Bharat Kumar Reddy Gujavarti: An Industry Leader Holding Extensive Experience In The IT & Services Sectors | CEOInsights Vendor
Bharat Kumar Reddy Gujavarti: An Industry Leader Holding Extensive Experience In The IT & Services Sectors

Bharat Kumar Reddy Gujavarti: An Industry Leader Holding Extensive Experience In The IT & Services Sectors

Bharat Kumar Reddy Gujavarti,   CEO

Bharat Kumar Reddy Gujavarti


The best architects understand Human behaviour. They must understand how to create fecund organizational spaces generative cultural environments that lift our spirits, nudge us forward and increase our collaborative potential. This is why Bharat Kumar believes that today's leader must be a social architect a creator, builder, and designer of dynamic, cultural workspaces. Led by Bharat, Pragmatiq Systems is a product development company that deals with things sensibly and realistically based on practical approaches rather than theoretical considerations and provides practically feasible and proficient solutions to its clients.

A skilled professional, Bharat Kumar Reddy Gujavarti has worked as an Entrepreneur, Product Architect, Product Manager, hands-on Product development, and in a variety of roles, with working knowledge and expertise on very large to small scale products, solutions, and projects. He has umpteen years of experience in devising Software Products, Projects, and Solutions for clients worldwide in the fields of Life Sciences, Healthcare, Education, Finance, and Telecommunications. He was able to make his products a Global Success.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine, Bharat walks us through his professional journey along with the unique traits that led to the success of his company.

Throw some light on your professional background and experience. How has been your journey so far with Pragmatiq Systems and what drives you today?
For the past 26 years, I have been part of the Software industry. In 1996, I have embarked on my entrepreneurial adventure. I co-founded a firm in Hyderabad that developed Software Solutions for the Indian Clientele. From 2001 to 2010, I worked for Amdocs, a Global Telecommunications firm, in their Cyprus Development Centre, Europe & the US. I was the Head of Technology for a Life Sciences product development firm for Nine years, before launching my own
firm, Pragmatiq Systems, in 2019. The Primary goal of Pragmatiq is to be a Tech partner for companies, and the Secondary goal is to develop Innovative and Futuristic products and solutions in the areas of Education and Healthcare.

It has been a fruitful journey and I was able to successfully pave the way to the most important goals of Pragmatiq and could achieve major Tech collaborations a few to mention are Collaborations with two diverse startups ­Clinally in Healthcare (India's first clinical decision support system that provides AI based guidance to healthcare providers) and Padhobadho in Education (Helping students in remote areas of India with Quality education content for free).

Be Practical to achieve perfection, Be Pragmatiq to practice Perfection

Why was Telangana chosen to be the breeding ground of your company? How has the place favored you so far in your operations?
It has been a fairly, logical decision, as Hyderabad is my second home and my first workplace. Apart from all the emotional strings attached, I chose Hyderabad majorly because it has an equipped ecosystem for Startups, be it in terms of Abundant Talent, Great Infrastructure, Cost effectiveness, Access to Resources & Collaborating with budding firms looking for promising technology needs. Through all these Hyderabad helped me visualize and transcend my vision for Pragmatiq.

How would you define Pragmatiq Systems as an organization and its current position in the market?
Pragmatiq is multifaceted as in we venture our energies into devising Products & Solutions, offering Consulting Services, and providing Innovative Education Opportunities. Our products and solutions are in use by more than 20 customers world wide. Currently, two new products are in beta testing and will be launching soon. We are providing consulting services to large life sciences customers in niche areas of clinical trial process automation, process monitoring and virtual auditing that require deep domain and technology expertise and experience.

Pragmatiq Academy of Life Sciences(PALS) is our education division. It provides a gateway for financially under privileged and academically eligible students to get educated and make a living in the pharmaceutical industry. Till date, more than 200 students have graduated and built their careers.
We received applauds and accolades in our areas of work and I am pretty confident that our new products will change the face of personalized learning space.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and what are the value additions that clients can expect from your services and solutions?
We have three key offerings for Life Sciences. Firstly, A blended Learning Management solution for Life Sciences that combines the power of online and offline learning modules including mandatory SOP training and optional curated content from experts. It also has a built-in video conferencing system and keeps track of an employee's learning record from joining to separation in an organization.

Secondly, A non-invasive Analytics platform for Life Sciences with over 100 key indicators derived from years of research in the industry. This system provides a near real time pulse of an organization in terms of Quality, Audit, and Regulatory compliance. Thirdly, A virtual Project Management solution that keeps track of hundreds of workflows and processes running in parallel in a project (for example a clinical trial/drug discovery project). This system tracks the status of various task completions using AI bots and predicts potential delays with less human intervention. This provides direction to the project managers and lets them best utilize their time.

Which are the areas you have envisioned in creating impacts towards the future roadmap of your company?
Education and Healthcare(including Life Sciences) are the two areas we currently are working in and will continue to work on. With our research and technology offerings in EdTech we aim to reduce the amount of time and money companies invest in making their new hires Employable and help the Younger generation realize their strengths and train them in the areas that they can contribute the most. PALS is a wonderful opportunity that we have created to give back to society and we are looking forward to expanding its wings to areas other than Pharmaceuticals.

With our offerings in Healthcare/Life Sciences, we aim to reduce the flicker and futility that surrounds the operations in Clinical trial projects and New Product development.

Bharat Kumar Reddy Gujavarti, CEO, Pragmatiq Systems
Bharat brings with him 26 years of extensive expertise in Software product development and solutions for clients across the globe in the fields of life Sciences (pharma), Healthcare, Education, Finance and Telecom.

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