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Varun Prabhakar: Combining Innovation With Execution To Inspire Business Transformation

Varun Prabhakar: Combining Innovation With Execution To Inspire Business Transformation

  Varun Prabhakar,    Founder

Varun Prabhakar


A compelling experience is the surest means to delight customers, engage employees and stand out from competitors. Visionary leaders understand that the key to success is customer-centricity realizing the needs and wants of customers and delivering products or services that meet those needs. CEO Insights’ exclusive team engages in a conversation with one such customer-focused business leader, Varun Parbhakar, Founder of BTI - ADVISORY & BTI – STUDIO, a modern and hyperactive leader who prioritizes customer satisfaction and endeavors to foster a company culture focused on developing strong customer relationships and solutions that.

Varun, during his stint in the field of IT consulting services, observed that the consulting sector was in need of a firm that offered forward-looking services to each client and tailor-made solutions for every their challenges. Driven by the confidence in his vision, he pioneered a business model built solely around meeting the current as well as future transformative needs of clients and successfully created an environment where high-quality and inclusive IT consulting services were accessible to every client.

As the founder of BTI-ADVISORY, Varun has driven strategic growth and helped teams dramatically enhance their performance by looking at every angle of the professional services relationship, starting with the client's perspective. Moreover, through BTISTUDIO, BTI-ADVISORY's startup incubator, he is helping entrepreneurs develop and implement ideas through operational and strategic support.

Let’s hear more from Varun about his venture.

Define BTI-ADVISORY as an organization.
Headquartered in Paris, France, BTI-ADVISORY is a consulting firm building our clients’ digital transformations in a sustainable manner. We are more than 100
talents convinced that digital transformation will be an integral part of tomorrow's world, and that it must have a positive societal impact. We want to be the most impactful builders of those great digital transformations to come. We provide our clients with the proficiency of a large corporation combined with the adaptability of a smaller enterprise.

The strong learning culture in our teams is the secret behind our longterm commitment to our customers

As the Founder, what are the factors you look into when developing corporate growth strategies?
We target segments by prioritizing customer experience. We need to tailor our services to meet not only the desired short-term goals but also the future needs of our clients. For that, we focus on fostering an innovative culture within the organization. It is essential for us to continuously improve our services to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Lastly since we are a human-sized company, we try to forge strong partnerships and try to prioritize the customer experience before offering our services. We can create mixed cultural teams partnering with other companies and for that, we need to have strong financial planning. Appropriate financial planning is very important for building a strong backbone for a company to execute its objectives.

How do you foster a learning culture in your team? What is your leadership approach?
Our success is built on the quality of our people and our team spirit. So I believe sharing knowledge and experience is an important part of my job. I make sure my teams are working in an environment that allows them to learn, develop, and practice without the fear of failing. I provide my team with insights and then encourage them to work independently and learn from their mistakes.

I have a very simple leadership approach I lead by example. I am completely committed to my work and to building a responsible, authentic organization. So, I built a very horizontal company to build solutions together. But yes, I do apply a dose of verticality to decide very quickly and courageously, because you can't decide unanimously always.
What is your future roadmap?
From the start, we wanted to be ‘big’ and weren't afraid to show ambition, to create an open and sustainable company. When you have a strong culture, you don't close yourself off. With the constant effort of our team, we are looking forward to doubling our turnover in the next year by focusing on major governmental projects in the fields of energy, transport and local authorities. We will be stepping up our global presence with the recent launch of our new subsidiary in Morocco.

Recently, with my Partner Sebastien Bertin, we launched our startup incubator, BTI – STUDIO, to foster and accelerate innovation and culture in our organization as startup leaders come with extremely unique ideas and innovations that help our team to grow. We mainly invest in startups led by entrepreneurs looking for major positive impact on our industry.

What is your anticipation about the market going forward?
In the near future, a transformative shift in our work dynamics and global perspective is imminent. Embracing digital technology holds the key to practical solutions for fostering healthier consumption habits. The rise of interconnected devices, data, and artificial intelligence will revolutionize transportation, promoting ecological sustainability and safety. Organizations will prioritize incorporating their environmental impact, including carbon footprint, fossil fuel usage, and biodiversity, into financial strategies. These profound changes, fueled by digital technology and data, empower us to drive the ecological transition of major corporations and organizations with substantial environmental responsibilities. This transition marks a pivotal step towards a more sustainable and progressive future.

What would be your advice to future
industry leaders?

Their leadership ethics and values should be visible; the best leaders exhibit both their values and their ethics in their leadership styles and actions. My advice is simple: focus on building an organization committed to a life centric approach to remain relevant and successful.

Varun Prabhakar, Founder, Bti-Advisory & Bti-Studio
A visionary entrepreneur, Varun started BTI – ADVISORY at the of 27 with the aim of making a lasting impact on society by building sustainable digital transformations for his clients

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