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   Mahesh Kumar Thautam: Empowering Customers With Improved Productivity By Providing Visibility In Operations

Mahesh Kumar Thautam: Empowering Customers With Improved Productivity By Providing Visibility In Operations

 Mahesh Kumar Thautam,

Mahesh Kumar Thautam

The mining, supply chain and manufacturing industries are important for a country's economic well-being, as it involves a high amount of manpower to add value to society at large.Not just the manpower, technology also plays an important part in the smooth functioning of operations. Most businesses are not able to fully utilise the technology, resulting in a lower rate of return from various operations. With the motive of utilizing technology to its best, Mahesh Kumar Thautam with Minematic Solutions is helping various mining, supply chain and manufacturing firms thrive by providing detailed diagnostic analysis on company's operations.

A master's degree holder in Industrial Engineering, Mahesh Kumar Thautam holds vast experience working in big corporate giants like Tata Steel, Sonata Software, and Cap Gemini. In a recent interview, Mahesh engages with CEO Insight Magazine. Here's the highlights.

Tell us about your educational background and professional journey. What was the inspiration behind the inception of Minematics Solutions?
I completed a PG in Industrial Engineering at NITIE in Mumbai from 1994 to 1996 after completing an engineering degree at Osmania University. Prior to establishing Minematics Solutions, I worked for Tata Steel, Sonata Software, and Cap Gemini.

Instead of streamlining/improving processes/operations, the majority of small to medium sized businesses only utilize IT for quick reporting, which is a huge under utilization of IT(or technology at large). Similarly, major enterprises struggle with a plethora of IT systems, deployed individual divisions and their inappropriate integration, resulting in disintegrated operations that provide little value to customers. Such systems also make large corporations less responsive to market demands.

Minematics is born to address to help midsized businesses in the mining, supply chain and discrete manufacturing verticals in streamlining/improving their operations and impact their customers' bottom line.

What is the position of Minematics Solutions in the market, and what makes it special from the rest of its competitors?
Minematics Solutions was founded to assist midsized mining, supplychain and discrete manufacturing businesses using IT to boost efficiency and profitability.

Minematics has developed a proprietary platform called 'MINEOPTIC' that focuses primarily on modelling process, capturing the context of operations in addition to the conventional data points on equipment and operation output. MINEOPTIC assists businesses in gaining visibility into their processes, quantifying operations and understanding the patterns and behaviour of various losses.

We use diagnostic analytics and edge computing together to bring value, along with other associated technologies like cloud & mobile computing

Our 'Context Sensitive Platform' MINEOPTIC will help simulate actual processes and demonstrate how various equipment interact with one another. Due to equipment inter dependencies, major process losses are inherent in waiting, queuing, and idle time and are difficult to perceive, quantify, and evaluate. The platform was designed to identify these losses and aid in understanding process behaviour so that they can be minimised.

How is Telangana as the breeding ground helping the firm? What is the latest technology trend that the company is looking forward to adopting?
Hyderabad now likely surpasses Bangalore and Chennai in terms of competition as an apex IT centre. In Hyderabad, many conventional training facilities swiftly aid in preparing workers for employment. The government is also actively promoting the growth of the IT sector, luring several prominent figures and enabling us grow with growing ecosystem.

Elaborate about the technology framework built within the company's solutions and which are the latest technology trends that the company is planning to adopt?
With MINEOPTIC, businesses can model processes, simulate operations, and do what if analyses. Consequently, a completely unique solution is created with the intention of offering thorough 'Diagnostic Analytics'for their operations.

Secondly, majority of businesses in these sectors lack effective data collection methods that come straight from operations and interpret the way managers can make decision quickly.

Therefore, we combine diagnostic analytics with edge computing to add value, along with other related technologies like cloud and mobile computing.
What are the toughest challenges you have faced in your journey so far, and what is your success mantra?
As a result of our interactions with businesses we have realised that there are two types of businesses those looking to increase operational productivity and those automating current reporting mechanisms to improve accuracy and reliability. While first category of businesses explore opportunities to capture granular data to understand hidden process delays and inter dependencies among activities/equipment, the second category of businesses believe having accurate data will help them enhance operations.The reality is that traditional reporting focuses on the performance of each asset individually and the overall results of operations. Doing same more accurately will not help companies gain insights into operations to spot operational losses and wastes, which are buried inside the process.

There are various stages of the digitization journey of companies starting from manual reporting, digital reporting, analysing operations, scheduling operations, and lastly, optimising operations. Our goal is to help our client companies reach stage three, which is analysing operations and beyond.

MINEMATICS has a proprietary methodology called 'OPTIMATION'(OPTIMisation+ auto MATION) to build custom 'Context Sensitive Solutions' using MINEOPTIC for our clients in order to enable to transition them to higher level. The approach aids in comprehending process, establishing inter dependencies among various equipment operational losses, and evolving the appropriate solution components to thoroughly visualise the process, enabling the research and analysis of process behaviour. While the majority of service providers concentrate on individual assets or pieces of equipment data, OPTIMATION focusses more on processes, equipment interdependencies, and losses caused by these dependencies.

What future market opportunities are you looking forward to investing in to achieve your goals?
We currently work with Indian & US in mining vertical, but we are looking to serve supply chain and discrete manufacturing firms in the regions of North America, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

Mahesh Kumar Thautam, Founder & Director, Minematics Solutions
With the motive of fully utilising the potential of technology, Mahesh is helping his clients improve their administration in mining supply chain and discrete manufacturing.

Hobbies: Book reading
Favourite Food: Typical South Indian home food
Favourite Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki for business

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