes. This Is Something That I Have Learned From The Well known Mobile Phone Brand, Which Used To Be One Of The Greatest Or Most Widely Used Brands In India But Entirely Disappeared From The Market Ever Since Year 2007. They Failed Because They Couldn't Foresee Developments In Mobile Phone Technology, And That's Why I Try To Look Ahead And Anticipate Potential Developments. Everyone Involved In The Door Manufacturing And Installation Industry, From Company Executives To Entrepreneurs, Has To Keep An Eye On The Market And Adapt To Market Requirements As Quickly As Possible In Line With Contemporary Trends And Futuristic Technologies.

Suresh Panneerselvam, Managing Director, Auto Ingress India
With An Educational Background In The Civil Engineering Field, Suresh Began His Professional Journey With Gobena, Singapore. He Began His Journey With Auto Ingress As An Assembly Engineer In The Year 2006, And Has Taken Various Roles Like Technical Engineer, Project Manager, And Catered As Country Head. Currently, Suresh Is The Managing Director Of Auto Ingress India.

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