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Syed Nadeem Ahmed: A Visionary Leader In The Real Estate Industry

Syed Nadeem Ahmed: A Visionary Leader In The Real Estate Industry

  Syed Nadeem Ahmed,    Founder & CEO

Syed Nadeem Ahmed

Founder & CEO

India is one of the world's fastestgrowing major economies, and the real estate sector is the second largest employment generator and the third largest in terms of FDI flow, as well as a driver of total economic growth. The real estate sector is certainly on a growth track and is leaping into its next adventure. Indian Realty is one such full service firm that offers highend realestate solutions. From a strong internet presence to personal branding, the organization offers the tools needed for success in this industry.

Syed Nadeem Ahmed,a renowned entrepreneur, consultant, and author with over eight years of experience in Indian Real Estate, launched Indian Realty. Syed Nadeem established a solid basis for his successful businesses via strategic thinking, effort, and commitment. He is known as a visionary thinking leader with a drive for excellence, particularly in the real estate market. He believes that a company is only as successful as its employees. Nadeem has been offering world class real estate services in the Digital Marketing category as well as Branding and solutions, enriched with MarTech, Strategy Building and Digital Marketing through his company Indian Realty. He is genuinely enthusiastic about his work and is always willing to connect with those that share his enthusiasm. While he appreciates all elements of his career, working with the client or business unit leader to understand their business objectives is his favorite stage of a project. "As we go through that group effort, ideas automatically start to flow, and that's always the exciting part", he says. Syed Nadeem enlightens us more about
the company and his professional path in an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights Magazine.

Take us through your educational and professional background. What factors influenced you to establish Indian Realty?
I pursued a Diploma in Electronics and Communications from Shantiniketan Polytechnic College and started my work in medical billing. Though I quickly realized it was not my calling, I switched to the real estate market and began with Magic (Times of India), eventually establishing my first company Ownit1st a property advisory firm specializing in Luxury Homes sector. Over time, I realized the real estate industry's potential and how disarray prevents it from realizing its full potential. This is how Indian Realty came to exist. Indian Realty strives to assist realestate organizations in growing their businesses through brand development, customer acquisition, and customer engagement.

Indian Realty is driven by the mission to help real estate businesses build their brand

Define Indian Realty as an organization and its current position in the industry.
Indian Realty is driven by the mission to help real estate businesses build their brand. We bring in over a decade of experience in branding, customer acquisition, and customer engagement through highquality real estate solutions including creative video production website development, brand story creation search engine optimization, social media marketing, augmented reality virtual reality technology, and digital content creation.

Describe the various projects under taken by Indian Realty, and how are they unique from other competitors.
5 Elements Indian Realty is one of the most unique projects we've worked on. We handled their overall public relations campaign, including online and offline activities. For instance, on Independence Day, we held events at five different. 5
Elements Indian Realty residential properties which garnered excellent reviews from residents and resulted in customer satisfaction.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
The first approach from our client has contributed to our success and we analyze our clients' situations before developing and implementing strategies that are appropriate for their business.

Considering that environment conscious infrastructure is becoming the new normal, does Indian Realty have any plans to implement similar projects in the future? What plans have you developed for Indian Realty as the CEO?
We conduct all of our processes online, resulting in almost no paper usage. We also provide work from home options to our employees to reduce network resource utilization at the office and provide employees with greater flexibility.

Our clients have responded positively, as they have increased their business as a result of our brand building services.

Syed Nadeem Ahmed, Founder & CEO, Indian Realty
Syed Nadeem is a man who wears multiple hats, and has been described by his friends and colleagues as someone who builds relationships, empowers companions, constantly learns and adapts to new trends and environments, and faces life with a positive outlook. He is the founder of the Ownit1st Luxury Homes real estate Property Advisor. He is a veteran entrepreneur, mentor, and author with around a decade of experience in Indian Real Estate.

•Hobbies: Reading and Traveling
•Favorite Cuisine: South Indian
•Favourite Book: Code Of The Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani
•Favorite Travel Destination: Dandeli, Lonavala

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