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Tripati Kharbanda: Leading the People Function to Imagine, Invent & Ignite

Tripati Kharbanda: Leading the People Function to Imagine, Invent & Ignite

 Tripti Kharbanda,Chief People Officer

Tripti Kharbanda

Chief People Officer

What brings you here, will not bring you there. Its only hard-work, focused approach and dedication that enables for a successful career"- Tripti Kharbanda, Chief People Officer, Manubhai & Shah LLP (MS Global).

Having set foot in the HR industry as an HR executive for a software company, Tripti Kharbanda has travelled the distance to rightfully earn her current position as the Chief People Officer for Manubhai & Shah.

The People's Person
Given the popular notion of lofty job-seeker expectations and fierce competition for skilled workers, delivering a coordinated, connected, and positive experience for candidates and employees has taken on new importance. It is no secret that engaged employees are more productive, less likely to leave, and more driven to contribute to a company’s goals. Conversely, an in ability to attract and retain top talent can hamper an organization’s growth, hurt profitability, and create a negative brand experience in the market place.

We are in the Golden Age of the HR profession, and the chief people officer (CPO)is at the helm. With a new urgency to get the people equation right or risk negative business consequences, the CPO of the future must adopt an ambidextrous mindset driving strategic business initiatives in the C-suite while continuing to deliver flawlessly on administrative and operational tasks.

Working her way up industry giants, Tripti gathered extensive experience managing the people factor of organizations. Right compensation benefits, talent management, HR strategies, HR compliances, and workplace safety etc. As part of MS Global, Tripti is overseeing the growth of the organization via several HR strategies and encompassing all the branches of the firm. She also plays a pivotal role in laying out blueprint for company's work force management, talent growth, and policies.

Setting foot in Manubhai & Shah, Tripti observed and identified the need for setting up processes and structures. Her years of experience in learning & development was about to finally pay off. She focused on building a strong team with the best pool of talent. She was able to join forces with the leadership and different stakeholders to build a strong learning environment with a sense of ownership instilled into
the people. Tripti is a believer of creating a culture of ownership within the organization. "I feel people should be made to feel the owners, only then can we achieve a 360 degree growth in the organization; that is, each individual should work toward the organization's growth", adds the CPO.

Tripti admits to being an emotional person of nature. This enables her to share the company's vision. As she gets attached to a firm's growth, she wishes to impart the same soul to every employee in that firm. Accordingly, in one of many attempts to achieve the same, Tripti set up rewards & recognition program to motivate the team and help them achieve organizational goals. As CPO, also with initiatives involving 'diversity and inclusion' has enabled Tripti to make Manubhai & Shah, a great place to work.

Being a member of the International Network of Professional Accounting firms, the firm has had ample expertise of close to 5 decades in deployment, latest technology measures, of policy professional services to domestic & global firms

About Manubhai & Shah LLP
Established in the year 1959 in Ahmedabad, by Shri Manubhai G Patel as Manubhai & Company, Manubhai & Shah LLP is now a multidisciplinary organization. Over the years, M&S has developed into one of the larger firms in India with a client base spanning across the globe. In 2014, Shah & Co merged into M&S to become an accounting powerhouse. M&S is positioned to provide services to clients with a global delivery model through its experienced and enthusiastic partners. The majority of the partners of Manubhai & Shah LLP have been absorbed from within the firm. The firm now has 17 partners. This has resulted in a competent and a dedicated team focused on client service and value addition. M&S' deep client relations have translated into client confidence with for decades, with some over 40 years. The firm caters to a range of clients from privately held business to publicly traded companies and from high net worth families to non-profit organizations.

Manubhai & Shah LLP’s spectrum of services offered include statutory audit, internal audit, risk advisory services, and tech services. The firm encompasses direct & indirect services, financial consulting services, mergers, corporate advisory services, due diligence, business reorganization, risk & compliance, fraud & risk management, and foreign management etc. The firm also provides KPO services in the areas of account tech, payroll sources, and audit support services.

Manubhai & Shah LLP has a far reaching presence in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Being a member of the International Network of Profession
al Accounting firms, the firm has had ample expertise of close to 5 decades in deployment, latest technology measures, of policy professional services to domestic & global firms.

Maneuvering through Troubled Waters
With the onset of the pandemic and the resultant lockdown, businesses went on a frenzy to ensure ways to keep the business running. For a firm like Manubhai & Shah, given the nature of the portfolio of services, it was seemingly difficult to cope. However, the firm caught up exceptionally quickly switched to hybrid mode and started maintaining the government advised protocol for safe work environment.

Tripti introduced an evaluation mechanism to check the progress of the team. She and the team commissioned a COVID Crisis team. Covid not just affected people physically, but also had repercussions on their mental health. Accordingly, Manubhai & Shah conducted several yoga and mental health sessions for the staff to help them cope with the ongoing dilemmas. Vaccination drives too, was a welcome initiative by Tripti for her people.

Family being the Greatest Strength
Tripti has three other sisters and takes pride in how her mother took the responsibility to raise the four kids with everything she could. Today, all are well settled, while Tripti has 2 young lings of her own. Her family has been an infinite source of support for her. “Honestly speaking, I'm very lucky to have a wonderful family, friends who support my passion of professionalism”, she adds. Tripti talks about how she balances between her personal & professional life, “I have designed a very good support system, which enables me to take proper care of my kids at home while I’m a t work. My in-laws and my husband are very supportive. Whatever I am today is because of my sisters, my mother, my in-laws and my husband”.

As a chief 'people' officer, Tripti draws her motivation from the people she works with.

Raised & educated in a small town in Rajasthan, Tripti has come a long way in her career. The giant leap to becoming a Chief People Officer for a firm like Manubhai & Shah calls for massive respect and applaud.

Tripti's Advice to Young Leaders
She shares her piece of advice for younger generation who are leaders of tomorrow, “Take initiatives, and give you best in everything you do. While doing it, maintain honesty, politeness, generosity, empathy, patience, and respect to everyone. These character traits will certainly reward you. On your journey, try to pick up strong people skills in communication including ability to take information, clarify comments, and participate in effective verbal & written exchanges. Always go for the extra mile, and never stop exploring knowledge, nothing is impossible”.

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