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Sushil Jhajharia: Leveraging Rich Industry Experience To Showcase Quality Standards & Building Trust &  Relationships

Sushil Jhajharia: Leveraging Rich Industry Experience To Showcase Quality Standards & Building Trust & Relationships

  Sushil Jhajharia,   Managing Director

Sushil Jhajharia

Managing Director

In 2022, the worldwide civil engineering market is expected to be worth $8.38 trillion. IMARC Group predicts that the industry will be worth US$ 11.71 trillion by 2027, with a CAGR of 5.60 percent from 2022 to 2027. With rising disposable incomes, increased urbanization, and an ageing global population,demand for improved infrastructure is skyrocketing. This is one of the key elements driving the civil engineering market's expansion. Some civil engineering firmsare implementing connected construction and modularization strategies via novel technology to increase operational efficiency and production to meet the ever increasing industry demands.

Led by Sushil Jhajharia, Jhajharia Nirman is one of the country's leading civil engineering companies, operating in eight states which include Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, and West Bengal. The company has a turnover of more than 750 crores, a work-in-hand value of more than 2000 crores, and a workforce in excess of over two thousand people, making it one of the most prestigious firms in the country.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine, Sushil Jhajharia, Managing Director at Jhajharia Nirman, walks us through the unique traits of the company

What was the ideology behind Jhajharia Nirman? What is its current position in the industry?
I am from Chhattisgarh, a state where development is still underway. Around 30-35 years ago, the amenities were quite suboptimal. Due to various minerals in Chhattisgarh, such as iron ore, coal, and aluminium an increased need for infrastructure to transport these minerals was needed. As a result, there was a genuine demand for connectedness. Realizing this demand for improved infrastructure, I started a construction business specializing in railroads. I started my first work through a quotation of about Rs.20-25 lakhs, and now we have an order book of over Rs.2000 crores with revenues peeking at 800 crores. Starting with just a few railroad projects, JNL has ventured into various segments like roadways, bridges, significant buildings, etc., helping build a new India.

How would you define Jhajharia Nirman as an organization and its position in the market? What is the
unique proposition that your organization offers to clients?
JNL is a family and not an organization. Everyone associated with our organization is doing their part to ensure our family reaches new heights every year. Our greatest assets are our employees, through which we have reached the position that we are in today. Due to the support of our employees, bankers, associates and clients, we have been able to be established as one of the most promising civil engineering companies, exceeding expectations and delivering value in every work executed by our team. We have honed our expertise across hundreds of landmark railroads and building projects, successfully designing, delivering, and maintaining them for our clients.

We believe the foundation of our success lies in a commitment to understanding and meeting our client's requirements on time, assuring its value for money

We provide our clients with the certainty of delivery in an increasingly uncertain world ­ made possible by some of our industry's most experienced and high performing teams. Since 2008, we have completed more than 100 extraordinary projects. The diversity of the project portfolio has been essential to our success. We have undertaken diverse projects like constructing significant buildings, railroads, roadways, dams, bridges and many more. We are proud of the long term progress and economic growth our projects create around India.

Characterized by professionalism, high standard of corporate governance and sustainability, JNL continues to evolve, seeking better ways of engineering to meet emerging challenges. Our mantra lies in completing projects before the stipulated time and with the highest quality. We are able to achieve this due to constantly evolving our technologies, carefully selecting our projects, establishing long-lasting relationships with various clients, and continuously improving our project execution capabilities.

Highlight the various service offerings provided by Jhajharia Nirman.
We specialize in earthwork, track linking work, mining work, ballast supply, bridge works, and Building works. Further more, we have also diversified into railway electrification, and signalling works. Most of our revenue is generated from our construction work for the Indian Railways and its subsidiary PSUs such as RITES, RVNL, DFCCIL, IRCON, and so on.
How are you incorporating new tools/ technologies to change your services to meet industry standards?
We are constantly striving to implement the latest innovation to improve project delivery methods to have greater project control. In the past few years, we have implemented Enterprise Resource Planning Software to simplify the management process, a drone monitoring system to collect engineering data at remote locations, and a GPS monitoring system to monitor our fleet to gain better control and increase efficiency. Through these various innovations, we have reduced our wastage and moved closer to lean engineering practices.

To improve our operational capabilities, we always ensure that we develop a culture that values safety, environmental sustainability, and highquality execution. All our employees are well trained so that they can execute their work with perfection. To gain better control of our projects, we utilize the best in the class fleet, which is efficient and reduces the construction time, providing us with significant savings.

What is the future roadmap envisaged for Jhajharia Nirman?
Now, the next generation has taken control as my sons have joined me after their studies in India and abroad. And both of my boys are working with me, so they are JNL's young faces. Now, we have expanded our actual scope of work into numerous states. We now have projects in 8 different states and around eight organizations, and we are focusing on our speciality, an all around rail infra development company. So, we have the necessary experience and qualifications which gives us a superior hand in bids of high value and complex nature. We have capabilities for all kinds of structures and tracks, which is extraordinary for any contemporary company.

We are on the verge of great transformation into a giant in the construction field with on and off field capacity to execute varied infra works for a value of Rs. 5000 crores. Along the way, we are making sure that we are hiring efficient civil engineers and the required workforce. We are also equipping ourselves with the latest technology and machinery to achieve our target of expansion of infra construction business turnover to over 2000 crores by 2025-2026.

Sushil Jhajharia, Managing Director, Jhajharia Nirman
Sushil has the capacity to direct, motivate, and lead the team's success and performance. He has a Supreme degree of assertiveness and delegation, is not frightened of taking decisions and confronting challenges and has no issue voicing thoughts that eventually add value to the general functioning of the company.

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