•  Kris Puthucode,  Founder & CEO

    Kris Puthucode, Founder & CEO

  • YouTube video, which has a watermark of the year 1997, starts streaming with a question asked from the background: ‘Hey, who are you?’ The camera shows a fairly bald, nerd looking man who appears to be in his early 30s, introducing himself as ‘Jeff’ and talking about selling books through the internet and the bijou business plans he has in mind. You might have guessed it right; the one talking is the world’s richest man and the founder of amazon.com - Jeff Bezos! While ‘everything IT’ hosted a paradigm shift with the dawn of the new millennium, engendered was a bunch of self-made leaders who were the ambassadors of genuine change and the limitless possibilities of technology. Most of them not only pioneered the industry, but also created the market themselves by making a tangible difference in customers’ lives. Right from the beginning of the digital age, Krishnan (‘Kris’) Puthucode, the Founder & CEO of Software Quality Center (SQC), has been a torchbearer of making that difference within the small & large scale organizations the world over by helping them adopt the best practices across their business functions, right from Sales & Business Development to Delivery and Service.

  • Kris Puthucode: A Self - Made Technology Leader Helping Global Organizations See Beyond Hoarding Certifications

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Top 10 Global Indian CEOs - 2020

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  • Top 10 Global Indian CEOs - 2020

    Many a times, Indians have not just proven their expertise with regards to technology and innovation, but outclassed other experts around the globe. Especially during the last decade, some Indians have grown in leaps and bounds by spearheading their companies across the world with sheer success even in uncharted waters. This indeed silhouettes India as one of the biggest destinations for foreign trade and also escalates our economy to unbelievable figures. Among this swarm of Indians, CEOs currently stand at the forefront with greater expansions plans across the developed and emerging markets to make their business more resilient. In fact, a recent research states that 54 percent of CEOs in India are looking to expand into mature regions such as North America and Europe. Besides leading companies around the globe, executives like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi, Vikram Pandit and many others have fetched unparalleled fame to India. The very recent World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2020 that took place on January 20-24 is an event of pride for India. Over 100 CEOs along with a few Union Ministers and Chief Ministers participated in this event to discuss a cohesive and sustainable world. Well, the future seems quite optimistic for the Indian CEOs. Yet, staying agile and adapting to the evolving macroeconomic environment, increasing technological innovations, changing customer preference, rising competitive markets and other aspects is what every CEO ought to master! On the whole, keeping customers at the centre of business operations is the chief mantra to success. Researching about the Indian CEOs from around the globe, CEO Insights has prepared an informative listing: ‘Top 10 Inspiring Global Indian CEOs – 2020’, which sheds light on the excellence and track record of executives from India. A distinguished panel encompassing industry experts, CEOs, VCs along with CEO Insights Editorial Board have come-up with a roster of front-runners in this segment. The listing also presents great insights about the ongoing and upcoming trends and advancements across diverse industries.

Top 10 Global Indian CEOs - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
NeoGrowth Credit Arun Nayyar, CEO NeoGrowth Credit A business leader with more than 20 years of knowledge in financial domain, Arun strives to escalate the company’s growth graph through passion & strong leadership strategies
Ultra Engineers Ashok Bhosle, CEO Ultra Engineers An entrepreneur who believes in learning from every day things, he has crafted winning strategies for his organization thus making it one of the most sought after company engaged in manufacturing of precision and high quality heavy duty metal components
NetApp George Kurian, CEO NetApp A passionate leader with relentless focus on execution, he is greatly credited with the development of product roadmap and engineering execution for the Data ONTAP operating system
Software Quality Center Kris Puthucode, Founder & CEO Software Quality Center A self-made leader best known for his contributions in the areas of areas of Software Quality Assurance & Software Process Improvement
Markets & Partners By Nedthesh Sarma, CEO Markets & Partners A proactive leader with an innovative, creative and out of the box thinking who can always solve any sort of problem or difficulty in an organization
Palo Alto Networks Nikesh Arora, CEO Palo Alto Networks A unique leader with unparalleled skills in strategy & execution, he has held multiple senior operating leadership roles in global MNCs like Google, SoftBank, Colgate- Palmolive, and many others
 Nokia Rajeev Suri, President & CEO Nokia With an experience of 20 years across roles comprising strategy and M&A, product marketing, sales, major account leadership, regional & business unit leadership, he is considered a 'turnaround specialist' in the global tech circles
GlobalFoundries Sanjay Kumar Jha, CEO GlobalFoundries Having started his carrer at Qualcomm in 1994, he has accomplished tasks like leading the IC engineering group, overseeing the development of five generations of modem and cell site chipsets, both digital baseband & RF, and system software
Micron Technology Sanjay Mehrotra,President & CEO Micron Technology A distinguished & honored engineer, he has more than 30 years of experience in the non-volatile semiconductor memory industry, including engineering and management positions at esteemed companies
MSC Technology India Vijai Arun T, CEO MSC Technology India A technopreneur with 22 years of industry experience, who has single handedly led MSC Technology's journey from a small company to be a 700 strong organization today and still growing

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