• Aswani Chaitanya, Founder & CEO

    Aswani Chaitanya, Founder & CEO

  • Alarmingly, the current snacking industry in India is infused with greasy and salty snacks, which are laden with preservatives and spices, loaded with salt and sugar. Kids are greatly inclined towards consuming these snacks, thereby placing their health at risk. The industry struggles with a dearth of players that deliver wholesome and guilt-free snacks exclusively for kids. Timios is a devoted brand(a brand of FirmRoots Pvt. Ltd.) that provides a range of snacks infused with not just good nutrition, but also flavours, colours, textures and entire package par excellence. The mastermind behind timios is Aswani Chaitanya (Founder & CEO) who is a well-experienced technologist, engineer and a proud father of two boys. With a brand name meaning ‘honest’ in Greek and the tagline ‘Honesty in Every Bite!’, he aims to build a healthy future for children with the brand’s tasty treats loaded with goodness of natural ingredients on the inside and fun on the outside.

  • Timios: Healthy & Tasty Treats For Children

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  • 10 Best Startup Brands - 2019

    Home to countless startups, India stands as the third largest startup ecosystem among the world that is striving to expand not just domestically, but over the international waters. According to a recent report by Nasscom, the number of tech startups has grown from 8,900 to 9,300 with 1,300 startups being added this year. Poised across diverse sectors like enterprise tech, travel, food, e-Commerce, and others, these startup firms have constantly been witnessing huge traction for their brand’s products & services, while striving to attract potential investors from across the globe. They are also on the constant lookout to expand their geographical footprint not only across developed markets, but other markets too, thereby aiming to amplify their brand reputation. No wonder, India still remains at the third position in the mighty startup space of the world. Yet, there are a horde of challenges hovering among most startup brands today such as building and scaling their existing business, enhancing their capabilities to serve diverse customers, striking the right balance between quality and affordability for their products, hiring and retaining an adept team, and many more. Yet, with the help of Government’s initiatives like Startup India, I-MADE program, the MUDRA Bank's scheme (Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana), and many more; the above challenges can easily be addressed and mitigated by the startup brands. Besides, they are also presented with great waves of support in terms of office space & infrastructure, financial capital, mentoring, networking, and a lot more aspects, which are further giving them the right hopes and strengths to mature. Exploring the world of startup brands and their portfolio in India, CEO Insights has come-up with a detailed listing: ‘10 Best Startup Brands - 2019’. An expert panel comprising of entrepreneurs, industry experts and VCs along with CEO Insights Editorial Board has prepared this list of front-runners in the startup space, post a meticulous evaluation. The listing not only showcases the excellence of these startup brands and their exemplary products/services, but also the variegated trends disrupting the Indian startup ecosystem.

10 Best Startup Brands - 2019

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
3Sisters Sudhanshu Agrawal,Co-Founder & CEO 3Sisters A non-alcoholic beer brand that offers a treat with beer, which looks, tastes, & feels like the real beer, minus the alcohol
Advance Nutratech Abhinav Gupta, CEO Advance Nutratech A manufacturer of Whey Proteins, Weight Gainers and Amino Acid Gainer by making use of best-in-class material, progressive tools and technology
Cocofly Arjun Gadkari,Founder Cocofly With a wide range of SKUs and differing pack sizes, the company offers consumers a diverse range of high quality coconut water drinks, all at unbeatable, affordable pricing
Dry Fruit Hub Sudeep Bhati,Founder Dry Fruit Hub A leading provider of quality, imported dry fruits, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, flakes, powder and more at reasonable prices to ensure better health of consumers
FITJARS Shiva Kumar, Founder & CEO FITJARS A new-age food & health startup handcrafting diverse jars of ultimate nutrition and taste through rich experiences
GIVA Ishendra Agarwal, Founder GIVA Offering highly affordable silver jewellery with premium design, quality, finish and look on par with exquisite gold and diamond jewellery in the market
TGL Co Shariq Ashraf, Co-Founder,Bhuman Dani, Co-Founder & Director TGL Co The fastest growing hot beverages start-up in India that sources the finest quality teas and coffees from around the world with deep focus on natural, fresh and clean ingredients
The V Collection Vivek Nathany , CEO The V Collection A Fashion House of Contemporary Jewellery & Accessories with an ethnic twist by using the Indian skill of Indian artisans and various kinds of beautiful & fascinating precious & semi-precious & precious stones & beads
Timios Aswani Chaitanya,Founder & CEO Timios Aiming to build a healthy future for children, the company produces a range of tasty treats loaded with goodness of natural ingredients on the inside and fun on the outside
UrbanGabru Hemant Raulo, Founder & CEO UrbanGabru Mastering men’s lifestyle right from grooming, styling to dating through a spectrum of natural hair, beard and skin grooming products along with intriguing social media content to educate men