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Camaraderie Brands: Exceptional Customer Experience With Quality & Commitment

Camaraderie Brands: Exceptional Customer Experience With Quality & Commitment

Sumit Sharma, Founder & Director, Camaraderie, Neha Singh, Founder & Director, Camaraderie

Sumit Sharma, Founder & Director, Camaraderie

Neha Singh, Founder & Director, Camaraderie

The `X' factor that defines a great organization is something hard to measure, sometimes hard to find, and often hard to define, which goes beyond impeccable branding ideas, innovative strategies, and skillful execution. A full-service branding & infrastructure design (Infra designing) company that believes in building partnerships based on trust and mutual understanding, Camaraderie Brands Pvt Ltd (CBPL) understands this X factor-the customer 'EXPERIENCE' factor. With intact quality in solutions and commitment to service, CBPL is recognized as a distinguished solution provider that shares clients' dreams and transforms their businesses into brands to seize prospects' attention.

Customer satisfaction, loyalty, and professionalism are the cornerstones of CBPL's service philosophy. The Founder, Mr Sumit Sharma, and Co-Founder, Neha Singh, have built this organization on the principles of ethics & responsibility.Take advantage of the valuable nuggets of wisdom from these meticulous leaders to gain a deeper understanding of CBPL's vision, ideologies, cultural practices, and much more.

How would you define CBPL as an organization and its position in the market?
Our expertise lies in providing 'One Stop Solutions' in Branding & Infrastructure designing and we take pride in being perceived as an Ethical and Responsible organization. We are largely recognized as an Organization that gets into the customers' socks to understand their challenges before building commercially viable yet efficient processes for them.

With CBPL360, as their newest initiative, CBPL designs and executes the business places of Diagnostics sector. It includes offices, labs, Patient service centres (PSC) and retail outlets. Designing is our forte, speedy execution is our strength & Customer satisfaction is our deliverable. Presence of an in-house architect who understands the subject is what differentiates CBPL from the competition.

For us, Project Value is not important but the Value that our Customers get from CBPL matters!
At CBPL, we believe in doing things differently yet accurately and that's how we wish to position ourselves in the market. Every single day we strive to move towards it! As an organization, we would define ourselves as 'Solution Providers' and encourage our customers to see us as their extended teams providing innovative solutions to all their needs in branding and infra-designing.

Tell us about the exposure your company offers to its employees. Shed some light on the unique work culture of CBPL.
We train and cultivate talent. None of our employees come from this industry. Almost all of them were freshers when they joined us. We trained them on the subject so as to bring out their true potential with an aim to develop leaders. believe in 'Kaizen' which is nothing but a habit of continuous development.

Understanding our customers' challenges allows us to build efficient, commercially viable processes

While following a flat hierarchy, each one of us works towards a common goal of converting our customers into 'Ecstatic Partners'. Under any circumstances, the concerned process owner is empowered to figure out the best possible solution not only to retain a customer but also to enable them to move up in their learning path.

While we value developing ownership, leadership skills, and mentoring among our employees, we also place a high priority on identity, agility, and scalability. Our policy includes Anti-Harassment; Non-Discrimination; Safety and Mental Well-Being; and Leave and Team Off-Sight.

What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to its employees?
Goal-oriented or resulted-oriented is NOT our way of work. Continuous learning along with a growth-oriented approach is the way to sustain in today's world. 'We believe that the growth stops when learning stops' and this ideology motivates all of us to be focused on our personal and professional development.

Our open culture allows people to make their own decisions without compromising on the deliveries. Moreover, CBPL is a place that fosters an environment where people not only learn new things and also enjoy what they do. CBPL doesn't believe in creating a set work culture but it surely believes in creating a learning and joyful journey for all of us.

Take us through the journey of CBPL so far and your plans for the
It all began with a PAN INDIA branding project for one of India's leading healthcare retailers. We were asked to design a business model which would assist them in overcoming their 'then' challenges and ensure commercial savings while ensuring parallel rollouts across India. They became our first customers & definitely a happy one! In a short time, we could replicate the same model across many other customers.

One of the biggest challenges in the Healthcare Retail Industry was Rudimentary outlook of Pathology centers. Apart from plain &simple aesthetics, the centers used to take a long time to be operational. The absence of Architectural knowledge, dependency on local skilled labour, unorganized market, etc., were a few key reasons behind the delays. This led to the ideation of CBPL360 (Infra designing and Execution) with a vision of making brands 'look different from the conventional'. Apart from a complete makeover, the centers were built with the highest efficiency in speed. For instance, a recently executed company with a center in Rohtak was made operational within 12 days from the date of award of the project.

With CBPL 360 in place, we have now started setting up Labs infrastructure in the Healthcare Retail sector. At the earliest, we look forward to adding other services to CBPL360 which will be highly beneficial to all the Diagnostic Brands across India.

Sumit Sharma, Founder & Director, Camaraderie
A qualified architect and a management graduate, Sumit firmly believes that innovation is the need of the hour in every sector. He is dedicated to "reinventing Indian healthcare and diagnostics " & CBPL received the "Recognition Certificate" from StartUp India under his mentorship.

His experience includes multiple design and conceptualization projects such as way finding strategy for IGI Airport, Fortis Hospitalsthe Hyderabad Metro & Rashtrapati Bhawan, among others. Over 15 years of professional journey has taken him to renowned names like Mudra, L& T, AECOM, 3M India.

Neha Singh, Founder & Director, Camaraderie
A Management Graduate in Marketing & HR, Neha worked for multiple Indian and global brands like DS Group, Ashland Inc., 3M India, through which she gained experience in various areas like HR, Product Management, Marketing, etc. Advocating hard work,dedication, & a zeal to explore the unexplored, she has found success in her endeavors & inspires her peers to work towards an aim with focus & vision.

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