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  •  Dr. Sandip N. Jha, Chairman

    Dr. Sandip N. Jha, Chairman

  • There’s a huge gap between industry and academia. Industries have their own mindset and they often complain that graduates are not industry-ready. One of the biggest reasons for this disconnect is that both these pillars of society lack professional interaction. Dr. Sandip N. Jha (Chairman, Sandip Foundation) initiates to break the tradition for the betterment of both academia and industry. He has taken the responsibility to mould youngsters not only into millennium leaders in Technological & Scientific fields but also to nurture and strengthen Skill development and humane nature in them. Being true to his vision of building ‘India 2020’, Sandip Foundation (SF) is rendering selfless & dedicated services to higher education in the field of Engineering, Science, Arts, Management Studies, Polytechnic and Pharmacy. Since 12 years of inception, Sandip Foundation has emerged as one of the most preferred education centers in Maharashtra. SF achieves 100 percent placement in MBA and over 60 percent in Engineering.

  • Dr. Sandip N. Jha: Redefining Higher Education as per Industry Trends

Creating Leaders Of Tomorrow

By: Anamika Sahu, Managing Editor

Leaders'! Who are they? Our dictionaries define them as the trailblazers, pioneers, front runners, trendsetters and in several other ways.

Six Ways of Looking at Technology in Education

By: Anil Mammen, Chief - Learning Design & Social Impact, Tata ClassEdge

You have three hours to complete this test. You will not talk to each other, copy from each other, or refer to any material.’

CEOInsights Leaders Book-2017

The Greatest Teacher of the New Age: Diversity

By: Pratik Gandhi, Founder & CEO, EDULAB

The greatest land to learn in: India. More than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or children of immigrants.


Holistic Education & Technology Learning Can Increase Employability & Career Opportunities for Young India

By: Narendra Shyamsukha, Founder & Chairman, ICA Edu Skills

With a median age of 29, India is set to be the youngest nation in the world by 2020. And by 2025, it is estimated that 70 percent of Indians will be in the working age group.


Sustainable Engineering & its Guidelines

By: Dr. Kamal Bansal, Dean, College of Engineering Studies, UPES

Sustainable engineering can be considered as engineering to meet the needs of the current generation without compromising on the needs of the future generation.


Inter-Cultural Skills & Awareness Fuelling the Economic Growth

By: Nandita Abraham, CEO, Pearl Academy

Considering that most human experiences are repetitive, travel opens up the mind in unexpected ways.


Creating a Positive Learning Environment at the Workplace

By: Swapnil Kamat, Founder & CEO, Work Better Training

An employee’s motivation to learn, grow and work is heavily influenced by their environment.


Changing Phase of Education with the Digital Wave

By: Nishant Garodia, MD, Garodia Education

The education industry is constantly evolving. Today, information is available at the click of a button.


Online Courses Boosting the Government & Banking Careers in India

By: Abhishek Patil, Founder & CEO, Oliveboard

Go to any tier-II city in India and you will find that government jobs have always been the ultimate goal among the growing middle class sector.


MBA Education - Tackling the Golden Egg Syndrome

By: Suresh Mony, Director, NMIMS-Bangalore

The rise of the MBA phenomenon and the apparent decline in fortunes in recent years is a classic case of the golden egg syndrome.


Redefining Primary Education Model in India

By: Sandy Hooda, Co-Founder, Vega School

Leading neuro scientists state ‘how schools teach is the opposite of how & why we learn’. While this may come across as a provocative statement, it is largely true.


Indian Education System - What is Lacking

By: Suresh Rangarajan, Founder & CEO, CoLife

India, with an abundance of human capital and an increasing per capita income, is fast marching towards becoming one of the world’s largest economies and further competing with countries like the U.S. and China.

  • CEOInsights Leaders Book-2017

    Education is the soul of any society. Currently, Indian education sector is pegged at $30 billion, and is expected to touch $40 billion by 2017. In recent years, Indian education industry has witnessed a tremendous surge with the shift of attentiveness from public to private sector. Traditionally, our education system has constantly acknowledged formulas over concepts and theories over practice; however, today’s notion of education is witnessing an alteration at a slow and steady pace. Several out-of-the box intellectuals in this industry are revolutionizing the structure by eradicating the biggest hindrance of below par education at the grassroots. These leaders are enhancing the pre-schooling experience too by indulging action-learning programs, recreational activities and many others in order to bring out every child’s uniqueness.

