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Vivek Nithianand : Pioneering Transparency & Innovation Through Leading Ai Advancements

Vivek Nithianand : Pioneering Transparency & Innovation Through Leading Ai Advancements

 Vivek Nithianand ,  CEO & Co-Founder

Vivek Nithianand

CEO & Co-Founder

Employing AI-driven systems for data analysis can yield substantial cost reductions for enterprises. This automation not only minimises inaccuracies but also enhances precision, thereby liberating human resources to concentrate on more strategic endeavours. Pangea ardently adopts the potency of AI technology and data analytics to foster value and communal prosperity for its clientele, stakeholders, workforce, and the local community. By synergizing its expertise and specialized competencies, Pangea empowers its clients to harness AI-driven intelligence for problem-solving, glean profound insights through data analytics, and enhance their revenue by augmenting customer contentment. Vivek Nithianand, the CEO and Co-Founder of Pangea Tech Solutions has been a stalwart source of support and inspiration, propelling the organization to diverse echelons of achievement.

During a candid interview with our team, Vivek discussed the company's operational aspects, and the factors behind their accomplishments, and shared his vision for the company's future milestones.

Could you briefly narrate your professional voyage and shed light on the inspiration that catalyzed the creation of Pangea Tech Solutions?
I graduated from NIT Trichy in 2007 and embarked on a diverse professional journey. I began my career at Cognizant and subsequently joined Capgemini in Bangalore, where I worked as a developer on the Genesis platform, focusing on call centre routing procedures. This experience led me into the realm of Workforce Management, involving intricate mathematical algorithms. My passion for analytics eventually led me to Mu Sigma, where I spent four and a half years honing my analytical and professional skills. A stint at IMS consulting in Germany piqued my interest but felt slow-paced, prompting my return to India to work with Zoomcar, transitioning
from analytics to product development. This marked my first foray into product creation, including the design of Zoomcar's keyless entry system. Subsequent roles at Swiggy, Tredence and Xiaomi offered valuable insights into customer-centric product development and marketing. However, I yearned to return to my roots and co-founded Pangea with a focus on AI adoption, particularly in the realm of explainable and ethical AI. Despite the challenges, Pangea has made substantial progress, now offering two products: Turing, an explainable and ethical AI engine, and Turtle moves a generative AI platform, with a commitment to enhancing the overall ecosystem and an unwavering dedication to problem-solving. Our main efforts revolve around enhancing specific elements to add value to the broader ecosystem. My daily focus is on setting and evolving goals to maintain my passion.

We've adopted a specific philosophy, & one of the distinctive principles we uphold is transparency. We often discuss our workplace culture & how we foster teamwork

Tell us about your academic journey at NIT Trichy and the non-academic lessons you gained from your time on campus.
I didn't have prior experience living away from home, and attending NIT Trichy was my first taste of independence. It was a time when mobile phones were just becoming common. This newfound independence and limited communication options made me appreciate the value of self-reliance. Additionally, what stood out during my time at NIT Trichy was the diverse array of people I met, many of whom are still close friends today. This exposure to a wide range of individuals made me realize the vastness of the world and the relative insignificance of one's own experiences, which in turn fueled my motivation to learn and grow.

Describe Pangea Tech Solutions as a company and its standing within the market.
We are a relatively young organization, and we see ourselves primarily as a product-focused AI company. Our core mission revolves around driving AI adoption through our own product offerings and crafting AI adoption tools for the benefit of other products in the
market. As for our market position, we understand that we are in the early stages of our journey. While we have recently introduced our first B2C product, ‘Turtle moves', our B2B product, 'TuringXai,' has been ongoing. Despite our early phase, we hold a strong belief that our shared culture and mission will leave a significant impact. We view our current efforts as the beginning of a transformative journey.

Can you provide additional insights into your leading product and the key criteria you consider when recommending solutions to your clients?
Our primary product lineup comprises two key solutions. The first, TuringXai, is an explainable and ethical AI platform with an auto ML module that caters to both experienced AI/ML users and newcomers. Its primary aim is to demystify AI and ML processes, addressing the issue of these technologies operating as black boxes by allowing users to build models and understand the reasoning behind their results. Moreover, it tackles historical bias in data, seeking to rectify incorrect decisions perpetuated by skewed information. This process involves instructing AI on fairness, an industry specific task. Our second offering, Turtle, centres around generative AI, spanning text, images, videos, and emerging LLMs, offering users versatile integration possibilities. We've recently introduced a B2C version for image manipulation, making it easy for users to place products on various backgrounds and create infographics with a single click.

Could you outline the company's strategic plan for the next five years?
My sincere desire is to contribute to our customers by promoting the adoption of AI. This entails expanding our product portfolio, particularly in the generative AI sector, and pursuing vertical integration to facilitate user adoption. We initiated our journey in marketing and are now venturing into other domains as well. With a dedicated team that's continually learning and imparting knowledge, this vision might lack specificity, but it encapsulates our current focus and direction.

Vivek Nithianand, CEO & Co-Founder, Pangea Tech Solutions
Vivek is a committed and visionary leader who has played a pivotal role in driving the company's success to new heights. His presence in the industry has been marked by a consistent drive for innovation in every facet of his work.

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