• Dr. Hema Divakar, Consultant & Medical Director

    Dr. Hema Divakar, Consultant & Medical Director

  • Over the last few years, healthcare has emerged as the largest sector in India when viewed from the lens of revenue and employment. Although the sector employs over five million healthcare professionals including doctors, nursing & midwifery professionals, public health professionals, pharmacists, dentists, paramedical workers and support staff, India still faces an acute shortage of skilled healthcare workers. K. Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India, said that India and several other low-middle income countries in Southeast Asia must increase their healthcare manpower by 50 percent to achieve universal health coverage by 2030. The astounding figure suggests that the need of the hour is capacity builders that can churn our skilled support staff and help in the dissemination of apt healthcare solutions to all.

  • Dr. Hema Divakar: Merging Passion & Purpose For Fostering Women’s Healthcare

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10 Best Women Entrepreneurs in Healthcare - 2019

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  • 10 Best Women Entrepreneurs in Healthcare - 2019

    Healthcare is one of the fastest emerging sectors in India and expected to reach $280 billion by 2020 as various startups are focusing on medical care, treatment plan, diagnosis and delivery of quality services. On the flip side, advancement in technology is transforming the face of healthcare and opening options for entrepreneurship worldwide. At the forefront of this transformation are women leaders who represent an overwhelming majority of the healthcare workforce and making important contributions to fields like consulting, patient experience and telemedicine. From starting, women are the primary healthcare decision makers of their home, oftenly known as ‘chief medical officer’ in their family. Today, women constitute over 70 percent of the healthcare workforce where they leverage traits such as compassion, transparency, and the capability to foster teamwork to head businesses into the next phase of contemporary healthcare delivery. According to the recent Oliver Wyman reports, women make-up 30 percent of C-suite executives and 13 percent of CEOs. Whether it’s teaching companies how to use advance technologies or enabling the next wave of game-changing apps, female entrepreneurs are currently transforming the healthcare sector around the globe. In this issue of CEO Insights, we bring to you '10 Best Women Entrepreneurs in Healthcare – 2019’. The list features some of the well-established and emerging women leaders in healthcare who bring unprecedented efficiency along with their signature hallmark to the table. CEO Insights' Editorial Board examined the index through frequent discussions with a renowned panel of industry's topmost CEOs, directors, VCs, and industry analysts, throughout the year.

10 Best Women Entrepreneurs in Healthcare - 2019

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Mapmygenome Anu Acharya, CEO Mapmygenome A leading entrepreneur in the field of personalized medicine & preventive healthcare, making personal genomics tools for the masses and advancing to expand the outreach from India to other neglected populations
Trivitron Healthcare Chandra Ganjoo,Executive Director, Trivitron Healthcare Trivitron Healthcare Having started her association with the company as sales and marketing professional, she has climbed the ladder to now framing winning strategies for the firm
ConcertCare Debra Hays, COO, ConcertCare ConcertCare A technology oriented professional having 20+ years of experience in the domain with expertise in operations management, business process improvement, strategic direction, and channel management
Divakars Speciality Hospital Dr. Hema Divakar, Consultant & Medical Director Divakars Speciality Hospital One of the best gynecologists in India, working with steadfast dedication towards building skilled healthcare workforce and enabling pertinent policy change especially in the sector of female healthcare
Biocon Limited Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairperson & MD Biocon Limited A pioneer of biotechnology industry in India, having her rich contributions in research, innovation and affordable healthcare, and being philanthropist at heart has made a house of contributions in improving lives of marginalized population
SHARAN Dr. Nandita Shah, Founder & Director SHARAN A homeopath , teacher & recipient of prestigious Nari Shakti Award, ascending with a stark mission to spread awareness about holistic health and an ecologically sustainable compassionate lifestyle with SHARAN
Clinic Eximus Dr. Prerna Taneja Mathu, CEO Clinic Eximus A qualified practitionor, Oral Cancer Specialist & Medical Cosmetologist, working with various women welfare groups in creating right avenues for students and women to excel at their entrepreneurial journey
Sunflower Women's Hospital Dr. Shweta Sarabhai Saxena,Doctor Sunflower Women's Hospital A qualified, intelligent, dedicated and skilful gynaecologist who leverages her 20 years of industry experience to cure infertility
Teleradiology Solutions Dr. Sunita Maheshwari, Co-Founder Teleradiology Solutions A doctor entrepreneur who is passionate about telemedicine who took teleradiology like sofistications to the farthest suburbs of India and helped many corporate to have a firm foothold in the tele health space
Lupin Pharmaceuticals Vinita D. Gupta, CEO Lupin Pharmaceuticals A known well-known executive in the pharmaceutical sector who is among the first to crack the global market by venturing into the generic sector of the industry