3Sisters: An Authentic No-Alcoholic Alternative to Beer

3Sisters: An Authentic No-Alcoholic Alternative to Beer

Sudhanshu Agrawal,Co-Founder & CEO

Sudhanshu Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO

Are you that one teetotaler in all friend-groups who says cheers with a glass of Coca Cola? Well, you don’t have to be that left-out person anymore. For those who want to party hard, but can’t afford a hangover, 3Sisters Inc a non-alcoholic beer brand offers a treat with beer that looks, tastes, & feels like the real thing, minus the alcohol! Sourced from Denmark, the sparkling, tasteful and zesty 3Sisters beers come in six different variants Peach, Ginger, German Lager, Cranberry, Strawberry, & Mint with zero percent alcohol in them.

Brewed from the freshest peaches with fruit additives, the Peach Beer offers you a light, fresh and tingling experience, be it any occasion from an office party to a Mehndi function. Another light taste drink, Strawberry Beer bottles the freshest strawberries, natural fruit juices and additives, along with a sense of love. These two could be enjoyed by everyone who doesn’t have a ticket to the bar. While the Ginger Beer has a spicy taste, which is inspired from Ayurvedic recipes and has harnessed its awesomeness, in a fun-filled new way, German Lager is simply the normal beer with zero percent alcohol and no hangover. It is brewed from imported German hops and malt, but with its innovative brewing method, it smells and feels like the ‘real’ thing. 3Sisters also has a Cranberry variant, which is brewed from the farm fresh cranberries and pure fruit juices.
3Sisters’ ‘bottled innovation’ today is trending,thanks to millions of teetotalers who have eventually found their party mate. CEO Insights interviews the man behind this innovative startup, Sudhanshu Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO, 3Sisters.

Brewed from the freshest peaches with fruit additives, the Peach Beer offers you a light, fresh and tingling experience, be it any occasion from an office party to a Mehndi function

3Sisters beers have become an instant hit in the market. What inspired you to think of this innovative concept?
It’s all about providing an authentic experience to the people who don’t want to consume alcohol. The so called zero percent alcohol beers basically are all reverse engineered. The manufacturers just remove the alcohol from the ready-made beer. Our beers are entirely different as they are not reverse engineered. We brew our drinks with great care, quality ingredients, hops, malt, ginger, cranberries, strawberries and peaches, and through an innovative zero percent alcohol retentive brewing process. This means that we are maniacally obsessed with providing you the same, genuine taste with no alcohol and fewer calories. For instance, our signature German Lager has a mere 13 calories per 100 ml serving, and a negligible two grams of sugar! Above all, there will be no hangover whatsoever.

What’s the magic behind this innovative process?
It all began when we started thinking about an alternative. We
knew that a premium non-alcoholic beer will surely capture the imagination of the public. But as our relentless efforts paid off, we went ahead and came up with not just one, but five variants for people who previously had no choice other than nursing a calorie rich soft drink or fruit juices all night long. This in fact is a major breakthrough, as most of the so called ‘non-alcoholic’ beers actually are the real beer, that are subjected to ‘reverse osmosis’ and other alcohol deprivation processes, but are unable to remove all the alcohol from the resulting concoction.

We have developed a simple process that eliminates fermentation. Fermentation is the process by which magical yeast converts the overall concoction to alcohol. So, having no fermentation implicates that no alcohol, and no alcohol means a crisp, refreshing, drink, with less sugar and no beer belly and without a hangover! Indeed, our beer actually has nearly half the calories of a real beer and about 30 percent less sugar in it.

Where do you source the ingredients from? How do you ascertain the quality of your beers?
Our beers are made with the finest ingredients sourced from some of the most awesome suppliers and farms. Quality is one of the most important aspects, especially in the brewing industry. We have strict quality check points while sourcing the ingredients as well as before delivering it to the consumers.

Key Management:
Sudhanshu Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO
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Office: Mumbai

Non-Alcoholic Beer in Six Variants:
•German Lager

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