Microsoft for India: Making India for Future Ready



In response to the growing recognition, AI is set to revolutionize the global workforce with digital transformation and the way people work with the innovation ecosystem. According to Microsoft Research Indiatechnology in India powered by AI, is significantly outpacing people's ability to keep up with information work, leading to a staggering 76 percent of Indian workers struggling with time and energy to complete their tasks. With Microsoft for India motto, the company has taken the initiative to train two million Indians by 2025. 

Microsoft’s New Initiative to Train Two Million Indians in AI by 2025

Microsoft has announced an ambitious initiative to provide 2 million people in India with artificial intelligence skills by 2025. The initiative, dubbed ADVANTA(I)GE INDIA, aims to accelerate the country's AI evolution and equip its workforce with the skills needed for the jobs of the future.

The initiation is part of Microsoft's broader Skill for Jobs initiative, which aligns with its ethical AI principles. Partnerships with government, non-profit organizations, and firms across India will facilitate training. The need is obvious. Microsoft's latest Work Trend Index found that 90 percent of Indian business leaders believe that upcoming hires will require AI abilities. Those capabilities are not present in 78 percent of workers.

ADVANTA(I)GE INDIA aims to equip individuals in smaller urban and rural locales. The goal is to expand AI fluency nationwide for inclusive growth. The initiative marks a significant milestone in democratizing access to AI skills in India. It demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to enabling inclusive growth through technology, according to Puneet Chandok, president of Microsoft India and South Asia.

The opportunity for India to be a global leader in artificial intelligence lies in creating AI fluency at scale. This initiative aims to propel India into a promising era of AI proficiency, equipping citizens across the country with the right abilities to thrive in the age of AI.

Components of the Program:

The national government and 10 states are partnering to train 500,000 students at rural vocational centers in basic and advanced artificial intelligence skills. Collaboration on digital and cybersecurity training is expanded.

Higher education institutions in smaller cities are providing in-depth AI training for 100,000 young women. Microsoft's AI trainer toolkit and industry mentorships are involved in this. Through Microsoft's TEALS, Farm Beats, and AI Guidance for Schools initiatives, we raised AI career awareness for 400,000 students in remote, tribal areas. Microsoft will help 250,000 government officers gain generative AI knowledge to deliver next-gen citizen services. A summit for 2,500 non-profits to use AI in their work will be held with the help of LinkedIn.

CEO Satya Nadella says, “I hope consensus emerges, and that is what really helps, in some sense, (with) the diffusion of this technology, referring to global efforts to regulate AI.”

The recent Work Trend Index from Microsoft shows that AI is poised to create a whole new way of working, just as the pace of information work is outpacing our ability to keep up. The India results of the Index reveal that a staggering 76 percent of Indian workers confessed to having trouble finding time and energy to accomplish their tasks, 74 percent of people are worried that artificial intelligence will replace their jobs, but 83 percent would delegate as much work as possible to AI to lessen their workloads. To that end, Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence Skills Initiative aims to assist workers in addressing emerging skill shortages, easing digital debt – the avalanche of data, information, and constant communication – and unleashing inventiveness.

An open grant program is being launched to explore, develop, and implement how non-profit, social enterprise, and research or academic institutions can train and empower the workforce to use generative AI. Organizations focusing on fair and community-led implementations of generative AI with historically marginalized populations around the world will benefit from this global grant. In addition to financial assistance, the winners will have access to a group experience, Microsoft events, Azure-based cloud computing tools, as well as data education and technical guidance from Microsoft and Github pros.

Microsoft Two Initiatives to Support Indian SMBs:

Small and medium-sized businesses are supported in their digital transformation journey by initiatives. The tech giant has launched a dedicated support line and a comprehensive online platform geared towards assisting Indian small and medium-sized enterprises with their business issues, enhancing operations, boosting effectiveness, and propelling expansion.

Business owners and entrepreneurs in India can connect with peers, sharpen their skills, and achieve holistic growth with the help of the SMB-focused website – Microsoft for Small and Medium Businesses. Access to Microsoft's curated business and technology courses and an SMB Academy are offered on the website. The website also features uplifting tales of local businesses, a variety of Microsoft solutions to meet organizational requirements, and easy access to the company's extensive network of more than 17,000 partners nationwide.

Digital Transformation Helpline

The second initiative is the Digital Transformation Helpline, which provides dedicated support to help SMBs navigate their technological adoption and deployment journey. The hotline offers expert advice and assistance in utilizing technology solutions that best address their business issues, enhance operations, boost effectiveness, and propel expansion. SMBs can reach out to the assistance line at 1800-102-1147.

Samik Roy, Executive Director – Corporate Medium and Small Business, Microsoft India, says that “The last few years have shown us that technology adoption has a direct impact on a business’ performance. For a business to thrive in today’s digital economy, it must move to a secured cloud and become more agile and resilient by creating a technological roadmap for its organization. Microsoft has been committed to digitally transforming the SMB ecosystem in India with trusted technology, resources, and an extensive partner ecosystem. These new initiatives are aimed at further supporting these organizations and working closely with them so they can do more with less.”

Microsoft has been collaborating with small and medium-sized businesses to assist them in today's digitally-driven marketplace. Microsoft has been providing them with trusted cloud technologies, specially designed solutions, skills, and support through continued investments and initiatives. Furthermore, Microsoft has been arranging multi-city experiential events, such as TechMart, to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in their digital transformation journey. Last year's study by Microsoft found that solid connections between tech investments and acceptance of business tactics, as well as close cooperation with collaborators, are essential for ensuring success for small and medium-sized enterprises.