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Vijayalakshmi Rao: Setting New Benchmarks In MEP Consultancy Space

Vijayalakshmi Rao: Setting New Benchmarks In MEP Consultancy Space

Vijayalakshmi Rao ,  Director - Technical

Vijayalakshmi Rao

Director - Technical

A house with a smart layout and efficient use of space would have more spacious, appealing rooms. Features like indoor garages, modular kitchens, and lush landscaping all contribute significantly to the overall market value of a home. Years ago, people just cared about how well something worked, but now, they also care about how nice it looks. The proof of a good design lies in the smallest of its parts. A residential property's layout must also take into account issues of water management, waste management, and electrical and lighting infrastructure. Consumers in today's sustainable economy don't take the word of businesses at face value; they want to see action as well as words. To accomplish all of these requirements, real estate developers need to team up with a competent and cutting-edge MEP design consultant, viz. Mepcon Engineering Services.

Mepcon Engineering, established by Vijayalakshmi Rao & K.Rajendra, is a MEPF design firm that works across several different disciplines of services required for various typologies of buildings. The company acts as a consultant for businesses in need of design, engineering, and project management services for real Estate developers.

Mepcon Engineer's goal is to meet and exceed the requirements of its clients by delivering technical services of the highest possible standard, following all relevant national and international regulations.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Vijayalakshmi Rao described the company's history and its current standing in the market.

Tell us about the journey of Mepcon Engineering Services. Where is the company positioned in the industry?

Five years have passed since we establi-shed Mepcon Engineering Services in 2017. Mepcon Engineering provides specialized MEPF consulting services in the areas of Residential, commercial,
areas of Residential, commercial, and Mixed Use development design and constru-ction. As a result of our hard work and dedication, Mepcon Engineering is now able to partner with some of the most renowned real Estate developers & construction companies in the nation and other countries.

Elaborate about the technology frame work built within the company’s solutions and which are the latest technology trends that the company is planning to adopt.

Services like Electrical, Plumbing, Fire protection & fire alarm systems, HVAC, home automation, and other safety and servicing-related elements are where our attention is mostly focused. As new warning signs emerge, we incorporate them into the design of our towers and infra-structure to ensure the highest level of safety for our customers.

When it comes to the materials we use, we don't just suggest utilizing what's on hand in the market, we propose Equipment and materials which are proven in the industry, after checking their technical competency and also insist on third party certifications viz. CTI, ASTM, AHRI, FM/UL certifications on a global scale. That's why we also suggest importing some resources if they're needed for the development of the project.

My experience working in the Middle East taught me the importance of putting oneself in the client's shoes while coming up with creative design solutions to their design and construction issues

What are the value additions that customers can expect from your services and solutions?

Mepcon Engineering has a sizable clientele in Mumbai, India,and works for prestigious projects from reputed builders. my back-ground in this field for about 28 years, and I'm now serving as technical director of my design firm.

My career has taken me all over the world, and I've had the opportunity to work for several developments in UAE, along the way. I returned to India in 2010 after spending around 9 years in UAE, when high rises were more popular in UAE than they were in India.

My career in real estate in Mumbai started in 2010 when I worked for India's renowned developers that
specialized in developing iconic highrise towers and other prestigious developments at the PAN India level. The jobs I did there, helped me make a name for myself, and I eventually moved on to take the role of design consultant and provide Engineering solutions to projects that contribute space and cost savings to the development and also improvise the efficiency of the buildings with appro-priate design solutions to Services, which forms the heart of the buildings.

What is the role Mepcon Engineering Services has envisioned to take in the near future? What is the level of impact it strives to bring to the market?

My experience working in the Middle East taught me the importance of putting oneself in the client's shoes while coming up with creative solutions to design and Engineering issues. By using this approach, I can get insight into our customers' processes and the feasible outcomes for our projects. When I entered Indian real estate construction, I saw that every service had been dealt with individually and coordination of all services viz. Electrical, Plumbing, Fire protection & fire alarm system, HVAC, home automation, and other safety and servicing-related elements were very challenging.

I brought the multidisciplinary approach of all services under one roof both from the design and execution stages and positioned experienced resources from the Middle East to India bulls real estate and Lodha Developers in Mumbai. And here at Mepcon Engineering, we've cultivated our clientele to the point where we can provide detailed design deliverables and optimized Engineering solutions, to the developments by ensuring that the on-site contractors and workers can comprehend the verse in a matter of seconds. Thus by ensuring the quality installation works at the project site befitting our clients and end users.

Vijayalakshmi K Rao, Technical Director, Mepcon Engineering Services

Vijayalakshmi Rao has more than 28 years of expertise in the design, project management, and construction of different national and international enterprises. She has been essential in the assessment of MEP design, Peer review, and value Engineering services for various sorts of construction projects. Before this, she worked as a member of Senior Management for India's foremost developers, namely Lodha Group and India bulls Real Estate in Mumbai since 2010.

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