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Deepak Aggarwal, MD, KAZO, 0

Passionate about the fashion ecosystem, Deepak has been associated with KAZO for over 12 years now, prior to which he held the role of Managing Director at BL International – a garments company that founded by Deepak himself.

We, as humans and entrepreneurial spirits, are inspired by beautiful designs even when we are unaware that we are being inspired. Whether created by nature or by the hands of Homo sapiens, beautiful objects elicit a certain something a deep breath, a fleeting moment of pleasure. It's a serenity that can and often does lead to a minute or two of contemplation and perhaps a burst of creativity. And all of that leads to the force that drives entrepreneurial endeavours innovation.

The future of fashion is up for debate. Seasons are blurring, and designers are jumping houses at a giddy pace. All that remains for us is to take pleasure in the newness of fashion. My advice to you? Don’t fall for trends or designers blindly. Go with your gut pick things that work for you for your body type, your life, pieces that make you feel happy, confident and beautiful.

In the natural world, spring is the season of renewal. In the unnatural world of fashion, the process is similar to
the natural one. Renewal of designs and ideas that will bring freshness to your products is very important. Though it is the one that is equally transformative, and one that also runs on its own cycle of birth and death still I would suggest that fall is the most fecund time of year. That too not just in the fashion world, but virtually in every other creative world as well art, theatre, film, books. A successful season in the culture is one that leaves you feeling one part giddy and one part uncomfortable is this what a dress looks like now? Is this what a novel should say and do? Is this art, or is it not?

This desire to stimulate the senses and remind us of the wildness of the imagination is not an indulgence or a luxury, but an instinct; one that defines us as human

But of all the ways in which art and designs test our understanding of the world, one of the most important thing is that how they make us question what exactly beauty is. Great art and design remind us of two things first, that what is beautiful is not necessarily pleasant or pretty; and second, that the search for beauty, in all its forms, is elemental to the human condition. Every person in every culture, no matter how impoverished or restrictive, tries to ornament her life. This desire to stimulate the senses and remind us of the wildness of the imagination is not an indulgence or a luxury, but an instinct one that defines us as human. What, after all, is the entire arc of history but a compendium of things the pottery, cloaks, jewellery, houses, furniture, vessels and tapestries that humankind has always made (and will always make) to assert its presence in the world?

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