    It is said that, ‘succession planning and leadership development are natural allies because they share a vital and fundamental goal - getting the right skills in the right place’. In today’s competitive world, our education leaders are shaping well rounded professionals through their immense wisdom and knowledge. By implementing the finest ideas, these leaders have inculcated extensive and well-chalked out programs for students that pronounce a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to value education in India. Further, amalgamation between universities & industries, and indulging private sector for research & training are the major drivers that have been initiated by various education leaders of our nation, which in turn is bridging the gap between the education and corporates.

    With the intention to put the spotlight on the top-notch leaders in Indian Education Industry who have transformed the sphere extensively, CEO Insights has come up with CEO Insights Leaders Book-2017 with the mission to provide detailed information and empower you to grasp their absolute potential for personal research and future prospects. We rely on our meticulous research by an experienced panel of educationalists, HRs from prestigious companies and CEO Insights Editorial Board. This archive aims to not only highlight individuals striving to improve the Education sector, but also serves as a guide with resourceful insights about education leadership and assist in creating many more leaders.

CEOInsights Leaders Book-2017

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Collabera TACT Sunny Shah,Head Collabera TACT Collabera TACT Being a significant part of one of the biggest staffing firms based out of U.S. sounds like an achievement for the lifetime for most of us.
DRS Group Anjani Kumar Agarwal,Director DRS Group Leadership is not a state of mind, but a journey which has only the beginning.
GEMS B School Kunal Nehruji,Executive Director GEMS B School A study conducted by ASSOCHAM states that out of thousands of management graduates from 5,500 Indian B Schools, only seven percent of them are employable.
Hello Kids Education Group Pritam Kumar Agarwal,Founder Hello Kids Education Group From the foundations of one preschool in Bangalore, Hello Kids is now one of the largest chains of preschools in India, bringing in a new wave in the preprimary education sector and now venturing into K-12 segment schools, and currently running three schools.
JD Educational Trust Nealesh Dalal,Managing Trustee JD Educational Trust The institute is prominent in the field of Fashion Design, Interior Design, Fashion Communication and Jewellery Design, among several others, and stands as a shining beacon of quality education in Art & Design.
Kalorex Group Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff,MD & CEO Kalorex Group Shikha, a young parent is mulling over these statistics while on her way to pick her five year old son from his preschool and wonders if her young one is happy and comfortable there.
MBD Group Sonica Malhotra,Joint Managing Director MBD Group If you manage things well, you are a good entrepreneur. But if you make sure that each and every person in the organization grows with you, you are an exceptional leader.
MBD Group Monica Malhotra Kandhari,Managing Director MBD Group Someone anonymously said, "Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever"
Mind Edutainment Ashutosh Khurana,Co-Founder & Director Mind Edutainment He inspired generations to view education as not a mechanism to acquire marks and report card, but something that should be undertaken to develop our mental ability make us grow personally and professionally.
MKT Softwares Amit Tiwari ,Founder & CEO MKT Softwares As burgeoning educational institutions fail to produce employable candidates, need of the hour has been leaders who have a vision of connecting academia with industries.
Orix Corporate Fleet Management Prajodh Rajan,foundations Orix Corporate Fleet Management Prajodh Rajan was aware of the huge transition he was undertaking when he decided to switch over from Orix Corporate Fleet Management to the education sector.
Rourkela Institute of Management Studies Dr. Arya Patnaik,Secretary Rourkela Institute of Management Studies A leader fails when he's unable to take his team along and directs them to organisational goal.
Sandip Foundation Dr. Sandip N. Jha,Chairman Sandip Foundation There's a huge gap between industry and academia. Industries have their own mindset and they often complain that graduates are not industry ready.
Scientech Technologies Pvt Ambrish Kela,CEO & Managing Director Scientech Technologies Pvt While endeavoring with intricate mathematical formulas in your school days, have you ever thought where you are going to apply these in your future? If yes, you belong to a mass of Indian students.

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