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Waeez R Hossain: Building A Legacy Of Success Through The Power Of Innovation And Collaboration

Waeez R Hossain: Building A Legacy Of Success Through The Power Of Innovation And Collaboration

  Waeez R Hossain,    Deputy Managing Director

Waeez R Hossain

Deputy Managing Director

In the ever-evolving business world, some leaders stand out not just for their vision but also for their innovative approaches to leadership and growth. Waeez R Hossain, Deputy Managing Director of Anwar Group of Industries, is one such visionary leader who is steering the company towards a new frontier. Anwar Group of Industries is a venerable institution in Bangladesh, tracing its roots back several generations. His great-great-grandfather laid the foundation, but it was his grandfather, Anwar Hossain, who played a pivotal role in transforming the company from a proprietary enterprise into a diversified conglomerate. Anwar’s journey, which began at a young age after losing his father, is a testament to resilience and entrepreneurship.

The story of Anwar Hossain's rise from a being a school deprived orphan at the age of seven to a prominent and perhaps the most celebrated industrialist in Bangladesh left a profound impact on Waeez Hossain. It inspired him to join the family business with a vision of contributing to Bangladesh's success story.

Anwar Hossain's transformative journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most prominent industrialists in the country deeply resonated with Waeez Hossain. This narrative propelled Waeez to immerse himself in the family enterprise, aiming to augment Bangladesh's economic narrative. His tenure at a prominent asset management and consulting firms in the United States further refined his vision, intensifying his ambition to position Anwar Group on the global business map.

In this interview with CEO INSIGHTS, Hossain shares his experiences, leadership philosophy, and strategies for sustainable corporate growth.

What motivates you to keep going on in this competitive industry?
From a young age, I was deeply inspired by my grandfather's entrepreneurial journey. His emphasis on team building and organizational culture laid the foundation for my understanding of business leadership. This influence was further enriched by the guidance of both my parents, who are seasoned entrepreneurs. Their
diverse insights and strategies have been instrumental in shaping my approach to business management.

I place immense value on employee interaction and consider myself a proactive listener. Actively seeking input from others, not just within our organization but also from industry leaders and peers, is a cornerstone of my daily operations.

Our ambition is to amplify Bangladesh's presence on the international stage, highlighting it as a hub of unparalleled talent

Please shed light on your leadership approach.
At the heart of my leadership philosophy is the belief that every individual within our organization has inherent leadership potential. My approach emphasizes value creation, inclusivity, and the overarching principle of contributing positively to society a tenet deeply embedded in Anwar Group's ethos. This dedication extends beyond our internal operations it ensures that our customers and partners derive genuine benefit from their association with us.

Central to my managerial style is a reliance on data-driven decision-making process. By harnessing advancements such as AI, machine learning, and comprehensive digitization, we've achieved significant milestones in organizational transparency and efficiency. A prime example is our AI-powered sales forecasting, which has markedly improved accuracy and considerably minimized inventory-related expenses.

Furthermore, I advocate for an environment where every employee, irrespective of their position, recognizes their stake in the company's success. I emphasize open dialogue, encouraging all team members to share their insights and feedback. This inclusive stance, which values contributions from even the newest members, nurtures innovation and cultivates the potential of emerging talent within our ranks.

What are the strategies that you have adopted for Corporate Growth?
Digitization is at the core of our strategy for developing effective corporate growth strategies. We believe that data and technology are indispensable tools in modern business. To this end, we have implemented custom software solutions in various areas of our operations, such as inventory management, warehouse distribution, logistics, and supply chain management. These software systems provide us with transparency and real-time insights
into our organization.

We set yearly targets for our employees monitored and guided on daily basis , from operators to after salespeople, relying on data-driven approaches. Personally, my passion for data and analytics, which I developed during my education, drives this strategy. I graduated with degrees in management, marketing, and business analytics from Northeastern University and pursued an MBA with a specialization in consumer analytics at George town University.

By harnessing data, we achieve a deeper understanding of our markets, machine efficiencies, and cost management. This data-driven decision making approach enhances our efficiency, effectiveness, and overall growth. To stay competitive and innovative, I emphasize the recruitment of young talent interested in fields like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These emerging technologies hold immense potential for shaping the future of our business.

What are your long-term global aspirations?
In the long run, I envision Anwar Group reaching new heights of success. My brother and I have embarked on a journey to establish our own technology division, focusing on software development. Our goal is to become a leading software company in Bangladesh. We see software as a pivotal component of our growth strategy, both as a standalone venture and as a tool to enhance our existing businesses.

Furthermore, I aim to position Anwar Group as a global company engaged in international trade. Currently, our operations span various sectors, including construction, steel, cement, polymer, and corrugated sheets. We anticipate a significant shift in global trade dynamics, with increased opportunities for South Asian countries like Bangladesh. I see great potential for attracting foreign capital and expanding our industrial presence in the region. All-in-all, my long-term career aspirations involve leveraging technology, data, and innovation to drive Anwar Group's growth, both domestically and on the global stage.

Waeez R Hossain, Deputy Managing Director, Anwar Group of Industries
A dedicated entrepreneur bringing sustainable business practices to Bangladesh. Waeez has a strong background in the financial, technology, and consulting industries. He strongly believes that having an employee-centric approach can create a culture of innovation, which will allow an organization to sustain itself in the long run.

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