Five Free AI Marketing Tools for Small Businesses to Top those Sales Charts



Can't seem to avoid hearing about ChatGPT these days when you browse social media, news websites, or your email inbox? It's not just you. In November 2022, OpenAI's ChatGPT swept the world and within weeks had amassed millions of users. There is little doubt that Artificial intelligence (AI) is already affecting marketing jobs after ChatGPT made such a big splash. According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania, 19 percent of workers may see at least 50 percent of their tasks impacted. Marketing professionals who acquire the ability to use AI-powered solutions will experience improved campaign outcomes.

The AI technologies of today still have a ton of room for improvement. However, those that are already in place can greatly cut down on the time needed to perform activities and the effort required to complete more complicated ones, all while operating continuously without any interruption.

AI products are appealing to digital marketers on a number of levels due to automation and scalability. Choosing the best tool could be overwhelming with so many new ones appearing on the market at a fast pace. To help ease the concerns and enhance your marketing activities here are a few tools to save the day. produces creatives using AI primarily for social media postings and advertising. The product is suitable for startups, ecommerce sellers, and agencies since it has a strong emphasis on assisting users in growing their revenues. One of the biggest high-conversion ad creative databases, is more than just an AI content developer; it is a go-to source for successful ad campaigns. It is simple to get started because of the user-friendly design. Simply add a few facts, such as your company description, and submit your brand logo. Although you can change them if you'd like, the software chooses your brand's colors by default.

After linking your social media or advertising accounts, you can choose the format (social media platform, banner, or custom sizes) and provide other details, including your target market. Click 'Generate' once your draft post is finished to turn on the AI.  Hundreds of post variations will then be presented to you in descending order of highest conversion rate score. Choose the options you want to download and all necessary sizes and formats.

A web-based app called enables users to make forms, surveys, and quizzes online. Users may now specify the type of survey they want the AI to construct for them using the new AI feature on Additionally, AI can be used to produce both the questions and the responses to these questions. Users on are not charged extra for the AI feature.

It is said to be a simple app for users to construct surveys and questionnaires because to its user-friendly UI.

Additionally, provides more than 1000 pre-made templates so that you can build forms and surveys in minutes without any coding experience even if you have never built one before.'s free plan includes capabilities including conditional logic, money acceptance, signature gathering, score computation, AI, advanced customization, and more.


Semrush is a multifaceted marketing tool that all businesses, big and small, ought to have. Marketing insights, keyword research, SEO, PPC, competitive analysis, and content marketing are the main services that Semrush provides to its clients. Semrush also incorporates AI into several of its services to improve the user experience. Semrush is one of the top tools for keyword research as well. You will get an understanding of the keywords that your rivals are using and how they are performing. It will be considerably simpler for you to stay ahead of your competition and keep up with the most recent trends as a result of the generous amount of data you receive.

Due to its wide range of advanced capabilities, Semrush is utilized by some of the greatest internet marketers in the world, but it is also ideal for beginners. The platform is simple to use, and Semrush greatly simplifies SEO even for those with no SEO knowledge. There is a free version of Semrush, however it offers few features and services.

Numerous dynamic video and picture templates can greatly improve an agency or brand's creative output, allowing for limitless testing on the Hunch platform. Customer support is one of the most appealing features; each user has a dedicated Customer Support Manager who is a licensed blueprint specialist for Meta. Hunch also offers round-the-clock technical support via a Slack channel.

A feature-rich AI tool called enables marketers to increase their sponsored social conversion rates.'s dashboard allows you to create ad creatives while adhering to your brand by selecting from pre-made templates. Users can use the software's automated workflows to rapidly publish ads and update them dynamically in real-time after setting up a campaign.This tool's predictive algorithms can assist social advertisers in streamlining their budgets, audience targeting, and bid tactics. offers managed services to assist social media advertisers in making the most of their campaigns even though it is an AI-driven offering. If you're just getting started with AI and want to directly interact with their team on how to use the technology to get the best return on investment (ROI), this app is said to helpful.


The idea behind Celtra is to support creative automation while keeping control of your brand. For media publishers and agencies looking for hundreds or thousands of possibilities for a single campaign, Celtra can be a wise solution for companies with large advertising budgets.The platform for creative automation employs artificial intelligence to create large-scale creatives for performance branding and social advertising. Although Celtra's services are applicable to any business, it primarily targets the fashion, retail, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) sectors.

CNN, Adidas, Spotify, Vice, and other prominent customers are among Celtra's impressive list of clientele. Its original research and industry studies on creative automation as a whole, meanwhile, are more outstanding.