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Tanvi Dhamija: A Visionary With A Unique Blend Of Branding And Social Entrepreneurship

Tanvi Dhamija: A Visionary With A Unique Blend Of Branding And Social Entrepreneurship

  Tanvi Dhamija,     Founder

Tanvi Dhamija


Developing a company's brand is sometimes overlooked since companies are preoccupied with other elements of their operations such as the manufacture of goods, generating leads, dealing with customers, and generating revenue. In these situations, organizations may turn to brand specialists for assistance, who can take care of all of the branding needs while companies can focus on the core competencies. An expert knows exactly what works best when it comes to presenting the value of a firm to customers. Tanvi Dhamija, who started CinEmon Consulting to assist businesses and entrepreneurs with brand development, is a perfect example of this.

Tanvi strives to emphasize more on the client's value system and the reason why an entrepreneur decided to start a business while establishing branding strategies. A more effective branding approach, in her opinion, can assist in communicating the idea to a broader audience. Tanvi is also the founder of Indiavaale, a social enterprise that serves as a nationwide forum for Indian craftsmen and artists. Below is an excerpt of Tanvi’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

What inspired you to establish India vaale and CinEmon Consulting?
Establishing my firm has always been a dream of mine, as well as, I had a sincere desire to help others accomplish their full potential.As a result, I launched Indiavaale, a platform enabling artisans to promote their crafts to the wider population and gain significant exposure. Then in 2020, during the COVID time frame, I discovered a void in the industry regarding how brand creation was performed.

With so many people focused on creating and meeting objectives, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger
picture. That's why I set out to develop a brand consulting firm that would put the clients' aspirations first, highlighting their passions and values. This motivated me to establish CinEmon Consulting.

How would you define Indiavaale as an art platform and how do you ensure economic security and preservation of artisans’ arts?
At Indiavaale, we want to preserve the essence of what the craftsmen were making, but we also wanted to modernize their art forms. Many Indian arts are mostly in the form of wall hangings or pottery, but the public is interested in forms apart from these, and there is significant competition from overseas sources. Art is a rare gift that not everyone inherits, and we wanted to make small efforts toward improving the way artists present their work. Hence,at Indiavaale we are committed to preserving art by just contemporizing it, not fully altering its ethos.

Establishing my firm has always been a dream of mine, as well as, I had a sincere desire to help others accomplish their full potential

Economically and security wise, we make no negotiations since we need to in still an entrepreneurial mindset in the artists, many of whom are unaware. And they lack exposure to industrial realities, but we,as educated professionals seeking modern education, have the advantage of being exposed to how the world evolves, which is precisely the information we sought to impart to them.

What is the difference being brought by CinEmon into the industry and how is it helping enhance the visual media and communication experiences of clients?
We live in a world defined by objectives, aims, and individuals setting their agendas. CinEmon, on the other hand, takes a far more in-depth look into the motivations and objectives of every firm or entrepreneur it partners with.CinEmon's team spends hours with customers to find their underlying desires, what we can create for them, and where they want to take it ahead. During these discussions, there is a great deal of
compassion and understanding engaged, as well as some data to support the work that we perform.

We want to establish a win-win situation for both sides, the clients and ourselves. I have always told my team that it's our work and our mindset that brings our clients back to us again. Ultimately our job is to produce monetized value for our clients. I believe that organizations in service-oriented fields may be successful if they strive to deliver more value than their clients have asked or sometimes feel they deserve in exchange for the price they pay.

Could you talk about the learnings and experiences that you had acquired from Nirma University and how do you apply them in your current role?
The major ambition of most MBA students is to land a job with a generous pay package. However, when I arrived at Nirma, I had an uncanny feeling that these next two years would play a crucial role in my personal development. I aimed to not only focus on my career development but also on my personal growth and development as well. It was a melting pot of individuals from all over the country, which helped me appreciate and cherish the diversity of people and different perspectives.

As a result of my involvement in many event planning committees and clubs, I gained an appreciation for the plethora of factors that must be considered while working in a team. It was during this process that I learned how to be a leader, and I made sure to learn a lot from the seniors we worked with and the diverse group of students with whom I interacted. Having realized the concept of unity in diversity at Nirma University has had a profound impact on the way I conduct myself professionally and personally.

Tanvi Dhamija, Founder, Indiavaale & CinEmon Consulting
Tanvi graduated from Nirma University in 2011 with an MBA in Finance. After graduating, she took a position as a Manager at Citibank, which she was able to secure through campus placement. Later in 2016, she took on the role of entrepreneur with the launch of Indiavaale, and similarly, in 2020, she established CinEmon Consulting to add another gem to her entrepreneurial crown.

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