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  • Ramkumar Narayanan, VP - Technology & Managing Director,  VMware

    Ramkumar Narayanan, VP - Technology & Managing Director, VMware

  • Though the pandemic caused an immediate depressurization in the global business realm, it soon became a tailwind to the already flaring digitalization trends. India, savoring a lead role in this tech-ade, has embraced the digital revolution with both hands and become one of the most important trends in India over the past few years. The ‘Digital India’ program, combined with a tech-savvy approach, has brought significant improvements in technology infrastructure across the country’s business landscape. While we look forward to a fantastic future, Ramkumar Narayanan, VP-Technology and Managing Director, VMware, who is also a NASSCOM Executive Council member and NASSCOM Product Council Chairperson, walks us through the emerging trends in the digital transformation industry. A global leader focusing on data-driven, digital product innovation spanning consumer and enterprise markets, Ramkumar brings an unparalleled experience in product development, management & marketing, having led both new market entries and turnaround of existing business areas. He has been an advisor to large and small enterprises in digital transformation, product strategy, and product marketing.

  • India's Digital Transformation Future In This Tech-Ade
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Top 10 Quality Heads – 2023

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  • Top 10 Quality Heads – 2023

    Quality- The key word for Success
    Quality is the magic formula for success of any business. For businesses of huge capital investment quality tests and ensuring their product is defect less is inevitable. Any fault in the quality determination could affect business adversely. Hence all major organizations have a quality Assurance team and it is their duty to check for the quality of all products.

    A head of quality is responsible for ensuring that all products are made with quality and are reliable. They implement systems to test products making sure they meet company standards for safety. The person holding this position must have a great deal of knowledge on product and excellent managerial skills. Head of quality is responsible for confirming that the product is defect less. You will be responsible for inspecting procedures and outputs and identifying mistakes or non-conformity issues. He will develop, implement, and periodically evaluate a program to ensure the organizations production operations, from raw materials to finished products, meet the quality, integrity, and efficiency standards set by the organization.

    Supervisory Responsibilities
    •Evaluates production operations from a strategic level to ensure that products meet quality, integrity, functionality, and other specifications and requirements.
    •Collaborates with management and senior staff across production departments and roles to draft acceptable quality standards.
    •Develops and implements quality standard testing and evaluation processes.
    •Facilitates communication among production divisions and management.
    •Assesses test results and approves recommended changes.
    •Reviews quality control documentation such as checklists, logs, and reports for effectiveness, accuracy, and relevance.
    • Conducts random inspections and quality control checks.
    •Periodically reports status of quality control and operations to executive leadership and, when required, regulatory agencies.
    •Performs other related duties as assigned

    In this issue of CEO Insights, we bring you a list of ‘Top 10 Quality Heads – 2023’ who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience for the growth and profit of the respective organisations in which they have served. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board.

Top 10 Quality Heads – 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Crompton Himanshu Sharma, Quality Head Crompton Experienced engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry
SMS Pharmaceutical Kiran Kota , Quality Head SMS Pharmaceutical An award-winning seasoned professional with 23 years of experience in delivering leadership and establishing of quality standards in Pharma Quality function
Heka Medicals India Pavithra Kumar B,Quality Head Heka Medicals India Aspiring to be a game changer in the Indian medical devices market by focusing on innovation and quality
Cikautxo India Pravin Khuperkar, Quality Head Cikautxo India Over 15 years of a professional career in the Automotive Industry, he is currently working as Quality Head at the firm
Haleon Rajesh Sharma, Quality Head Haleon Holds 29 years of expeience in Leading & Managing Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement & Supply Chain, developing & institutionalising leading edge practices
Sun Pharma Ravindra Mehta, Quality Head Sun Pharma Brings with him 30+ years of working experience in Quality Assurance of Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Creambell Saurabh Saxena, National Quality Head Creambell A seasoned food technologist offering 20 years of insightful experience in Quality Assurance, skilled in food safety, management systems, Sensory Evaluation and more
Polycab India Surendra Chaukse, Quality Head Polycab India An engineer with extensive experience 24 years of experience in cables and wires industry
Ghodawat Consumer Thippeswamy Papareddy, Quality Head Ghodawat Consumer A life science post-graduate specializing in Biotechnology with over 26 years of experience in Quality assurance, Food Safety & Statutory Compliance
Personiv Yesudass Mariaprakasam, Quality & Compliance Head Personiv Quality and compliance professional with 17 years of working experience in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry

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