Yesudass Mariaprakasam: Striving To Provide High-Quality Solutions That Go Beyond Customer Satisfaction | CEOInsights Vendor
Yesudass Mariaprakasam: Striving To Provide High-Quality Solutions That Go Beyond Customer Satisfaction

Yesudass Mariaprakasam: Striving To Provide High-Quality Solutions That Go Beyond Customer Satisfaction

Yesudass Mariaprakasam,  Quality & Compliance Head

Yesudass Mariaprakasam

Quality & Compliance Head

An organization’s main focus must be to satisfy its customers, and this applies to government bodies, NPOs, wholesale and retail, and industrial firms. Personiv is an e-Clerx company that specializes in Business Process Outsourcing and allows organizations to add and retain skills that are needed to meet their challenge, through customized plans. They deliver high quality plans and training that help customers to build teams, increase sales and productivity and reduce costs. Personiv provides finance and accounting support, transaction support, and digital services that include Search Engine Marketing (SEM), website creation, creative designing, billboard designing, and more.

Yesudass Mariaprakasam is the head of Quality and Compliance at Personiv Coimbatore. He has an MBA in marketing and brings to the table 17 years of experience working in the industry which enables him
to understand that uncompromised quality services to the customers create a partnership that lasts. He makes sure the customers are provided with top-notch services by ascertaining the gaps that exist and finding powered solutions to them.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights magazine, Yesudass gives a detailed insight about his professional journey and tells us about his roles and future roadmap at Personiv.

Take us through your professional journey in the industry and tell us what inspired to you join Personiv.
After completing my bachelor’s in computer science and MBA in marketing, I worked as a graphic designer in Dubai for 4 years. I started at Personiv as a graphic designer in 2010 and I have seen various career opportunities to develop my skills and learn more about leadership skills. In 2015, I started working in the Quality and Compliance division in Coimbatore and was also assigned to go for ISO
9001 Quality Management implementation and certification process. There were many issues in the quality that the customers faced when I started, due to the lack of processes and gaps, and my job was to recognize these gaps and find solutions and implement them. Since then, our quality approach and customer service has been impacted positively. I was promoted to the post of Quality and Compliance Head in 2019.

I believe Good is not enough even excellence is not good enough for your capabilities. Never dream about success. Always work for it. Success never comes your way You need to bring it your way

What are the various roles and responsibilities that you shoulder through on a day-a-day basis as the head of quality and compliance?
I oversee the production operations, the quality activity that we perform, and quality assurance program that we have implemented within our operations team. We have a team of 25 Quality Auditors and more than 20 QMS-trained Internal Auditors who audit processes and daily deliverables and come up with findings. My responsibility then is to review those findings and understand the various gaps and the cause leading to those gaps and do a detailed root cause analysis and then work with the operations team to identify the causes of process gaps and create improvements.

How do you think Personiv is different from other players in the market?
Quality is our number one priority. It’s in our DNA and it also forms the work culture at Personiv. Being a quality head, I am proud to say that our quality at the customer level is above 99.5 percent for the past 7-8 years now. We don't want to stop here but want to improve even more and go beyond customer satisfaction, because we are not satisfied if we don’t exceed our customer's satisfaction. We have a philosophy at Personiv that was coined by our CEO - David which says that “ANYTHING CAN BE IMPROVED” and there is another philosophy from my visionary leader EVP Fred that “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. These two philosophies drive me to give my best every day. "I feel we can do a better job every day and that is what makes us
different from others companies because our approach is to always look for improvement.”

What are some of the challenges that you have faced along your professional journey and how did you overcome them?
In this new era of digitization, it was a challenge for me, to learn new technology and concept on an individual level, being an introvert, due to which there was a lack in technical skills but over the years at Personiv I have managed to learn various things. I am a Certified Lean Six Sigma black belt and am also a certified lead auditor for QMS and ISMS. I had a knowledge gap but was able to overcome it because my belief is that one should always look for opportunities to grow. I always enjoy learning new things!

You have 17 years of experience in the industry, and it has helped you gain your current position at Personiv. What are your plans for the future?
With my current role I feel proud and comfortable, at Personiv. I don’t have plans to move away from the company, since it has given me numerous opportunities to learn and grow and there is a lot of trust that has developed between the management and I, over the years. Also, the support has been amazing from the management, colleagues, and the sub-ordinates. I would like to give back the knowledge that I gained from this organization for its growth and for creating future leaders.

Yesudass Mariaprakasam, Head of Quality and Compliance, Personiv
Yesudass Mariaprakasam is the Head of Quality and Compliance at Personiv Coimbatore. He has a bachelor in Computer science and an MBA in Marketing and has worked for 12 years at Personiv to make sure the customers are satisfied with quality that go beyond their expectations. He is skilled in quality management, Process improvement, Lean six sigma, and Internal and external audits on management systems.

•Reading Books, Cooking, Watching Cricket
•Favorite Cuisine:Indian
•Favorite Book: The Bible, 5 AM Club and Juran’s Quality Handbook
•Favorite Travel Destination: Rome, Paris, South India

Awards & Recognition:
•Gems of Personiv, Service Award for 10 Year Completion with Personiv, and instrumental in achieving Operational Excellence, 5S and EHS Excellence Awards

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