GIVA: Premium yet Affordable Silver Jewellery for All Women

GIVA: Premium yet Affordable Silver Jewellery for All Women

Ishendra Agarwal, FounderToday, the world of jewellery, especially the gold and diamond brackets are teeming with brands that present exquisite jewellery pieces, but at exorbitant prices to stay ahead of the cut-throat competition. Hence, people tend to relish on one expensive artwork for months as they cannot afford to purchase yet another one even if their interests impel. The truth is you need not spend a fortune to accessorize! Thanks to brands like GIVA that are handcrafting highly affordable silver jewellery with premium design, quality, finish, look, and above all, trust and customer experience par excellence. Established in 2019, this fast-growing brand’s primordial goal is that even the most common women must revel in luxury, while it offers silver jewellery on par with gold and diamond jewellery in the market. This way, GIVA is bringing the best might of luxury and affordability to Indian jewellery market.

The masterminds behind GIVA are Ishendra Agarwal(Founder) and his team of budding designers who hail from pioneering design institutes such as NIFT, NID, and others. They all breathe and live by a common vision of serving the middle class women with premium luxury by moulding technology into a design solution. In an exclusive colloquy with CEO Insights, Ishendra and his team have elucidated a great deal about GIVA and its excellence in silver jewellery.

Brief us on the inspiration behind unveiling GIVA, especially across a niche segment like silver jewellery. Also, walk us through its journey so far.
We observed that most brands offered very limited and repeated designs, while others had mere junkjewellery in their portfolio. On the other hand, high quality jewellery in gold & diamond segments had gargantuan prices linked with them. These were the major scenarios back then across the jewellery industry. All we wanted to do was to rewrite these scenarios through
GIVA by extending the privilege of luxury with affordability to all women.

Despite starting this very year, we managed to witness great traction for all our products, while spreading the message to people about our sole vision at GIVA. We always believed that if a brand’s business fundamentals were strong, then the VCs would definitely be interested in them. In fact, even before building a very strong team with a common motive, we managed to raise the first round of funds for GIVA and later through other angel investors. The journey has been amazing so far! In the last three months, we have experienced a double growth in revenue.

We always stay abreast of the latest advancements in the jewellery segment, which helps us in not only giving trendy designs to our customers, but also meeting their tastes and requirements

Apart from affordability, what are your brand’s other fortes?
Basically, we are an avantgarde brand. We always stay abreast of the latest advancements in the jewellery segment, which helps us in not only giving trendy designs to our customers, but also meeting their tastes and requirements. Hence, we ensure to comeup with a new collection at the end of every month. The other forte we impart is that we provide easy replacements for all our products. Last but not the least, silver intrinsically is a precious metal with no detrimental effects as compared to few non-precious metals.

What opportunities do you foresee in the jewellery market?
Jewellery as fashion is currently undergoing rapid changes in tandem with the burgeoning e-Commerce market as well as customers’ interests. This might seem alarming to the gold and diamond jewellery brands, but rather an opportunity for silver jewellery brands like us. We hope to target the right audience in the silver jewellery market with appropriate products.

Tell us about your portfolio, high lighting on the flagship product.Also, explain about the manufacturing process.
Currently, we offer adjustable earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets, while recently adding rings and jewellery sets as well to our portfolio. We take pride in saying that our products, both in the low and high end categories, have been well accepted by our customers. For instance, we have natural pearl earrings, a basic product, besides Zircon products (priced Rs.800-1,000), which are high-end products on par with the properties of diamond. By large, the maximum price we have quoted for our artworks so far is Rs.3,000.

The manufacturers of our products deploy 3D Printing technology which helps them in maintaining a lean inventory and also develop jewellery faster. Hence, jewellery manufacturing which used to take months can now be accomplished in 10-15 days.

What quality checks do you have in place for your products?
The first level of quality check(QC) takes place at the suppliers’ site before they ship the products to us, while the second level is hallmarking each product with BIS hallmark. The third level QC is for the design and placement of stones.

How do you comeup with creative designs for your customers? What are your future plans?
Our inhouse design team works in tandem with our customers’ interests by regularly garnering their feedback. To quote an example, I’d say Black Pearl Moon Setone of our bestselling products actually came as a feedback from one of our customers on Instagram. Very soon, we will be launching adjustable rings primarily to resolve the size issue in jewellery market.

Our chief plan is to increase our social media followers by constantly addressing their queries and accordingly creating designs for them. In a nutshell, we aspire to develop bespoke designs for all our customers.

Key Management:
Ishendra Agarwal, Founder
An IITK graduate, Ishendra is a well experienced business leader in consulting, distribution and finance who is taking GIVA to newer heights along with his adept team.

Quick Facts:
•Inception Year: 2019
•Location: Bangalore
•Products: High Quality Silver Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets, Rings & Jewellery Sets

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