Sonica Malhotra: Showing Success Path to the Employee Ecosystem

Sonica Malhotra: Showing Success Path to the Employee Ecosystem

Sonica Malhotra,Joint Managing Director

Sonica Malhotra

Joint Managing Director

If you manage things well, you are a good entrepreneur. But if you make sure that each and every person in the organization grows with you, you are an exceptional leader. Living in pursuit of fulfilling her father’s vision, Sonica Malhotra, Joint Managing Director, MBD Group, belongs to this elite group of exceptional leaders considering her ability to thrive an ecosystem of capable workforce around her. “I’m a firm believer of the fact that success is never a personal accomplishment,” asserts Sonica. Her father, Ashok Kumar Malhotra (Founder, MBD Group) – a visionary first-generation entrepreneur, had mentored his daughters from their childhood to become exceptional leaders, abreast of building the MBD empire into one of the leading education companies in India offering 360° education solutions starting from notebooks and pencil to educational tablets, AR systems and VR devices. Today it reflects in Malhotra siblings who pilot the ship into different geographies and a gamut of other industries such as Hospitality, Project Design & Construction Management, Shopping Malls and Real Estate to name a few.
Years of Hard-work
Post completing MBA, Sonica had not only a vision of taking the company into new heights, but also a harmonic plan in possession. Sonica, PLD from Harvard Business School – Boston, intended to refine the infrastructure, systems, procedures and policies for scalable and robust functioning of the organization. Long term-growth remaining the paramount focus, she instituted a better talent pool first. Then, she did structuring in terms of financial procedure implementations and got an ERP in place; in turn the entire functionality of the organization was changed. More over, internal audit was firmed up by defining new policies and procedures.

Post completing MBA, Sonica had not only a vision of taking the company into new heights, but also a harmonic plan in possession

The clever move ensured that all the 63 locations were knit together and seamless linkages were managed for maximum benefits of the organization, both in terms of financials and functioning. As a result, the entire compliance module in terms of taxation and regulation were also strengthened, and the brand went beyond the national boundaries to SAARC, South African and Sri Lankan markets. This success became a milestone in Sonica’s career, as industry veterans
who initially treated her like a new-kid and underestimated her competencies started looking up to her for the input paradigms and view points.

Employees being her eyes and ears, today she possesses her own system of interacting with team members, to get feedback from them and work upon the exact problems effectively. Such courage to make her own path bestowed her with mint and better opportunities, thus adding a lot of value to the organizational functioning. “I have always followed my father’s footsteps in every sphere of life,” she asserts. Sonica doesn’t believe in any man-vs.-woman world, and perceives that all that matters is getting out of the mold and putting extra effort to chase our own goals. “My mantra is to achieve shorter milestones and it’s a powerful way to accomplish a big goal. Rather than setting high and unrealistic goals, break it down into smaller milestones for interrupted growth,” adds Sonica.

Miles to Go
Alongside with enjoying her passion through the ‘Democratic World’ magazine (the 30 years old venture from MBD Group), Sonica cares to spend shorter, but quality time with her most supportive & understanding husband, and family with fun and humor around. Sonica’s elder sister Monica Malhotra Kandhari is a pillar of her strength and motivation. Blessed with parents who act as a backbone of support to fulfill all her entrepreneurial goals, she is currently focusing on taking the widespread Hospitality business of MBD to new heights with its partnership with Deutsche Hospitality.

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