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Ambrish Kela: The Axis of Edutech Revolution in India

Ambrish Kela: The Axis of Edutech Revolution in India

Ambrish Kela,CEO & Managing Director

Ambrish Kela

CEO & Managing Director

While endeavoring with intricate mathematical formulas in your school days, have you ever thought where you are going to apply these in your future? If yes, you belong to a mass of Indian students. Even in examinations, our system tests memory of students rather than their insights and practical knowledge. Dedicated his life in bringing more engagement and hands on experience in Indian educational sector, AmbrishKela (CEO & Managing Director) is liberating education from the four walls of the classroom and laboratory through his innovation driven entity – Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with a gamut of educational products in the bag which support 24x7 learning.Today Scientech breaths innovation!

Scientech - The Innovation Center
“It’s time to perceive education in a different perception. We have to demystify science & mathematics into more of a hands-on model in order to make students understand what they are studying and how they are going to apply those in the workplace,” asserts Ambrish. Thus, through on-boarding a blended learning approach, he made Scientech break into developing world-class solutions that highly leverage on from basic electronics devices to sensors, embedded technologies, power electronics, robotics and even IoT in the form of portable learning & development solutions. These solutions help school, vocational & engineering students, and even researchers learn cutting-edge technologies in an interesting way just like they watch tech-shows in infotainment channels and comprehending things from there. The solution additionally includes a wide range of add-ons such as simulations and ‘do-it-your
self’ modules that help developing products of your own. “We also have Techbook, which is just like any other book issued in the library, but it enables students develop products and do programming in a hands on way, and is supplemented with our interactive & portal-scientech,” says Ambrish.

With his strong background in science, Ambrish knew that without any hands-on experiences, getting into the grass root of technology is impossible, and hence he molded Scientech to offer blended learning which includes hardware, software and hands-on learning experience in a unified way. “The students who are going across the world and working for various MNCs deserve something beyond curriculums. But people were not ready to break the status quo set by NCERT, AICTE or DGT and they were not familiar with value added solutions as well,” elucidates Ambrish. Thus, with persistent R&D efforts in coordination with academicians, Scientech developed a bunch of modern solutions projected to the students who belong to the internet & technology era.

Ambrish knew that without any hands-on experiences, getting into the grass root of technology is impossible, and hence he molded Scientech to offer blended learning

“When we come out of schools and colleges, we are exposed to a practical world. I don’t undermine theory, but the curriculums should be able to provide something more than notes & highlights of the topics,” he adds. For instance, the robotics training kits from Scientech ensure the basic understanding of the essential parts of the Robots such as sensors (IR sensors, light sensors, force sensors, accelerometer, and ultrasonic among many others), mechanical parts and programming language to control their mechanism. It also motivates students to use the phenomenon of robotics in their
future projects, which has a great scope in integration with IoT. Apart from social and educational commitments, Scientech is also committed environmentally, with its concept of planting a tree for each product sold.

Being a Complete Leader
Ambrish’s story is intrinsically the story of edu-tech evolution in India. An admirer of science, he had already decided his future even before completing his higher education in Physics (BSc & MSc). Made industry-ready himself through a short term marketing course, he kick-started the operations of Scientech as early as 1989 by providing various educational instruments to schools, vocational institutions and engineering colleges. “The turning point came in late 90s when various institutions started asking whether Ican deliver any tool that can help teaching modules such as instrumentation, digital communication and fiber optics,” adds Ambrish. The upscale in market demand made him brainstorm about depending on technology itself to learn technology, and the overwhelming response towards solutions encouraged him to build more solutions for higher education.

Today, while Scientech is all set for funding with an ultimate mission to make India a technologically strong country and involve students from their early age to take interest and make career, Ambrish has every reason to be proud of the triumph. Along with the organization thriving through all the possible directions, Ambrish has carved himself to a complete leader, who simply knows what would and what wouldn’t work in the future, and this insights help him not only in guiding the whole team in one direction and conveying various possibilities & entailments of knowledge in particular technologies, but also in providing them the world-class platforms to build solutions. This extreme science lover is also an inspiration to his fellow peers with his level of transparency, ability to motivate and matchless communication skills. “I believe that one has to develop a passion for what he is doing, to make success possible. Doing things for the sake of it will not take you too far, that have been my experience and perception,” concludes Ambrish.

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