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USS Uppuluri: Leveraging Technology To Elevate Businesses To The Next Level

USS Uppuluri: Leveraging Technology To Elevate Businesses To The Next Level

Uppuluri Sreenivasa Sreekanth,   Chairman & Managing Director

Uppuluri Sreenivasa Sreekanth

Chairman & Managing Director

Pearl Zhu's statement that "Innovation occurs when people, processes, technology, customers, and the business ecosystem intersect" rings true each time a business leader creates an innovative solution for the world and its people. Recently, CEO Insights had a conversation with an upcoming business leader who is enthusi- astic about technology, innovation, and challenging tasks. Uppuluri Sreenivasa Sreekanth(USS), Chairman & Managing Director of Edvenswa Enterprises, is constructing a highly scalable and reliable ecosystem where techno- logy professionals across the globe can collaborate to address real-world business problems using skills.

In 1997, right after graduating from NIT Jamshedpur, USS joined Cognizant Technology Solutions as a Trainee, marking the beginning of a remarkable career. While working on a major project with First Data, the world's largest card transactions processing company based in the U.S., USS gained invaluable end-to-end experience in designing, developing, and maintaining mission-critical applications. He learned from some of the industry's top leaders about creating large high-perfor mance teams and delivering high-quality services using cutting-edge tools and technologies and exceeding customer expectations to become their trusted partner.

"Fail fast, fail inexpensively for it’s the price of discovery"

The expertise gained by USS later proved beneficial as he started working with various tech startups, playing a pivotal role in forming robust technical teams committed to customer-focused innovation leading to the development of numerous business applications using cutting-edge technologies, primarily targeting the U.S. market.

Currently, USS is employing his vast expertise and know-how to collaborate with entrepreneurs and investors, enhancing business processes in various industries through technology-driven solutions. Under his vibrant leadership, Edvenswa has successfully assisted enterprises and entrepreneurs alike in reaching their business objectives within their set budgets and deadlines by leveraging the remarkable abilities of its full-time and freelance talent pool.

Let's hear what USS, a highly enthusiastic technology expert known for consistently fulfilling his commitments has to say.

How would you define Edvenswa as an organization? Tell us about some of its unique propositions.
Edvenswa is an IT services provider with a presence in the U.S., India, Mexico, and Canada. Our primary goal is to help our customers achieve their business objectives using technology-based solutions. We offer our services onshore, nearshore, and offshore, to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.
Out of the three strategic priorities, we strive to excel in the Customer Intimacy area and tune our service offerings according to their needs while continuously improving our operational efficiency. Our priority is building strong customer relationships and understanding their requirements end to end and becoming their trusted partner to make a positive impact on their business operations. One unique aspect of our delivery model is our ability to work effectively with both large corporations and startups from the ideation stage.

How is the team built? What kind of technologies are adopted by your team to deliver the best quality services to clients?
We build our teams primarily through personal connections and references from our associates. We also hire freshers directly from Engineering Colleges and transform them into professionals and consultants with micro-skills, to begin with, and then into experts in diverse cutting-edge technologies and business processes across various industrial domains.

I prefer to hire dedicated professionals & entrust them with tasks, along with the freedom to execute

We have both full-time and part-timers who have expertise in ERP Systems, SaaS, the Development of custom applications (web/mobile), QA Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Warehousing, Reporting, Cloud related topics, and more. Furthermore, we organize several user groups with specialized expertise in different areas, who are always available to assist us in solving real-time problems.

What according to you has been the most challenging phase of your career? What do you plan to do to eliminate such situations for others who are working for your company?
For me, this particular aspect holds great significance. I am delighted to discuss the challenges that are commonly faced by individuals aspiring to become professionals but are seldom talked about. Career decision-making is a challenge that many young individuals encounter, including determining what to learn, where to work, which category to pursue, and which skill sets to develop. Through my own experiences, I have learned that identifying one's strengths early on and choosing the right opportunities accordingly is crucial to succeeding in professional life.

Personally, I have faced the challenge of deciding which path to take in my career and whether to relocate to the U.S. or remain in India, despite having a high level of skill in my profession. This internal conflict has always been there within me. Although my mentors encouraged me to move to the U.S. early in my career, I was not yet mature enough to make that decision without compromising my personal priorities.

At Edvenswa, we are committed to creating a culture that empowers our associates to choose their work and location freely. That is why I created our company logo taking inspiration from the highest mountain peak of each of the seven continents, with the aim of motivating our associates to reach new heights regardless of their location.

I am actively involved in assisting
our associates in making these decisions. We are currently developing a platform that offers global opportunities across multiple technologies and streams, allowing professionals to switch career paths, relocate to different countries or platforms, and reach their full potential.

Tell us about your leadership approach, and the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team.
As a leader, I don't believe in micro managing. Instead, I prefer to hire dedicated professionals and entrust them with tasks, along with the freedom to execute and potentially fail. I have a leadership style that encourages people to fail quickly and cost-effectively, as I believe that if they don't fail, they are not pushing themselves hard enough.

While most leaders define success as the outcome of perfect execution, I differentiate between good and bad failures. For my team, a good failure occurs when they attempt to solve a new customer problem or implement new technology, and things don't go as planned. However, if they fail to execute something that others have succeeded in, it's considered a bad failure.

I communicate this distinction to my team early on and urge them to embrace failure, as I believe it's only through experience that they can learn and develop. I practice the same even in my personal life. My advice for my team fail fast and fail in expensively for it’s the price of discovery.

Going forward, what are the opportunities you see yourself grasping to fulfill your main goal?
I believe in taking an organized approach to all of my future endeavors. We create five-year plans that we revise each year based on our progress. Our journey began as a small company in the U.S., then we transitioned into a public entity, and we're now in the process of expanding our operations globally. We’re always looking for potential acquisition targets to help us achieve this goal.

Our next five-year plan involves becoming a dividend-paying company. We want to ensure that our shareholders receive fair returns for placing their trust and investments in us.We aim to achieve a market capitalization of one billion dollars in the next five to ten years while maintaining enough cash reserves to be able to sustain even through tough times.

Uppuluri Sreenivasa Sreekanth, Chairman & Managing Director, Edvenswa Enterprises
Sreekanth with a Bachelors degree in Engineering from NIT Jamshedpur and over 25 years of experience in building and developing technology products for global markets, is spearheading the creation of a high performance team within Edvenswa with an ultimate objective of becoming a trusted partner for his customers on their journey towards long term growth.

Awards & Recognition:
•Prize winner of several hackathons conducted at prestigious stages such as Money20/20, PayPal, AT&T, SAP TechEd, and Illinois Department of Public Health and more.
•Speaker at KNEX 2.0 series conducted by Experian(India), National Medical Association (India) and several Engineering and Technology Institutions

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