CEO Insights Hall of Fame: 8 Pioneers Who Defined the Indian IT Industry

CEO Insights Hall of Fame: 8 Pioneers Who Defined the Indian IT Industry


Keshub Mahindra: From Building a Brand to Pioneering India’s Automotive Sector


“Corporate governance is the key that allows us to embrace all the other disciplines that go into the conduct of a business enterprise,” Keshub Mahindra once said in a televised broadcast in 2013. The man who laid the groundwork for one of India's most well-known business companies passed away on April 12, 2023, at his residence.

The visionary leader was well-known as a pioneer of Indian business as well as an industrialist, business leader, philanthropist, and revolutionary. He significantly improved India's economic situation.

Expanding the Mahindra Group

Keshub Mahindra was a major contributor to the Mahindra Group's long-term expansion and remarkable success. The group entered new markets under his chairmanship, including aerospace, defense, hospitality, and real estate. Additionally, he oversaw the group's ambitions to enter the global automobile market, which resulted in the 2011 acquisition of SsangYong Motor, a South Korean carmaker.

In addition to serving as vice chairman of Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd., he formed HUDCO (Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited). He was also a director of Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited, Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd., and the chairman of Mahindra Ugine Steel Co. Ltd.

Keshub's dedication to morality, principles, and sound corporate governance made Mahindra & Mahindra one of the most reputable and prosperous businesses in India.


Anand Mahindra, his nephew, became the Mahindra group's managing director and chairman of the Board after his retirement in August 2012.

The Mahindra Group started a number of social development programs to advance environmental sustainability, health, and education under his energetic leadership. In Pune, the business founded the Mahindra United World College. International students can receive a scholarship-based education from the college. Mahindra was a member of the UN Global Compact Board and the chairman of the Indian Council for Sustainable Development.

In addition to his accomplishments in business, Keshub was well-known for his charitable endeavors. The Central Advisory Council of Industries and the Sachar Commission on Company Law & MRTP are just two of the committees he has been nominated to by the Indian government.