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Vismay Walle: Building The Future On A Foundation Of Excellence

Vismay Walle: Building The Future On A Foundation Of Excellence

  Vismay Walle,    Head- Engineering

Vismay Walle

Head- Engineering

A constructive Mechanical Engineer, Vismay Walle, Head of Engineering, AD&M (Aerospace, Defence and Marine) at TE Connectivity has rich experience in Product Design & Development, R&D, and Quality Management in the Aerospace, Defence and Automotive industry. Over the years, his dexterous ability to design & develop engineering operations, coordinate with internal departments, process developments, and interface with vendors has helped him to secure multiple leadership positions in various organizations. His association with HBL, TCS, and Boeing has allowed him to gain pronounced opportunities to learn new skills and grow as a proficient leader. He has remarkable experience working with Eaton Aerospace for over 14+ years and has shown a huge growth trajectory as the Manager of Engineering while designing & developing fuel system, hydraulic system , electronics components, pumps, valves, actuators, for Aircraft fuel and Hydraulic systems. Throughout his professional journey, Vismay has been leading a commitment to helping his clients grow their business values by offering innovation in engineering, manufacturing, and technology. With his unmatched communication skills, and problem-solving & decision making ability, he is contributing significantly to TE Connectivity’s vision of developing technology to make the world safer, sustainable, productive, and connected. Let’s hear it from him.

What inspired you to move into the engineering segment and what drives you today?
Ever since my childhood, I was very interested in automobiles. I remember I used to dismantle the parts of Moped bikes, just to study how the parts function. I also worked in a garage only to learn about various automobiles and how they work. This passion for the automotive industry made me opt
for Mechanical Engineering for my graduation. Today it has been two decades since I am leading organizations with my mechanical engineering skills & knowledge. My enthusiastic attitude toward leading a global team of TE is the major driving force. Also the people, culture, excitement, and growth that I witness every day motivate me to put on the extra effort to take the organization to the next level.

How would you define TE Connectivity as an organization and its position in the market?
TE Connectivity is a 75 years old organization. It has multiple sectors and business units that allow us to learn and hone our knowledge and apply our skills in different sections be it AD&M, Industrial, Medical, Energy or Automotive. It gives us the liberty and flexibility to grab opportunities, learn and grow globally while working in the organization. Its unique proposition is the reliability that we provide to our customers while partnering with them to solve their problems and connect with the future.

The people, culture, excitement, and growth that I witness every day motivate me to put on the extra effort to take the organization to the next level”, “Grow others to grow your self

How has been your journey so far with TE Connectivity
With TE, it has been a wonderful journey till now. I started as the Head of Engineering of Aerospace, Defence and Marine business unit of the company in 2019. Ever since then, I have been contributing largely to growing the team in various avenues, including software and electronics , simulation, tear down and VA/VE. We are also looking forward to building qualification labs for the correctives and the railings of different products. We are working on projects that we refer to as India for Indian, wherein, we focus on Indianization by catering to the needs of the Indian Space Agencies and Indian Defence. During the recent Technovation Award we won the second level award for the Indian category of Indigenization Product; it was led by my team and hence this has been one of my
greatest achievements. On the global level, we provide end-to-end design development services to multiple global customers.

What is your success mantra?
I believe it helps to narrow down the targets and work on the strategies to meet the targeted goals. I focus on developing plans that enable me to dedicate myself completely to my goal, and having a perfect balance between my personal & professional life and prioritizing one thing at a time. These are my mantras for successful work life.

What are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee? What would be your advice for budding leaders in the industry?
Indian aerospace industry is on a trajectory for higher growth after Covid, driven by the burgeoning demand for advanced infrastructure and government thrust. Since it’s a volatile market getting the right talent at right time is a major challenge. Also, to be able to adapt to the changing ways of remote/ hybrid working and refine the leadership qualities accordingly is going to be challenging and at the same time develop multiple opportunities. Budding leaders must dedicate themselves completely to their work and focus their energies on growing others in the process of growing themselves.

Vismay Walle, Head of Engineering, TE Connectivity
Having a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Amravati University & a Master of Science in Engineering from BITS Pilani, Vismay holds two decades of extraordinary experience in designing & developing engineering products across the aerospace & automotive industry

Hobbies: Badminton, traveling
Favorite Book: The Secret of Leadership by Prakash Iyer
Favorite Travel Destination: California
Awards & Recognition: Received the Employee of the Quarter Award, the Innovation Award
Patents and publication: 8 patents

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