Chandra Ganjoo: Challenging Self while Pushing the Limits

Chandra Ganjoo: Challenging Self while Pushing the Limits

Chandra Ganjoo,Executive Director, Trivitron Healthcare

Chandra Ganjoo

Executive Director, Trivitron Healthcare

‘If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never realize what you can become’. With self-belief, patience, eagerness to learn and team work, Chandra Ganjoo (Executive Director, Trivitron Healthcare) always challenged herself to reach where she is today. Nothing less of a roller-coaster ride, Chandra claims her professional journey so far to be extremely adventurous – from being a part of 30 member team to managing a team of more than
2000 employees.

Today, Chandra is one of the most prominent names in the healthcare industry who is steering Trivitron Healthcare towards becoming the world’s top medical technology company providing affordable healthcare solutions. Having joined Trivitron in its early startups days, Chandra took it as a challenge to sail the company through every thick and thins. Today, she is the Executive Director of the firm, and is involved in business development and business expansion strategies of the firm. She is additionally working in the capacity of Group CPO & Head of Corporate Communications where Chandra is entrusted with the responsibilities of widening the reach of the organization globally and procurement of right resources. Chander delves deeper into her roles and that of Trivitron with
CEO Insights.

Tell us about your success mantra.
I always believe in challenging myself. Before joining Trivitron, I was working with Group 4 Securitas followed by short stint in few healthcare companies. I joined Trivitron mainly because it was a startup company then, and the role I was offered gave me an opportunity to handle multiple roles and responsibilities, which helped me to come out of my comfort zone.

I have had the privilege of being a part of some great success stories and have learnt from my mistakes. Being in the healthcare sector, I have understood quite early in my career
that prompt decision making and being close to customer is the key for success for an individual and for the organization as well.

Every challenge I faced helped me to overcome my own limitations as I consider them an opportunity to learn, experiment and improve my own skills

What challenges did you face during your initial journey at Trivitron?
Every challenge I faced helped me to overcome my own limitations as I consider them an opportunity to learn, experiment and improve my own skills. Trivitron came into picture when the Indian healthcare industry was dominated by major MNCs. Hence bringing the right skill set on board was one of the major challenges. Being new and less known made our search more difficult as many considered working for us, risky. It took lot of my time, efforts and energy to build a brand which attracted talent and today, I am happy to see the team that we have. We have some of the best talents available in-house, and we are at par with all MNCs that exist today.

Could you throw some light on the strategies that help Trivitron move in the right direction?
I joined Trivitron when it was a startup. Today, I wear several hats, which have given me direct access to people, market and products. Trivitron is a growing company and the successful global expansion of our company depends on getting right people, expanding our foot prints in right geographies and providing right products in the markets. I believe my experience is helping the team to channelize their efforts in right direction.

Tell us more about Trivitron.
Trivitron is a leading health technology company and an indisputable partner in the emerging healthcare industry producing a wide range of equipment, laboratory reagents, diagnostic kits and even protective apparel for radiology departments in hospitals across the world. Trivitron is the largest Medical Technology Company of Indian origin, offering 360 degrees solution, and manufactures products across In–Vitro Diagnostics (IVD), New Born Screening, ICU, Imaging, Radiology Products, X-Ray, X-Ray Accessories and OT solutions.
We combine innovation with affordability and accessibility. We consider quality healthcare a fundamental right of people and hence envisage making top-notch, cutting-edge healthcare technology available for people of all classes. We lay great emphasis on R&D, and our team includes internationally acclaimed experts and leading scientists who innovate unprecedented health technologies suitable for healthcare needs of today and tomorrow.

Through our growing network of 1500+ employees, 1200+ channel partners and nine world-class manufacturing units spread throughout the world, Trivitron is reaffirming its commitment to offer superior health technologies in 180+ countries saving lives and improving care. We are committed to build a sustainable business that delivers value by offering best available health technology solutions for millions of people worldwide.

Where do you see the firm in the coming years?
I see a great future for the organization. We are experiencing substantial growth every fiscal. In the near future, we might become one of the top three medical technology companies operating in India. As of now, Trivitron’s Labsystems Diagnostics OY ranks second in the New Born Screening Technology, globally. We are fully equipped to be world’s numero uno in NBS.

You invest much of your time at work. How do you balance personal and professional life?
We can never balance the role of women as a mother and as a professional; I have learnt to integrate them. Being a tech enthusiast, I take great help of technology to remain connected with my family even when I am travelling to any part of the globe. Whenever I get the opportunity, I spend quality time with my family who have been very supportive through all my thick and thins.

Key Management:
Chandra Ganjoo, Executive Director
Holding Master’s in Business Management and International Marketing, Chandra has vast experience in global healthcare sector. Having started her association with Trivitron as sales and marketing professional, she has climbed the ladder to now framing winning strategies for the company.

•Hobby: Gardening
•Travel: Croatia & Leh
•Cuisine: Japanese

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